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第四章 形容词

从前,有一个很漂亮的公主,住 在一个很大的宫殿里,因为她爸 爸是一个很有钱的人……..

Long long ago,there was a beautiful princess,she lived in a big palace,because her father is a very rich man.

用以修饰名词,说明人或 事物的特征或性质的词。

? e.g. She is a beautiful girl.

当形容词修饰由some-,any-,no-,every构成的不定代词时,形容词要放在这些 不定代词的之后. e.g.

I have something important to tell you.

2.做表语,表示性质和特征 我很饿。 I’m hungry. 食物很美味。
The food is delicious.


We must keep the classroom clean. 他使我们高兴。 He made us happy.

Let’s fill in the blanks,

? 两者比较产生比较级。 ? 三者比较产生最高级。

Bill is taller than Tom. John is the tallest of the three
tall short

Alice is heavier than Cindy. Sally is the heaviest of the three
thin heavy

Cindy is thinner than Alice. Cindy is the thinnest one of the three
thin heavy

tallest 比较 最高 hardest 化taller harder 原级 larger wider largest widest 级 biggest 级 bigger hard tall hotter 单音节词在词尾加-er(比较级)或hottest fattest fatter wetter est(最高级)以字母e接尾的词加-r或- large wide wettest happiest st
词 尾 变

happier drier driest earliest big hot 以重读闭音节结尾的词末尾只有一 earlier 个辅音字母应双写辅音字母再加er thin fat wet narrowest 或est most difficult narrower cleverest happy dry 以辅音字母+y结尾的词变为i再加-er, most popular early morecleverer difficult 或-est most slowly more popular narrow 少数以-er,-ow结尾的双音节 clever more slowly 词可加-er或-est
多音节词和多数双音节词在其前面 加more 和most
difficult popular slowly

原级 good well bad ill many much little far old



better worse

best worst

less farther/further older/elder

most least
farthest /furthest oldest / eldest


Tom 和Mike一样高。 Tom is as tall as Mike.

2.否定not as/so+adj原形+as

“不及/不如… (双方程度相

等) Tom is not as tall as Mike.

3.倍数+as+adj原形+as 表示一方相当与另一方的几倍时

Tom 比Mike年纪大三倍。 Tom is three times as old as Mike.


我们的学校比他们的大。 Our school is larger than theirs. 2.倍数+adj比较级+than(表倍数)

This tree is twice taller than that tree.

表示倍数: 我们的房间比他们的大二倍。
Our room is twice larger than theirs.

Our room is three times as large as theirs.


I am twenty years ol

der than you.

表示不及另一方时,使用“less+adj原 级+than…”

This park is less beautiful than that one.

1.one of the+adj最高级+名词复数
鲁迅是上个世纪最伟大的作家之一。 Lu Xun is one of the greatest writers last century.

2.the+adj最高级+of (in)… Jackie is the tallest one of our three.

Jackie is the tallest one in our class.

一、比较级前可用much, a little, a lot, far, still, no, even, any 等表示程度。
She works much more carefully than him.

2.This is even harder than steel. 3.I don’t feel any better now.
A This year our school is __than it was last year. A. much more beautiful B. much beautiful C. the most beautiful D. beautiful

二、1.“The+adj比较级,the+adj比 较级…” (越...就越)

越多越好。 The more,the better.

越简单越好。 The easier,the better.

2.“adj比较级+and+adj比较级…”(越来 越...) 春天,白天变的越来越长。
In spring, the days are getting longer and longer.

多音节形容词表次概念时,要用“more and more+adj原级”

安阳变得越来越漂亮了。 Anyang is more and more beautiful.

三、表示两者之间的选择,可使用 “Which /Who is+ 比较 级,…or…?” (哪个更...)
哪个长,这个还是哪个? Which is longer, this one or that?


“…than any other+可数名词单数”表 示“比其他任何一个别的...都...”表示 最高级的意义。 上海是中国最大的城市。

SH is the largest city in China. SH is larger than any other city in China.

“…than the other+可数名词复数” 也可用比较级的形式表示最高级的意义。 Shanghai is bigger than the other cities in China.

比较级前能加 the吗?
“主语+系动词+the+比较级+of…” 表示 “两者之中较(更)……”
She is the taller of the two girls.

当多个形容词修饰一个名词时, 谁先谁后!?!?
a round wooden Chinese table beautiful new yellow a beautiful round new yellow Chinese wooden table


C 1.Liu Xiang is one of _____ players in the world. A. most popular B. more popular C. the most popular D. the popularest 2.This sweater doesn’t suit me. It’s a bit B small.Could you give me _______ one? A. a large B. a larger C. the largest A 3. The maths problem is _____ that one. A. not so easy as B. more easy than C. as easier than D. easy than

B 4.I don’t like it at all,it can’t be______. A.better B.worse C. best D. worst C 5.A girl lived in a ______house in the forest. A.wooden pretty little B.little pretty wooden C.pretty little wooden D.wooden little pretty

( ) 6. Lucy’s handwriting is good, but C Rose’s handwriting is much ______. A. good B. best C. better D. the best

A ( ) 7. As a result, _______ people like to
travel by a

ir than before. A. much more B. many more C. more much D. more many ( ) 8. Why not make a kite yourself? You don’t need _______ for it. A A.anything special B. something special C. special anything D. special something

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