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牛津小学英语 6A Unit 3 It was there (Part A)


1. 学生能听懂、会说、会读、会写单词、词组was, were, excited, a moment ago, just now, 能听得懂、会说、会读单词、词组camera, exciting, film, ground, sports day, running race.

2. 学生能能听懂、会说、会读和运用句型Where’s…? It’s… It isn’t there now. It was there a moment ago. Where are…? They’re … They aren’t there now. They were there just now.

3. 学生能听懂、会说和会读日常交际用语 Can you pick them up for me, please?.

4. 使学生能正确理解课文,并熟练朗读课文。

5. 引导学生细心看管照看好自己物品的良好习惯。


1. 通过动画的导入与学生的操练来完成对单词和句型的整体感知。

2. 对was, were 及一般过去时的初步感知。

3. 对excite和exciting 的正确区分和运用。




Step1 Warming up

Free talk:


T: Hello, Boys and girls. What date is it today? How are you today?

Ss: Fine./ I’m fine.

T: I’m happy too. There are so many students and teachers here, I’m very excited. T: Boys and girls, Do you like English?

Ss: yes!

T: Do you like English stories?

Ss: Yes.

T: Good! I like stories too, and when I enjoy interesting stories, I’m very excited. Now, I’ll give you a story. And try to remember the six places of the mouse.

Step2 Lead in

1. Review a story

Purpose: 新课开始,通过和学生简单交流,引出生词excited,为下面的课文学习打下基础,接着通过动画故事,让学生初步感知过去时态。

2. Look and say

T: Is the story exciting? Are you excited? Now, tell me the six places of the mouse. Ss:….


3. Play a game “Find the differences”


Step3 Presentation

1. T: Boys and girls, you did a very good job, and I’m very excited. Now, let’s learn a new story. In this story, all the students are very excited. Now, Let’s have a look. And try to answer: What are Su Hai and Su Yang looking for?


2. Lisen to the background and ask and answer:

① When ?

② Who?

③ Where ?

④ What ?

(Ss: Sports Day

Ss: maybe in the playground, it isn’t mentioned in the tape.

Ss: Su Hai and Su Yang

Ss: They are watching a running race. )

Purpose:以Su Hai and Su Yang为中心,提出关于她们的四个问题,在解决问题的过程中,让学生对本课的背景有了一个大概的了解, 并将 Sports Day, running race, excited, exciting, 写在黑板上,以便于学生复述课文)

3. Listen to Paragraph 1

① T: We know Su Hai is looking for her camera, Where is the camera, do you want to know? Let’s go on to listen to the story.

② Ask and answer

⑴ Is the camera in Su Hai’s bag?

⑵ Where is the camera now?

4. Read the paragraph 1

Ss read after the teacher.

5.Listen to Paragraph 2

① T: Now Su Hai and Su Yang find the camera, what do they look for next? Let’s listen what happened next.

② More questions:

⑴ Are the films in Su Yang’s bag?

⑵ Where are the films now?


Step4 Practice and consolidation

1. Let students watch the flash of Part A .

2. Let students read the text by themselves.

Do T/F questions.

3. Try to retell the text according to some pictures, key words and PPT.

T: What do you know about the story?

What do you learn from the story?


4. Summary

T: Boys and girls, so much for today’s story, I’m very excited because you did a very good job today! After class, I hope you can tell the stories to others.

Step6 Homework

1 Try to retell the text by yourself.

2 Make dialogues with your partner

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