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book4 unit3讲课

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opening opera operate opinion oppose opposite optimistic optional oral orbit ordinary organ organize origin otherwise outcome outdoors outgoing output outspoken oxygen Pacific oval paddle overcome painful panic particular part-time participate parcel parking parallel paperwork parrot partner packet ownership outline outwards outing outer operator ought overhead overweight painting

Book4 unit3
humor comedy up to now content performer astonish fortunate badly off ordinary bored entertain throughout mess homeless moustache worn failure optimistic overcome leather pick out cut off convince direct star in drunk outstanding confidence gesture particular occasion budget actress slide amusing explanation detective whisper mountainous

I. 重点单词检测: 1. Performer n.表演者,演出者→ performance n.表演; 节目 2. ordinary adj.平常的,普通的 3. homeless adj.无家的 4. amuse vt.逗乐,使发笑 5. react _ vi.做出反应;回应 6. gesture n.姿态;手势;vi.做手势 7. bored adj.厌烦的 8. whisper v.& n.耳语;密谈 9. convince vt.使确信,说服 10. failure n.故障;失败(者) 11. throughout prep.& adv.遍及;贯穿;到处;全部 12. content adj. & n. &vt.满意的;满足;使满足 13. outstanding adj.突出的;杰出的;显著的 14. particular adj.特殊的,特别的 15. occasion n.时刻;场合

16 explanation n.解释,讲解,说明 17 detective n.侦探 18.entertainment n.款待;娱乐;表演会→ entertain v.使 欢乐;款待 19. comedy n.喜剧 20. fortune n.机遇,好运,运气→ fortunate adj.幸运的 II重点短语检测 1. feel/ be content with 对……满足 2. be badly off 穷的;缺少的 3. pick out 挑出;辨别出 4. cut off 切断;断绝 5. star in 担任主角;主演 6. up to now 直到现在 7. be in search of 寻找某人/某物 8. in the open air 在户外;在露天

the contents 1. ①She dropped her purse and ___________________ fell out on the floor. ②That rich man is tired of city life,so he Is content to live ___________________in the country. 那位富人厌倦了城市 生活,于是他愿意生活在乡下。 content with ③ We should never _________ ourselves _______ book knowledge only. ④Those who are ________ their present situations will surely make no more advances in life. A.content to B.satisfied of C.Pleased to D.content with ⑤Not content________ her new car,________Selina now wants a bike for trips into the city center. A.with;/ B.for;and C.to;but D.about;so

2. ①There is now convincing evidence ___________________ that smoking causes lung cancer. 现有令人信服的证据说吸烟能导致肺癌。 convince ② You need to ____________ your interviewer _____your ability to master the work. of 你需要让你的面试官相信你有驾驭这份工作的能力。 to see ③ His mother h

as been trying to convince him a doctor. 他妈妈一直设法说服他去看医生。 that convince ④I managed to ____________ them _______ the story was true. 我设法使他们相信那故事是真的。 ⑤How many more deaths will it take ________ the authorities of the need to test these drugs? A.convincing B.to be convinced C.being convinced D.to convince

3. ① The old man is willing to stand on the bend and direct the traffic. 翻译: 这位老人乐意站在转弯处指挥交通 _____________________________________________。 ②It's only a small improvement but at least it's a step In the right direction . ③ The judge directed that the child Should be taken good care of by his mother. 法官判决这个孩子应由他母亲好好照 看。 Directly ④_____________ the teacher came in,everyone was quiet. 老师一进来大家就安静了。 ⑤If you had read the ________ carefully,some mistakes in the exam could have been avoided. A.introductions B.directions C.descriptions D.constructions ⑥(2011· 湖北卷)26.Knowledge and learning are important if we want to be successful but they may also ________ our thinking. A. direct B. limit C. change D. improve


①Text messages are very popular in recent years, particularly among young people. 翻译: 近年来手机短信大受欢迎,尤其是在年轻人当中 _____________________________________________. nothing particular to do I have __________________________________this evening, so let's go out for a walk. 今晚我没有什么特别的事要做,咱们出去散散步吧! ③He is very particular about food while he doesn't care about money. 他对吃的东西特别挑剔,然而不在乎金钱。 ④We should respect everyone,our parents and the elderly in particular. 我们应该尊重每一个人,尤其是我们的父母和老人。 ⑤(2011· 江西卷)33.She has tried her best. Please don’t be too ______ about her job. A. special B. responsible C. unusual D. particular

