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⑴soccer________⑵live________⑶late________⑷win________⑸subway________ ⑹兄弟_________⑺中国_______⑻刷_________⑼楼下_______⑽双胞胎________ Ⅱ短语互译。(10分)

⑴整理床铺______________⑵学校附近_______________⑶在浴室_____________ ⑷快点__________________⑸穿衣服_________________⑹after school__________ ⑺win the game___________⑻first name_______________⑼before dinner_________ ⑽read newspapers________


⑴swim_________⑵ride________⑶get________⑷wait_________⑸brush________ Ⅳ写出下列动词的过去式。(5分)

⑴hurry_________⑵study_______⑶am________⑷win_________⑸do__________ Ⅴ单项选择。(10分)

⑴I live a little far _____ school.

A.to B.from C.at D.on

⑵Why don’t you _____ the subway?

A.take B.took C.taking D.takes

⑶She _____ to school.

A.walks B.walk C.walking D.to walk

⑷-How long does it take to go there? -It _____ about thirty _____.

A.take…minutes B.takes…minutes C.took…minutes D.takes…minute ⑸I go to school by _____ bus.

A.the B.a C.× D.on

⑹-What time do you get up? -I get up _____ 6:30.

A.on B.in C.at D.to

⑺My name is Sandy Talor.So(那么) Sandy is my _____.

A.last name B. × C.first name D.family name(姓) ⑻She ____ her bike to school

A.ride B.rides C.riding D.to ride

⑼We don’t have _____ class _____ Saturday.

A.some…on B.any…at C.any…on D.any…in

⑽We played _____ soccer after school.

A.a B. an C.the D.×


⑴I’m __________ my __________. (刷牙)

⑵He is __________ ___________ (穿衣服)now.

⑶It’s __________ (已经) eight forty.


⑴is / matter / the / what / ?

_______________________________ 译文:___________________________ ⑵U.S.A / from / . /the / I’m

_______________________________ 译文:__________________________ ⑶bathroom / is / in / ? / who / the

_______________________________ 译文:__________________________ ⑷you / to / school / how / do / go / ?

_______________________________ 译文:__________________________ ⑸making / her / in / is / . /room / she / the / bed

_______________________________ 译文:__________________________


⑴-Can I come in? -Yes, you can, I’m ____(finished/finishing) now.

⑵ You can____(watch/watched) TV after dinner.

⑶-Do you_____(ride/take) your bike, too? -No ,I don’t. I_____(walk/walk to) school.

⑷-What are you doing? -I’m_____(getting dress/getting dressed) now.


( ) ⑴Is Sandy waiting downstairs? a. I have breakfast at 7 o’clock.

( ) ⑵What time do you have breakfast? b. Yes, you can.

( ) ⑶Can I come in? c. I’m from Australia.

( ) ⑷What is she doing? d. I go to school by jet.

( ) ⑸How do you go to school? e. That’s a good idea.

( ) ⑹Where are you from? f. No, she’s not.

( ) ⑺Why don’t you ride a bike? g. She’s cooking in the kitchen.

( ) ⑻Who’s in the bathroom? h. It’s me, Sandy.

( ) ⑼Are you American? i. It was OK.

( ) ⑽How was your day? j. yes, I am. I’m from the USA.


My Friend Julia

Do you know me? My name is WeiHua. This is my friend Julia. She is from English. Her father is a worker. Her mother is a teacher. She has a brother,Tim. He is six. They are all in China. She has a sister. She is a college(大学) student.She is in Oxford(牛津). Julia and I are in the same school, but in different classes. After school she teaches me English and I teach her Chinese.


( ) ⑴In the passage(文章), there are six people.

( ) ⑵Julia is an English girl.

( ) ⑶Julia’s family are all in China.

( ) ⑷Julia and I are in the same class.

( ) ⑸Julia is a college student.





