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unit3 Who's that 青少版新概念1a

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Unit 3 Who’s that ?

Who’s that boy


a silver bicycle.

That’s Robert .
on 在…上面

The boy is


a horse.

The flowers are on the table(桌子).

with 有,带着,拿着 Mr. Jenkins is

with a black umbrella.

a boy with the glasses.

a woman with a red bag


(表示地点,位置等 )在…里面

Paul is


a red car.


the classroom

The girl in yellow is crying.

in (表示服装、打扮 )



Annie: Who is that boy , Polly? Polly: Which boy, Annie? Annie: The boy on the silver bicycle .

Polly: That’s Robert Jenkins.

Annie: Who’s that man? Polly: Which man? Annie: The man with the black umbrella . Polly: That’s Mr. Jenkins. He’s Robert’s father .

Annie: Who’s that woman
with the white umbrella?

Polly: That’s Mrs. Jenkins. She’s Robert’s


look at:看一看 Look at that cat!

Annie: Look at that young man. Who is he? Polly: Which young man? Annie: The young man in that old car .

Polly: Oh, that’s Paul.
Paul is Lucy’s. cousin


She is Guess:

Who is Zhen Huan.that woman in the

Imperial Palace(皇宫)?

Guess: Who is that woman with a long tail(尾巴)?
She is Xie Na.


He is Uncle Bird.

Who is that man on the corridor(走 廊)?

Robert/ on/ bicycle

A: Tell me about Robert. B: He’s the boy on the bicycle. A: What colour is his bicycle? B: It’s silver.

Tell me about Lucy.
Lucy is the girl on the grey horse.

Lucy / girl / on / grey horse.

Paul / young man/ in / yellow car

Tell me about Paul.
Paul is the young man in the yellow car.

1.抄写P20单词2遍,并背诵 2.听录音,并背诵P19课文。 3.预习P26.

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