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一、从下列各组词中找出不同类的词, 将其序号填入题前括号内. (6分)

( )1. A. library B. hospital C, cinema D, party. ( )2. A. north B, party C. south D. east ( )3. A. wait B. bus C. train D. bike


( )1. Is your home far ________ the school? A. at B. in C. from

( )2. Come and look ________ me in the school. A. at B. of C. on ( )3. You can go straight ________ five minutes. A. on B. for C. at

( )4. The Science Museum is near the school ________the right. A. on B. at C. in ( )5. Please come to my ________ birthday party. A. twelve B. twelfth C. two

( )6. --- Is there a cinema near your home? --- ________ A. Yes, there isn’t. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is. ( )7. Walk straight ________ five minutes. A. at B. of C. for ( )8. The hospital is south ________ the cinema. A. from B. for C. of ( )9. I want ________ a pair of shoes. A. buy B. buys C. to buy

( )10. Turn right ________ the school, then go ________.

A. of, straight B. at, straight C. in, straight 三、选择恰当的英译。(4分)

( )1. 请问, 电影院在哪儿? A. Where is the cinema, please/ B. Where is the school, please? C. Where is the post office, please? D. Where is the library, please? ( )2. 医院离这儿很远吗?

A. You’re welcome. B. No, it’s not far.

C. Is the hospital far from here? D. It’s in front of the school.四、连词组句。(10分)

1. to, get, I, How, cinema, the, can ? 2. west, It’s, the, of, school . 3. post, at, office, right, the, Turn . 4. far, it, from, Is, home, your ? 5. is, shoe, the, Where, store, please ?


1. 书店在左边.

2. 直走三分钟.

3. 在电影院下车.

4. 乘12路公共汽车.

5. 它在学校的东边.

Amy: Thank you.

Li Ming: You are 八、阅读短文,选择问题的答案。(15分)

Mike goes to Harbin to visit his grandparents from Jinan on Sunday. He’s at the Harbin Station now. He is making a telephone to his grandparents.

Grandpa: Hello!

Mike: Hello, grandpa. This is Mike. I’m at the Harbin Station now. I don’t know the way to your home. How can I get there? On foot?

Grandpa: It’s you, Mike. My dear! No, you can take the No.103 bus. Mike: Where is the bus stop?

Grandpa: Go straight to the library. The bus stop is in front of the library. Mike: OK! See you later.

Grandpa: Wait a minute! Get off at the Hong Xing Cinema. Walk west for three minutes. You can see a white building. My home is next to the building.

Mike: Thank you, grandpa! Bye! 1. Mike lives in ________.

A. Jinan B. Harbin C. Beijing 2. Where is Mike now? He is ________.

A. at the Station B. at his grandpa’s house C. at the cinema 3. The bus stop is in front of ________.

A. the bookstore B. Hong Xing Cinema C. library 4. What is Mike doing? He is ________.

A. making a telephone B. waiting for his grandpa C. taking a trip 5. Where is the Mike’s grandpa’s house? It’s ________.

A. next to the white building B. in front of the library C. next to Hong Xing Cinema

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