27. I go to school b__ car. 28. I want t__ buy a knapsack.

29. I go to school a__ 7:00. 30. My birthday is o__ August 23.


( )31. What’s the date today? A. They walk to school.

( )32. How do they go to school? B. He’s wearing a green sweater

( )33. What did you do after school? C. It’s June 13.

( )34. What color do you want? D. I did my homework.

( )35. What’s Billy wearing? E. It looks too big.

( )36. How about this sweater? F. I want a blue coat.


( )37. They are_______the U.S.A.

A. from B. for C. come

( )38. I’m __________my teeth.

A. brush B. brushes C. brushing

( )39. Let’s_________to the shopping mall.

A. go B. goes C. going

( )40. Show________a smaller one, please.

A. my B. I C. me

( )41. She’s cooking _________ the kitchen.

A. on B. in C. under


I’m Jim. I’m an American. I’m 22. I’m busy everyday. I get up at 5 o’clock in the morning. I brush my teeth at 5:20. At 5:45, I have breakfast. At 6:30, I go to work by subway. I get home at 6:00 in the afternoon. I have dinner at 7:10. It takes 30 minutes, and then I play the piano. I go to bed at 10:00. I’m watching TV



_______ k _______ ________ o _______ _________ y ________

_______ F _______ ________ v _______


1. 双胞胎 itwns ____________ 2. 发卡 ihaprni ___________

3. 浴室 aomobrth _____________ 4. 纽扣 bttown ___________

5. 眼镜 lagsses _____________ 6. 家庭作业 mehokorw ___________

7. 地铁 bauswy ______________ 8. 中国 hCain _____________


1. what color A. 快点

2. wear glasses B. 看电影

3. take it easy C. 学校附近

4. near school D. 太贵

5. see a movie E. 好主意

6. too expensive F. 戴眼镜

7. by bus G. 什么颜色

8. good idea H. 洗手

9. wash your hands I. 别着急

10. hurry up J. 乘公共汽车


( )1. Where is Beijing? It’s in ___________.

A. Australia B. America C. China

( )2. What is he doing? He is ________ the newspapers.

A. seeing B. reading C. looking

( )3. September 10th is __________.

A. Women’s Day B. Children’s Day C. Teacher’s Day

( )4. What did you do after school? I _________ soccer after school.

A. play B. played C. plays

( )5. I go to school _______ bus.

A. in B. by C. on

( )6. Let’s go to the _________. I want to borrow some books.

A. library B. gift shop C. market

( )7. Happy birthday ______ you. This new pen is _______ you.

A. to, for B. to, to C. for, to

( )8. What’s ________ today? It’s January 1.

A. date B. the date C. day

( )9. He’s wearing _________ orange jacket.

A. the B. a C. an

( )10. __________ is he from? He’s from Canada.

A. Where B. What C. Who

五、看图,选择适当的单词或词组完成句子。(10分) Taylor My ____________(first name/last name) is Sandy.

2. Are you from ________(the USA/ Australia)?

3. I’m _________(making the bed/getting dressed) now.

4. I want a shirt with a _________.(collar/belt)

5. ___________(Father’s Day/Mother’s Day) is on May 8.


1. Oh, it’s too expensive. Show me a cheaper one.

2. It’s 110 dollars.

3. Here’s a nice shirt. Do you like it?

4. Oh, it looks great. I like it a lot. How much is it?

5. How about this one?

6. No. I want a shirt with a collar.




Billy: What did you buy for a present?

Sandy: I bought a fountain pen.

Dongdong: I bought a hairpin for my mother.

Sandy : What a beautiful hairpin!

Dongdong: What did you buy, Billy?

Billy: I didn’t buy anything. I wanted to buy a shirt, but it was

too expensive.

Sandy : Then, how about making a birthday cake for him? You like Billy: Oh, that’s a good idea.

( )1. Sandy bought _________ for a present.

A. a birthday cake B. a hairpin C. a fountain pen

( )2. Dongdong bought _________ for his mother.

