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牛津英语6a 1-3复习

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1. 2. after school

3. at the weekend

5. have a picnic 6. plenty of

9. In front of

11. 下车 12. 步行

13. 对.....有好处 14. 对...有害

15. 寻找 16. 乘...到17. 带...参观 18.购物 19.经常 20. 有时候


1. dear 2. cheap

3. short 4. old 5. young 6. tall

7.heavy 8.small

9.slow 10. big 三、 选择题(每题1分,共9分)

( )1. May 21st reads___________________________________.

A. May twenty-one B. the May twenty-first C. May the twenty-first

( )2. “ Keep quiet” means we ________make noise here.

A. can B. shouldn?t C. should

( )3. Jim and Ben are ________ about Ben?s birthday.

A. talking B. saying C. speaking

( )4. The camera isn?t in my pocket. It________ there a moment ago.

A. be B. was C. is

( )5. How old are you, Tom? ___________________

A. Fine, thank you. B. I?m nine. C. It?s nine.

( )6. What would you like?_______________________

A. I like drinking. B. I don?t like tea. C. Some juice.

( )7. When?s your birthday, Liu Tao?____________________

A. Of January B. On January C. In January

( )8. Where are my shoes?________________________

A. It?s on the desk. B. It?s under the desk. C. They?re under the desk.

( )9. Would you like a puppet as a birthday present?_______________

A. Rabbit, please. B. I like a puppet. C. Yes, please.

四 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空(每空1分,共17分)

1.----Is this _______(he) bag? -----No, it?s_________(me) bag.

2. They are________(you) books. Please put ________(they) there.

3. There are three_________(box).

4. Where_______(be) his football.

5. Your family is (me).

6. ________(be) these your apples? No, they__________(be).

7. Jim and I ________(be) in the same________(team) two years ago.

8.What_______(do) ?No________(park)? mean?

9.---What are you doing? ---We___ _____(talk) about the ______ (run) race.

10.My _______(diary) weren?t on the desk .

五、 按要求完成下列句子 (每题1分,共12分)

1. Put the shoes next to the cupboard.(否定句)

2. It means (划线提问)

3. (划线提问)

4. You can pick them up for me.(一般疑问句)

5. Ben and Jim often go home together after school.(一般疑问句)

6. Jim lived near Ben.(一般疑问句)




3、我明天将要去参观城市公园。(be going to)

4、我们将要乘地铁去学校。(be going to, take)

5、鸭子正在找东西吃。(look for)



Wu Dong: Hello, may I speak to Peter?

Mrs. Brown: He?s not at home now. This is Peter?s mum. Who is that speaking? Wu Dong: This is Wu Dong. I?m Peter?s classmate. I know he likes flying model planes, so I want to invite(邀请) him to fly the planes with me tomorrow morning. Mrs. Brown: That?s great! But Peter is teaching one of our Chinese friends English now.

Wu Dong: Can you tell him I?ll wait him beside our school gate at a quarter to nine next morning?

Mrs. Brown: Sure. Thanks for inviting him!

Wu Dong: Not at all.

( )1、Wu Dong and Peter are in different classes.

( )2、Peter is in the school now.

( )3、Peter and Wu Dong will meet beside the school gate.

( )4、Peter will get to the school at about 9:15 next morning.


以“My birthday”为题,介绍自己的生日,以及和生日有关的事情。


参考句型:My birthday is in/on.... /I’d like?[小精 灵 儿童 网站]

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