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( )1. A. east B. south C. west ( )2. A. Spain B. Egypt C. Africa ( )3. A. Japanese B. Chinese C. English ( )4. A. angry B. excited C. zebra ( )5. A. Insect B. meter C. strong


( )1. A. Chinese tea B. the warriors C. The Mogao Caves

( )2. A. French B.Russian C.English ( )3. A. Crocodile B. shark C. whale ( )4. A.proud B. Angry C.worried ( )5. A. musician B. detective C.professor

三. 听短文选词填空(10分) happy Thailand Tibet Australia kangaroos My name is Joy . I’d like to go to _____ this summer vacation. My friend Lily wants to go to _____. Bill would like to go to _____. He wants to see ____ and koalas. I’m sure we will be all_____.



( )1. ton A. 吨 B. 十 C. 在上面 ( )2. moon A. 云 B. 地球 C. 月亮 ( )3.strong A.弱小的 B.重的 C.强壮的 ( )4. Egypt A. 俄罗斯 B.埃及 C.西班牙 ( )5. insect A. 昆虫 B.鸟 C. 鱼类 ( )6.proud A.紧张的 B.生气的 C.骄傲的

二. 词汇(10分)

1. 艺术家 2.中国茶 3.和平 4.生气的 5.发明

6.butterfly(复数) 7.actor(复数) 8.hippo(复数)

9. happy(最高级) 10.interesting(比较级)

三. 从四个选项中选出不同类的一项。(8分)

( )1.A. east B.ear C. south ( )2. A.Oceania B.Africa C.the USA ( )3.A. lion B. apple C. zebra ( )4. A.centimeter B. ton C. meter ( )5.A. writer B. inventor C. compose ( )6. A.robot B. sun C.moon ( )7.A.nervous B.heavy C.sad ( )8. A.mammal B.reptile C.wing


( )1. 1._______would you like to go this vacation? A. What B. Where C. Who

( )2. A Giraffe is as______as a tree . A.tall B.big C.short

( )3. Xi’an is famous_____ the warriors. A.to B.about C.for

( )4. What_____animal are monkeys? A.think of B.kind of C.pair of

( )5. ______are the biggest and heaviest animals in the world.

A.Whales B.Elephants C.Lions

( )6. Mei Lanfang is _____actor. A.a B.the C.an

( )7. _____ are you ? I’m nervous A.When B.Why C.How

( )8. When_____ he born?He was born ____1864. A.was、in B.is 、at C.am、in

( )9. What will you _____ in the future. A.are B.is C.be

( )10. ______is it?It’s 150 tons. A.How long B.How heavy C.How old



( ) 1. What is Tibet famous for? A. They speak English.

( ) 2. Where is Guangzhou? B. They are reptiles.

( ) 3. What language do people speak there? C. It’s 3 years old .

( ) 4. What kind of animal are crocodiles? D. It’s famous for the Potala Palace.

( ) 5. How old is the ostrich? E. It’s in Guangdong province.

六.完成下列句子。(10分) 1. The giraffe is 6 meter tall .(提问) ____ ____ is the giraffe? 2.The whale is from the ocean.(提问) _____ ___the whale from?

3.He is famous because he painted shrimps well.(翻译汉语)

4.you , do, about, know ,Qi Baishi (?)(连句)

5.will ,I ,on, moon, the, live(.)(连句)

七.阅读 (10分)

I have a friend,Ben. He is from America. He went to Sichuan Provence last year. It’s in the south of China .He also saw lovely pandas(熊猫) there. He will go to Tibet next year.He is going to see beautiful snow-capped mountains and the Potala Palace. He want to be a traveler(旅行家)in the future .

1. Ben is from _____ . A. China B.the USA C. Paris

2. Ben went to _____last year. A.Sichuan Province B.Anhui Province C. Tibet

3.He will go to _____next year. A.Australia B. Tibet C. Harbin

4.He wants to see_____. A.Mount Emei B.Yollow Mountain C.the Potala Palace

5.Bill likes _____. A.swimming B.traveling C. fishing

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