A. a shirt B. a hairpin C. a fountain pen

( )3. Billy bought __________.

A. a shirt B. a hairpin C. nothing

( )4. Sandy lets Billy make___________.

A. a birthday cake B. a robot C. a snowman

( )5. Billy likes _________. cooking.

A. drawing B. reading C. cooking



1. Ch__n__ ( ) 2. A__gus__t( ) 3. swe__t__r( )4. tw__ns ( )

5. h__mew__rk( ) 6. n__ar ( )7. w__sh ( ) 8. br__sh ( )

9. glass__s( )10. d__nn__r( )


( )1. How long ________ it take to go to school? A. does B. do C. did ( )2. Let’s hurry _________ to school. A. in B. up C. down ( )3. I’m brushing my _______ now. A. tooth B. hard C. teeth ( )4. Happy birthday ________ you. This new pen is _________ you.

A. to/for B. to/to C. for/to

( )5. I usually go _________ at the pool. A. swims B. swim C. swimming ( )6. It’s time to __________ up. A. getting B. got C. get

( )7. How about _________ a birthday cake for him? A. make B. making C. makeing ( )8. What _______ nice jacket! A. / B. a C. an

( )9. How about this sweater? _________ looks too big. A. They B. It C. He ( )10. I want a shirt ________ a collar. A. in B. at C. with


1. What’s you first name? ___________________________________________

2. Are you america? ___________________________________________

3. That’s an good idea! ___________________________________________

4. It take about 20 minutes. ___________________________________________

5. Why don’t riding a bike? ___________________________________________

6. What’s the matter? ____________________________________________

7. I’m brushing my tooth. ____________________________________________

8. Did you won the game? _____________________________________________

9. His birthday is in May 15. ___________________________________________

10. How about buy a new jacket? ______________________________________


1. 去上学大约用多长时间? 大约花费20分钟。

2. 吃饭前要做完作业。 好吧,妈妈。

3. 做一个生日蛋糕怎么样? 噢,那是一个好主意。


1. What an old car! How about buying a new car? _________ ________

2. He’s wearing a black jacket and a white shirt. __________ _________

3. My first name is Sandy. What’s your last name? __________ ________

4. I live far from school. Do you live near school? __________ _________

六、用a/an 写到下列单词前。

belt dinner umbrella orange banana idea

eraser apple


Hello, everyone. I’m Wei Hua. I’m twelve. My birthday is on September fifteenth. I’m Chinese. I have father, mother, and brother.

Nice to meet you.

姓:_______ 名字:________年龄:________生日:________月_______日

国籍:___________ 家庭成员:___________________________



A. blue B. pants C. and D. wearing E. a F. red

G. he(He’s) H. What’s I. jacket

____________________________? ______________________________________.


A: Wow! 8 dollars! It’s !

B: I some chicken, fish and peas.

A: I want apples, bananas oranges.

Do some drink?

B: ! I like coke, juice and milk!

A: oh, I’m . Doggy, please.

C: No way!

( )1. A. expensiver B. cheap C. bad

( )2. A. want B. eat C. have

( )3. A. any B. a C. some

( )4. A. to B. and C. a

( )5. A. eat B. have C. like

( )6. A. Not B. No C. Yes

( )7. A. fill B. full C. hungry


Mrs. Green is going to give a birthday party for Mary(Mary is her daughter). Mary is going to be thirteen years old. Twenty friends of Mary’s are going to come to party. They are all girls. Mrs. Green is grtting ready for the party. Mrs. White is helping her.

―That’s a pretty cake.‖ Mrs. White says to Mrs. Green. ―Thank you very much.‖ Mrs. Green is going shopping now. She’s going to buy fruit for the party.

Mrs. Green buys some fruitt. She buys a lot of pears, oranges, and bananas. Then she goes home. It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. Everything is ready. Now the first girl is arriving. The party is going to start in thirty minutes.

( )1. __________is going to give a birthday party for Mary.