? 5. ① She leaned over and whispered something in his ear. 她探过身去附耳给他说了什么 ? 翻译:_____________________________。 ? ② It was whispered that China would bid for the 2026 World Cup. ? 有人私下说中国将要申办2026年世界杯。 ? ③They sat at the back of the room, _______________________. 他们坐在房间的后面低声谈话。 talking in whispers ? ④Mum ________ to us,“Be quiet!Your little sister's sleeping.” ? A.whispered B.shouted C.explained D.replied

badly off 1.①We aren't too _______________ but we can't afford a house like that. 我们并不是一文不名,但我们负担不起那样 的房子。 ②The school is rather _________________ books and equipment. badly off for 这所学校相当缺乏书和设备。 ③I went to her home and found her living condition was than mine. 我去她家一看,发现她的生活状况比我的更差。 ④If

he has worked harder when young,he would be _____________now. better off 如果他年轻时多努力一点,现在就能过得舒服些。 To ⑤ make matters worse ,it began to rain while we were marching. 使事情更糟的是,在我们行进过程中,天下起了雨。 ⑥We shouldn't complain about being poor,because many families are much________ after the big earthquake. A.better off B.badly off C.well off D.worse off

? 2. ①It took Mary a long time to _____________ a pick out new dress at the store. ? 玛丽花了很长时间才从那家商店挑选了一件新衣服。 pick me out ? ②See if you can ____________________ in the photo. 看你能否把我从这张照片上认出来。 ? ③I picked over the facts of the case. 我仔细审查 本案的实情。 ? ④He picked some French while he was away up on a business trip in Paris. ? 他在巴黎出差时顺便学会了一些法语。 ? ⑤It was so dark in the cinema that I could hardly ________ my friend. ? A.turn out B.bring out ? C.call out D.pick out

3. ①What worries us is that this is the third time the electricity ____________________this week. has been cut off ? 让我们担忧的是这已经是一周内的第三次停电了。 ? ②He __________________ a small piece of bread and cut off gave it to me. 他切下一小片面包递给了我。 ? ③She kept cutting in on our conversation. 我们谈话时她 老是插嘴。 ? ④The doctor told him to ________________on his drinking. cut down 医生劝他少喝酒。 ? ⑤They cut awayall the dead branches from the tree. 他们把 这棵树上的枯枝全部砍掉了。 ? ⑥He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he was ________ from the outside world. ? A.cut out B.cut off C.cut up D.cut through ? ⑦I was talking to the teacher about the accident when suddenly Tom ________. ? A.cut off B.cut down C.cut up D.cut in

on 4. ①He doesn’t spend _________ much time _______ his homework. 他花在作业上的时间不多。 ②He spenthalf a year (in) writing short play. 他用半年 a 时间写了一个短剧。 ③ It _______ her a lot of money to buy that coat. took 买那件大衣她花了不少钱。

1.Unfortunately his father died,leaving the family even worse off,so Charlie spent his childhood looking after his sick mother and his brother. leaving the family even worse off为现在分词短语作 结果状语。 ①His parents died,leaving him an orphan. 他 父母双亡,他成了孤儿。 The child fell,striking his head against the door. 小孩摔了一跤,头碰到了门 翻译:_______________________。

? ③European football is played in 80 countries, making it the most popular sport in the world.

5.(2010· 重庆高考)The news shocked the public, C ________ to great concern about students' safety at school. A.having led B.led C.leading D.to lead
B ⑥He hurried to the bookin

g office,only ________ that all the tickets had been sold out. A.to tell B.to be told C.telling D.told

2.By his teens,Charlie had,through his humour,become one of the most popular child actors in England. by在加时间点引导的 时间状语句子中,表示“到……为止”时,句子经常用完成 时态。 had risen to ①By 2010 the population of our city ___________ over 20 million. 到2010年,我们城市的人口已经超过两千万。 will have become ②By this time of next year,all of you ___________________ college students. 到明年的这个时候,你们大家就都成为大学生了。 C ③By the time he realizes he ________ into a trap,it'll be too late for him to do anything about it. A.walks B.walked C.has walked D.had walked ④ 到你收到这封信时,我将已离开这儿。 will have left there By the time the letter reaches you, I ___________________.

3.Charlie first picks out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti. ①[句式仿写] 他谈起话来好像去过美国似的。 He talked __________________________. as if he had been to the USA. ②Our teacher looked here and there on our playground ________ looking for something. C A.even though B.even if C.as if D.only if 4.As time went by,he began making films. 随着时间的推 移,他开始拍电影。 as conj.意为“随着……;当……时” [句式仿写] 我一边沿着河走,一边读这封信。 I read the letter __________________________. as I walked along the river. D ②____ the day went on,the weather got worse. A.With B.Since C.While D.As

用所复习知识翻译下列短文。 小时候我们家很穷,我们只能满足于吃饱穿暖,对吃 穿从来不挑剔。我们与外界处于隔绝状态。然而,我们相 信随着我们国家的对外开放,我们的生活会越来越好。现 在我们不仅有足够的钱花,而且还能去超市挑选我们想要 的东西,无论花多少钱。好像我们都成了百万富翁似的。 When I was young, my family was badly off. We only contented ourselves with enough food to eat and enough clothes to keep warm. We were never particular about food and clothes. We were cut off from the outside world. However, we were convinced that as our country opended to the outside, our life would be better and better. Nowadays, we have not only enough money to spend, but also we can go to the suppermaket to pick out the things we want however much they cost , making us as if we were millionaires.

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