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深圳版 四年级上册英语期末复习 第一单元

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智多星 四年级英语期末复习




A、How old are you? B、How are you?


A、Happy birthday! B、Thank you!


A、What is the date today? B、What time is it?


A、It’s my twenty birthday today.

B、It is my twentieth birthday.


A、How many days are there in a week?

B、How many months are there in a year?


A、 It is sister birthday . B、Today is sister’s birthday.

C. It is his birthday .


A、I am sorry. B、Thank you! C、 I don’t know.


A、I don’t know . B、 I can’t do it. C、I am sorry.


A、I am sorry. B、Thank you! C 、I don’t know .


A、Thank you! B、No, not good ! C.You , too.

二、单词辨音,划音部分相同的打√,不同的打 ╳。 ( )1、A、our B、your C、hour

( )2、A、pour B、fourth C、house ( )3、A、floor B、door C、school

( )4、A、four B、fourth C、fourteen


1、 many, how, there, are, days, a , in , week (?)

2、 I , some , flowers, my, buy , mother , for

3、 is, her , today , grandpa’s , birthday

4、 is ,playing , badminton , she

5、 your , on , is , birthday , 12, March


1.一月 二月 三月 四月 五月 六月

2、七月 八月 九月 十月 十一月 十二月

3、爷爷的生日 好主意 生日礼物


1、When is your birthday? It is

A.in May B. On September C.in July 1 2.What is the date today? It is

A.in June B.December 12th C.on November 20 3.The twelfth month is her birthday.

A.mother B. father C.grandpa’s 4.Is today your birthday?

A.Yes, it is B. Yes, it does. C.Yes , it can. 5.How many months in a year?

A.there are B. they are C.are there 6.What subject do you like? I like

A.volleyball B. English C.football 7.What sport Tim like? He basketball.

A.do , like B. Does, like C.does, like

8.What is Ken doing? He’s

A.get up B. getting up C.gets up 9.Today is the day of this month.

A.nine B. nineth C.ninth 10.What is your father doing? He a present.

A.is wrap B. is wrapping C.is wraping


【1】 grandma’s when’s grandma in on

A: Hello, Tom. your birthday?

B:Hello,Marry. My birthday is September. How about you? A:My birthday is 31.

B: When is birthday?

A:It is this month. I can buy a present.

【2】 A. How do you go to school ? B.It’s September 22nd.

C.When do you go to school? D. At seven.

E. It is on February 23 rd .

A:Hi, Tom. When do you get up ? go to school at seven ten. A: bike.

A::When is your birthday? A:What is the date today?

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