A. Mrs. White B. Mrs. Green C. Mary

( )2. Mary is going to be ________ years old.

A. twenty B. ten C. thirteen

( )3. _________ are going to come to the party.

A. Thirty boys B. Twenty girls C. Forty children

( )4. Mrs. Green buys _______ for the party.

A. a cake B. some fruit C. some pears, bananas and apples.

( ) 5. The party is going to begain at ________ in the afternoon.

A. two thirty B. three C. three thirty



1、中国C_________ 2、贵的e___________ 3、双胞胎t____________

4、礼物p___________ 5、浴室b_________ 6、足球s____________

7、作业h___________ 8、裤子p____________


( )1.__are you from?

A.What B.Where C.When

( )2.It’s __good idea.

A.an B.a C./

( )3.We are __

A.twins B.twin C.the twins

( )4.My name is Peter Pan. __is my first name.

A.Peter B.Pan C.Peter Pan

( )5.I’m Li Ming.My__name is Ming.

A.first B.last C.full

( )6.—Are you__? —Yes,I am.I’m from__.

A.China,china B.Chinese, Chinese C.Chinese,China

( )7.Why don’t you ride a bike? __

A.Of course not. B.That’s a good idea! C.Are you?

( )8.It takes 30 __.

A.minute B.minutes C.munites

( )9.Is Billy brushing __ teeth?

A.his B.he C.her

( )10.What time do you go to school? —__ 9 o’clock.

A.On B.At C.In

( )11.It’s __ eight forty.

A.already B.ready C.always

( )12.How was your day? —__ .

A.It was OK B.Yes.we did C.No

( )13.Wash __ before dinner.

A.in B.at C.up

( )14.I do __ homework.

A.my B.I C.me

( )15.I __ buy some presents for my mother.

A.want B.want to C.wants

( )16.What’s the __ today? —__It’s September 1.

A.day B.time C.date

( )17.What a __ haipin!

A.beautiful B.beautifully C.is

( )18.What’s the __

A.wrong B.matter C.better

( )19.I don’t have __.

A.something B.anything C.some

( )20.She __ a red coat.

A.wearing B.is wearing C.putting

三 从B栏选择与A栏相应的答语并划线连接


1.Does he wear glasses? A.He’s wearing a blue shirt..

2.How much is it? B.No, he doesn’t.

3.How do you go to school? C.I’m from China.

4.Where are you from? D.I go to school by car.

5.What’s he wearing? E.It’s 110 dollars.


( )1. Where are you from?

A. I live far from school.

B. I’m from the U.S.A. C. He’s American.

( )2. How do you go to school?

A. She goes to school by bus.

B. I walk to school. C. I go to school at 7 o’clock.

( )3. What’s the date today?

A. It’s March 5.

B. It’s Friday. C. It’s on September 2.

( )4. What color do you want?

A. I want a skirt with buttons.

B. I want a yellow one. C. I want to buy her a belt.


Hello, everyone. I’m WeiHua. I’m twelve. My birthday is on September 15. father, mother, and sister. Nice to meet you.

First Name:____________________

Last Name: _________________

Age: ___________________

Birthday: __________________

Country: _______________________


Tom: Hey! Where are you going?

Jenny: To buy a present for my (1)__________.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Tom: What is the date today?

Jenny: It’s May the fourteenth.

Tom: Oh, no! I forgot it.

Jenny: Can you join me?

Tom: Yes. What do you want to buy for her?

Jenny: I want to buy her a hairpin. How about you?

Tom: Well, I’m not sure. Anyway, let’s go to the (2)________.

( )1. When is Mother’s Day?

A. On May 13 B. On May 14 C. On May 15

( )2. What does Jenny want to buy?

