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班级 得分


( )1. A hamburger B pie C cake D juice

( )2. A dog B monkey C pen D lion

( )3. A jacket B T-shirt C cat D cap

( )4. A TV B chair C table D desk

( )5. A yellow B cute C red D orange

( )6. A. pineapple B. lion C . pear D grape

( ) 7. A. mother B. sister C. girl D father

( ) 8. A. rulers B. cats C. elephants D lions

( ) 9. A. open B. listen C. robot D close

( ) 10.A. cute B. cool C. like D lovel

二、找出划线部分发音不同的单词,将序号写在题前的括号内。 (5分)

( )1 A rice B nice C milk

( )2 A glass B cake C class

( )3 A box B fox C desk

( )4 A coffee B dog C sofa

( )5 A. nice B. can C like


1. Her hair is , but his hair is . (long)

2. How many (box) do you have?

3. This dog is 4. is Nancy. eyes are big.(she)

5、I like . Look! This is cool.(robot)


1. 我们的卧室_________________ 6.how many rabbits __________________

2. 十五只香蕉_________________ 7.twenty umbrellas __________________

3. 喜欢猫和狗_________________ 8.cute and fat

4. 一个小鼻子_________________ 9.at a snack bar __________________

5. 一些牛奶 ________________ 10.forty-five yuan ________________

11.我的大眼睛 12. in the bathroom


四、从右栏中找出左栏相应的答句。写在题前括号内(10分) ( )1. Do you like cakes? A. It’s time for bed ( )2.What would you like? B. Thanks.

( )3.Would you like a pie? C. I’d like a toy panda. ( )4.Look at my dog. D. No, I don’t

( )5.How much is it? E. It’s a toy monkey. ( )6.What do you like? F. It’s fifty yuan. ( )7.It’s nine o’clock. G. Yes, please.

( )8.How many pencils do you have? H. It’s cute. ( )9.Here you are. I. Four.

( )10.What is that? J. I like monkeys.


( )1. Do you have_______toy animals?

A some B any C a

( )2.Look at these_______ .They are sweet.

A tiger B apples C horses

( )3. Whose classroom is this? It’s__________ classroom.

A. we B. us C. our

( )4.His father is very _______.

A. big B.tall C.long

( )5. Can I_____________ your new dress? Sure.

A. have a look B. have a look at C. look

( )6. Look at our new toys.______________________

A. It’s nice! B. Thank you. C. Wonderful.

( )7. We don’t have any A. grape B. orange C. milk

( )8. —Can you play football?

— Yes, I ______.

A. do B. can C. can’t

( )9. —_______ _______ crayons do you have?

— Twelve.

A. How many B. How nice C. How much

( )10. I _______ eighteen toy dogs.

A. has B. have C. Am



1、a is cat that

2、3、ears, her, are, small, very (?) 4、ears,are, her, small(?)


七、根据上下文完成对话 ,每空一词(每空1分,满分10分)

1. A: What’s ____________ over there?

B: Is it a toy dog?

A: Let’s go and see.

B: Oh, ____________ a toy tiger. Do you ____________ it?

A: ____________, I don’t. I don’t like ____________.

2. A: Do you have ____________ pears?

B: ____________, I do.

A: ____________ ____________ pears do you have?

B: I have three. Would you ____________ a pear ?

A: Yes, please.

八、阅读理解。(第一题用 “T ”或 “F”表示,第二题选择,共10分)

1、Lily: Hi, Nancy. Look,I have a toy cat.

Nancy: How cute!

Lily: Do you like cats, Nancy?

Nancy: Yes, I do. And I like tigers, too.

Lily: Do you have a toy cat?

Nancy: No, but I have some toy tigers.

Lily: How many toy tigers do you have?

Nancy: I have three.

( ) 1. Lily has(有) a toy cat.

( ) 2. Nancy don't like cats.

( ) 3. Nancy has two toy tigers.

( ) 4. The toy cat is lovely.

( ) 5. Nancy likes toy tigers.


2、This is Jane's room. I can see a desk, a bed and some chairs in There’s a computer (电脑) and some storybooks on the desk. I can see a toy bear and two dolls on the bed. I can see a puzzle(拼图) on the chair. Joan is in the room now. Her mother and father are in their factory(工厂 ( )1. Jane's are both (都)_______

A. in the room B. in the factory C. at school

( )2. There

A. a bed, a desk and some chairs B. a bed ,a desk and a chair

C. a bed ,a table and many chairs

( )3.文中it指的是 A. Jane B. the room C. computer

( )4. What’s on the chair?

A. A computer and some storybooks. B. A toy bear and two dolls.

C. A puzzle. w .x k B 1.c Om

( )5. “work hard”意思是

A.在做饭 B.工作努力 C.爱自己


1. 我能帮助你吗?我想要这双袜子。

Can I ? I'd the .

2. 这个玩具汽车多少钱?二十元。

the toy car ? yuan.

3. 他的足球鞋在哪儿?在床下。

are his football ? the .


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