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2013—2014学年度第一学期 小学四年级英语期末测试题


一.判断下列单词画线部分读音是否相同。(相同的打√,不相同的打×,5分) ( ( ( (

) ) ) )

5.big side ( )


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 1. Pass me the fork. 2. Sit on the sofa. 3. Watch TV. 4. Pass me a spoon. 5. She is a teacher.

三.读一读,选出不同类的单词,把正确答案的序号写在相应的括号内。 (5分) ( ( ( ( (

)1.A.noodles )2.A.long

B.soup B.short B.twenty B.aunt B.water

C.light C.thin C.forty C.father C.knife

D.beef D.sports D.floor D.driver

)3.A.thirty )4.A.uncle )5.A.spoon




( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1.—Where’s my seat? —_______ A.It’s on the door. —Three. A.How B.What B.What C.How many C.What’s )3.______in your school bag? A.Where’s )4.—______his name? —His name is Zhang Peng. A.Who’s B.What’s C.Where’s )5.—I have a friend. —He _______ sports. A.like —______. A.Yes, it is. —_______. A.Yes,she isn’t. B.No,she isn’t. C.No,he isn’t. )8.—Can I have some noodles? —________. A.I like chicken. A.uncle B.Sure,here you are. B.man C.Me too. )9.How many ______are there in your family? C.people )10.—What’s your father’s job? —________. A.He’s tall. B.He likes music. C.He’s a doctor. B. Merry Christma! C.Merry Christmas! )7.—Is she in the study? B.likes C.is )6.—Merry Christmas! B.It’s in the door. C.It’s near the door. )2.—______story-books can you see?

五. 用a或an填空。(5分)

1. ________egg 2. ________girl

3. ________hand 4. ________apple

5. ________elephant 6. ________key

7. ________dog 8. ________orange

9. ________watermelon 10. ________driver

六. 把正确答案的序号填在题前的括号里。(5分)








vegetable nurse driver candy) )1.What's your father? A. He is Mr Black. B. It's Black. C. She is 35. D. He is a doctor. E. She is in the classroom. )2.How old is your mother? )3.Where is your teacher? )4.Who is the strong man? )5.What colour is your hair?

Look! This is my mother. She’s a

. She’s quiet.

She likes


This is my father. He’s a

. He likes




Hello, friends. My name is Rose. I'm nine. I am a student. I have a happy family. Look, this is a photo of my family! The old man is my grandfather. He's

seventy-three. He likes noodles. He's a farmer. My grandmother's sixty-eight. She likes fish. She's a teacher. Look at this woman. She's my mother. She's thirty-four. She's a nurse. She likes vegetables very much. And this man is my father. He's thirty-nine. He likes soup. He's a driver. Mary is my sister .She is a quiet girl. They love me. I love them(他们).

1. 读上面短文,打“√”或“×”判断句子正误。

(1)There are five people in my family. ( )

(2) My grandfather is a farmer. He likes noodles. ( )

(3) My mom likes beef. She's a nurse. ( )

(4) My dad is thirty-nine. He's a driver. ( )

(5) I'm Mary and my sister is Rose. ( )

2. 读上面短文,再连线。

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