A. Fountain pen B. Hairpin C. Skirt

3. 给(1)和(2)选择正确的答案。

( )(1) A. father B. mother C. friend

( )(2) A. library B. shopping mall C. school


1. A: Who’s in the bathroom? ________________________________ B: It’s me , Sandy. _______________________________ I m Chinese. I have

A: What are you doing? _________________________________

B: I’m brushing my teeth. __________________________________

2. A: Do you walk to shool, Jane? __________________________________

B: No, I ride my bike to school. _________________________________

A: How long does it take to school?________________________________

B: It takes about five minutes. ______________________________________

3. A: What’s the matter? _______________________________

B: I can’t find my shirt. _________________________________

A: Is it a shirt with long sleeves? ____________________________________

B: No, it’s with short sleeves. _______________________________________

4. A: Can I help you? _____________________________

B: I want to buy pants. ______________________________

A: How do you like these blue ones? __________________________________

B: They look too big. Please show me some smaller ones. ___________________________________

5. How does he go to school?

6. I’m chinese.

7. I’m brushing my teeth.

8. I want to buy a present for my mother.

9. I want a blue shirt.



( )1、A、blue B. purple C. brown D. color

( ) 2. A. me B. her C. I D. him

( ) 3. A. hair B. shirt C. skirt D. pants

( ) 4. A. one B. three C. two D. first

( ) 5. A. January B. November C. month D. March


6. go(过去式)____________ 7. make(现在分词)____________ 8. first(基数词)___________

9. can not (缩写)_________10. bus(复数) ____________ 11. were(原形)____________

12. cheap(反义词)____________ 13. long sleeves(翻译)____________

14. don’t(完全形式)____________ 15. I (宾格)___________


16. 双胞胎tw_ns 17. 附近n_ _r 18.足球s_cc_ _ 19. 日期d_t_

20. 领子c_ll_r 21. 发卡h_ _rpin


( )22. Where are you _________?

A. at B. on C. from

( )23. ___________ do you go to school?

A. What B. How C. When

( )24. Can I come in? Yes, You ________.

A. do B. are C. can

( )25. Let’s hurry _______ to school.

A. to B. up C. in

( )26. It _________ about 20 minutes.

A. take B. takes C. taking

( )27. When’s ________ birthday, Dongdong? _______May 1.

A. your, In B. you, on C. your, On

( )28. _________you win the game? Yes, we did.

A. For B. Did C. Are

( )29. __________ buy a present for my father.

A. At B. For C. To

( )30. Show________ a cheaper one, please.

A. I B. me C. my

( )31.I want to buy a shirt. But it’s ________ expensive.

A. too B. two C. to


32. W_ _ _ time do you go to school?

33. To b_ _ a present for my father.

34. I get up a_ 7:00.

35. I want t_ go to the library.

36. Where is he f_ _ _ ?


37. How day was you ?


38. do what do you school after ?


39.twenty it four is .


40. She the making bed is .



( )41. How much is it? A. Thank you.

( )42. Do you want short sleeves? B. Yellow.

( )43. What color do you want ? C. It’s two dollars.

( )44. How do you like this one? D. No, I don’t.

( )45. What’s his size? E. Well, I don’t like it.

( )46. Happy birthday! F. It’s 40.


Cody: Hi, My name is Cody Grundy. I’m from the U. S. A. What’s your name? Pan: Hi, I’m Peter Pan.

Cody: Are you American?

Pan: No, I’m not. I’m Australian. Who’s that?

Cody: That’s my friend Li Beibei.

Pan: Is Li his first name?



1、名字 f__r__t name 2、加拿大C__na__a 3、美国人__mer__can 4、地铁s__b__ay 5、走,步行w__ __k 6、浴室b__th__oom

7、穿衣服g__t d__essed 8、足球s__cc__r 9、赢w__ __



1、read newspapers ___________2、in the kitchen____________

3、see a movie ____________ 4、八点二十 ____________

5、放学后 ____________ 6、go to the library____________

7、踢足球 ____________ 8、起床 ____________

9、ride a bike ____________ 10、急忙、赶快____________


1、( )Where is he from?

______is from the U.S.A.

A. S he B. His C. Him D. He

2、( )______you live near school?

