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Lesson 1Hi!Hello!上(1)

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Teaching topic: Hi! Hello! (1)

Sharing prepares a lesson (Designer: Hu Xiaopeng)

The signature: (Fu Xihua)

Teaching material analysis:

1) Study some new words: hi hello pig fox I am cat dog Miss Mr

fat big.

2) Pay attention to the pronunciation of words.

3) Know how to greet somebody: Hi and Hello.

4) Know how to introduce myself: I am Miss/Mr…….

Goal request: Master the new words: hi hello pig Miss fox I am cat dog


Key difficulty: Master the forms: Hi /Hello and I am Miss/Mr……. Teaching times: 1

Teaching method: three doubts three searches

Teaching preparation and method: radio and cards

Teaching process:

Step 1设疑自探(5 minutes)

T: Hi! Class. I’m your English teacher. Now class begins. Please listen to the tape and then tell me how to greet somebody in English. Ss: Hi! Hello!

T: Very good. The English greet somebody using “Hi” and “Hello”. Please read after the tape and pay attention to the pronunciation.

Now turn to page 2.Look at the two children, one is Eve, the other is Tom. Read after me then act it.

Step 2解疑合探(15 minutes)

T: Listen to the tape and look at the pictures. What can you see in the pictures?

Ss: Pig fox cat and dog.

T: Look at the cards and read it. If the students can’t read it the teacher tells them.

Turn to page 65. Ask the students to read the new words and If the students can’t read it the teacher tell them.

I am-------第一人称

Mr Miss e.g. Hello! I’m Mr Dog.

Hello! I’m Miss Cat.

Hello! Mr Pig. Hello! Miss Fox.

Read after me and act it .

Step 3质疑再探(10 minutes)

T: Listen to the tape and look at the two square frames then find out which

words you can’t understand.

Ask a student to point the words.

T: Very good. Now first learn the new words fat and big. Read after the tape and correct the pronunciation.

Step4运用拓展(10 minutes)

Ask the students to use the forms.

Hi! I’m Mr Zhang. Hi!! I’m Miss Wang.

Hello! I’m Mr Liu. Hello! I’m Miss Li.

Bb writing design:

hi hello e.g. Hi! Hello!

I am------第一人称

dog cat fox pig

Mr Miss e.g. Hello! I am Mr Dog. Hello! I am Miss Cat.

Miss Fox. Mr Pig.

After teaches to record: We study this lesson, all the students are very glad. They like to study best because they draw and sing and know all they like.

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