No, I don’t.

A. do B. Are C. Do D. Did

3、( )How do you go to school?

I go to school ______ car.

A. by B. in C. take D./

4、( )What time do you go to the park?

______nine o’clock.

A. In B. On C. / D. At

5、( )What did you do after school?

I ______ to the library.

A. go B. goes C. going D. went

6、( )Can I ______TV now?

A. see B. to see C. watch D. watching

7、( )What are you doing?

I’m ____________now.

A. brush my teeth B. brushing my teeth C. brushing your teeth D. brushing my tooth

8、( )Where are you from?

I am from______.

A. Australia B. Australian C. australia D. australian

9、( )She ______to school.

A. go B. goes C. going D. to go

10. ( )What are you doing?

I am ______the bed.

A. make B. to make C. making D. makes


1、you win the did game ____________________________________

2、is that a idea good ____________________________________

3、you do take bus the ____________________________________

4、the matter what is ____________________________________

5、was how your day ____________________________________



Jack and Lisa are good friends. They live far from school. Sometimes they go to school by bus. It takes about 30 minutes. But they like walking. Sometimes they walk to school. It take about 50 minutes.

1. ( )They live near school.

2. ( )Every day(每天) they go to school by bus.

3. ( )It takes about 30 minutes to walk.

4. ( )They don’t like walking.

5. ( )They are good friends.


Jack is ten. He is a good student. In the morning,he gets _____ at six o’clock. He has _____at six thirty. _____goes to school at seven. He does _____ homework before dinner. He _____to bed at nine forty.

1、( )A. down B. up C. to D. in

2、( )A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner D. supper

3、( )A. She B. He C. It D. I

4、( )A.his B. her C. my D. your

5、( )A. go B. goes C. going D. to go



1.[ ]腰带 2. [ ]紫色 3. [ ]眼镜 4. [ ]图书馆 5. [ ]在…之前

6. [ ]大衣 7. [ ]扣子 8. [ ]姓 9. [ ]毛衣 10. [ ]领子

A.glasses B.purple C.before D.collar E.sweater

F.coat G.library H.belt I.last name J.button


ina 长

rr 双胞胎

n s 中国


( )1.What’s A.matter B.the matter C.the wrong

( )2. Where are you from ? A.I’m from China. B.I’m come from China. C.He’s from China.

( )3.They don’t have any class A. in B.at C.on

( A.Yes,I do. B.Yes,I did. C.No.I did.

( )5 eight thirty. A.in B.at C.on

( )6.What’s the date today? A.It’s May 8. B.It’s may 8. C.On May 8.

( )7.What do you want him? A.to buy to B.to buy for C.buying for

( )8.What did you do after school? A.borrow books B.play soccer C.played soccer

( )9.He doesn’t like the coat A.have B.has C.with

( )10.Is Mike A.waiting B. waitting C.wait


1.反义词: long---[ ] expensive---[ ] big---[ ] with---[ ]

2.复数:twin---[ ] foot---[ ] tooth---[ ]

3.过去式:is---[ ] win---[ ] play---[ ] do---[ ] with---[ ]


1.from you are where ? 2.wearing he is what ?

3.Mother’s Day when is 4.can’t my I bike


wearing hurry up wash played am

1.I after school. 2. your hands please.

3.I from Canada. 4..Let’s to school. 5.Billy is a sweater.


Police:What’s the matter,madam?

Mrs.Smith:I can’t find my son,Don.

Police:Take it easy!What’s he wearing?

Mrs.Smith:He’s wearing a white shirt and blue pants.

Police:Does he wear a hat?

Mrs.Smith:Yes,he wears a white hat..

Police:Does he wear glasses?

Mrs.Smith:No,he doesn’t .

Police:Look!Is that boy Don?

Mrs.Smith:No,Don is taller.

[ ]1.Mrs.Smith can’t find her brother.

[ ]2.Don is wearing a hat.

[ ]3.Don wears glasses.

[ ]4.Don is a tall boy.

[ ]5.Mrs .Smith find Don at last.


一、 根据汉语意思,补全单词。(12分)

刷 ry图书馆 t礼物 ve昂贵的 er兄弟 居住

洗手间 足球 日期

二、 英汉互译。(8分)

long sleeves Mother’s Day

wash up make the bed

last name get dressed

hurry up 看起来棒

三、 单项选择。(30分)

( a shirt for my father.

A.buy B.to buy C.buying D.bought

( A.wear B.of C.with D.in

( you going?-----To the department store.

A.are B.is C.am D.on

( )4.What’s ____date today?

A.the B.a C.an D./

( )5.Wash up ____dinner.

A.in B.on C.of D.before

( )6.How ___your day?

A.did B.was C.do D.is

( )7.______ in the bathroom?------It’s me.

A.What’s B.Who’s C.Where’s D.Whose

( )8.We _____soccer after school yesterday(昨天).

A.play B.plays C.played D.playing

( )9. Where are you from?I’m ______China.

A.in B.from C.on D.of

( )10.Sometimes I take _____ subway.

A.a B.the C.an D/

四、 给下面句子选择合适的汉语意思。(12分)

( )My last name is Zhang. A母亲节在五月八日。

( )Sandy is making the bed. B桑迪正在整理床铺。

( )They look great! C我姓张。

( )Let’s hurry up to school. D我现在正穿衣服。

( )I’m getting dressed now. E让我们快去学校吧!

( )Mother’s Day is on May 8th. F它们看起来很棒!

五、 连词成句。(30分)

1.from are you where ?


2.school go do how you to ?

3.now dressed getting am I .


4.day was how your ?


5.your is when birthday ?


6.one this like how you do ?


六、 阅读理解,判断句子正(T)误(F)。(8分) Dongdong:Where are you going?

Sandy:To buy a present for my father.

Dongdong:Is it your father’s birthday?

Sandy:Yes, his birthday is on May 5th.

Dongdong:What do you want to buy? Sandy:I want to buy a shirt.

1.冬冬的爸爸的生日是五月五日。( )

2.桑迪是去买礼物。 ( )

3.桑迪想买一件衬衫。 ( )

4.冬冬要去给爸爸买礼物。 ( ) 测试(四)


( )1. ( )2. 线

( )3. ( )4. ( )5. ( )6. 二、选出与句中画线单词不同类的词。(18分)

( )1. I often watch TV on A. day B. Mondays C. Saturdays

( )2. I have English and A. P.E B. music C. art book

( )3. She has a teacher .

A. old B. young C.watch

( )4. I have and mutton .

A. eggplant B. beef C. potatoes

( )5. Mr teacher is A. young B. thin C. very

( )6. What’s like ?

A. she B. his C. you


( )1. I like apple juice , because it’s A. salty B. sweet C. sour

( colour is your new notebook ?—It’s green .

A. Where B. What C. Who

( )3. I like grapes and bananas, but I like oranges .

A. no B. don’t C. /

( )4. My friend English , science ,computer and

A. has B. have C. is

( )5. –What is it today ?—It’s Wednesday .

A. mouth B. week C. day

( )6. My English teacher is and tall .

A. strong B. short C. fun


A B P.E.

1. What’s your favourite food ? A. Because they’re sweet .

2.Would he like some green beans ? B. I like fish .

3.What do they have for dinner ? C. They have pork and cabbage .

4. Why do you like apples ? D. Yes ,he’d like.

5. What would you like ? E. I’d like something sweet


1. you new do have teacher ?

2. is and my tall teacher strong

3. do you what on Sunday do ?

4. would like what you lunch for ?

5. is what favourite your food ?


1. is my English teacher .(就划线部分提问)

2. Do you have brothers ?(用否定回答)

3. I’d like some green beans .(改为一般疑问句)

4. I have for breakfast .( 就划线部分提问)

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