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牛津小学英语6A Unit4练习题

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一 英汉词组互译

1 保持安静 2 在九月

3 刚 才 4 拍照

5 作为一件生日礼物 6 十一月九日

7 问一些问题 8 .不准吸烟

9 一会儿前 10. 一付眼镜

11散步 12. 勿践踏草坪

13 发出噪音 14.一卷胶卷

15 public signs 16.come up

17.No parking 18.have a birthday party

19.Keep off 20.blow out the candles

二 按要求完成下列句子

1. Put the shoes next to the cupboard.(否定句)____________________________

2. It means “”.(划线提问)__________________________________

3. My birthday is .(划线提问)_________________________

4. You can pick them up for me.(一般疑问句)___________________________

5. Ben and Jim often go home together after school.(一般疑问句)

6. Jim lives near Ben.(一般疑问句)四 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空

1.----Is this _______(she) bag? -----No, it?s_________(me) bag.

2. There are________(you) books. Please put ________(they) there.

3. There are three_________(bus). 4. Where_______(be) his football.

6. ________(be) these your apples? No, they__________(be).

7. Jim and I ________(be) in the same________(class) two years ago?

8. What_______(do) ?No________(park)? mean?

10.My _______(diary) weren?t on the desk .

六 选择题

( )1. May 21st reads___________________________________.

A. May twenty-on e B. the May twenty-first C. May the twenty-first

( )2. “ Keep quiet” means we ________make noise here.

A. can B. shouldn?t C. must D. should

( )3. Jim and Ben are ________ about Ben?s birthday.

A. talk B. saying C. speaking D. talking

( )4. The camera isn?t in my pocket. It________ there a moment ago.

A. be B. was C. is D. were

( )5. How old are you, Tom? ___________________

A. Fine, thank you. B. I?m nine. C. It?s nine.

( )6. What would you like?_______________________

A. I like drinking. B. I don?t like tea. C. Some juice.

( )7. When?s your birthday, Liu Tao?____________________

A. Of January B. On January C. In January

( )8. Where are my shoes?________________________

A. It?s on the desk. B. It?s under the desk. C. They?re under the desk.

( )9 John is twenty years old, but he has only five birthdays. Why?

Because he was born(出生)_________.

A. at night B. five years ago C. on the last night of a year D. on February 29

( )10. Would you like a puppet as a birthday present?_______________

A. Rabbit, please. B. I like a puppet. C. Yes, please.


七 阅读理解

A 阅读短文,选择正确的答案。

An old woman has a cat. The cat is very old. It cannot run fast and it cannot catch mice. When the old cat sees a mouse, it tries to catch it, but the mouse can always run away. The woman is very angry about it. Then she has a good idea. She buys a new cat to catch mice. Now the old one can rest.

( )1. The old cat cannot _______ now.

A. jump on the mice B. catch dogs C. walk or run D. run fast or catch mice

( )2. When the cat tries to catch a mouse, _________.

A. it eats the mouse B. it jumps on the mouse C. if follows the mouse D. the mouse runs away

( )3. The old woman is ________ when she sees a mouse run away.

A. very good B. very kind C. very angry D. very happy

( )4. The old woman _________.

A. likes the cat B. doesn?t want the cat C. buys a new cat D. teaches the cat

( )5. The old woman doesn?t like_______ in her house.

A. cats B. mice C. dogs D. young people

B 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。

It is Sunday morning, Xiao Ming and her mother are in the hospital. Xiao Ming?s got a fever. They are going to see a doctor. There are a lot of public signs on the wall of the hospital. Xiao Ming and her mother know a lot about them. The sign on the first floor means “Keep quiet” The one on the second floor means we shouldn?t smoke. The third one means “No littering”. Just then Xiao Ming sees a man littering. She goes up to him and says: “You shouldn?t litter. You should throw it into the dustbin(垃圾箱).”

( )1 Xiao Ming?s got an earache and wants to see a doctor.

( )2 Xiao Ming and her mother don?t know the signs.

( )3 The sign on the first floor means people shouldn?t make noise.

( )4 people shouldn?t smoke in the hospital.



( )One of my classmates likes swimming in the cold water.

( )A young man ran over and pulled our classmate out of the water.

( )Here the word “Help!”means 救命.

B.根据短文选择最佳答案。5% It is nine thirty in the morning. Mr. Green and his students are going out on a picnic. They?re now in the park. The children are having a good time. Look, the girls in the beautiful dresses are Su Hai and Su Yang. They?re twins. They?re singing and dancing. Who?s the girl under the big tree? She is Nancy. She is reading a storybook carefully. Where is Mr. Green? He is playing games with Helen and other students. But Liu Tao and David are fishing near the river. Then a park keeper comes up to them. He points to a sign near the river. He says to the boys, “Can?t you see the sign over there? It says ?No fishing, please?.” Liu Tao and David say sorry and leave there quickly.

( )1. It?s

A. half past ten in the morning. B. nine thirty in the evening.

C. half past nine in the morning.

A. in the zoo B. at school C. in the park

A. reading a storybook carefully. B. singing and dancing.

C. playing games with Mr. Green.

A. under the tree B. on the grass C. near the river 缺词填空

There is a p____ near our school. We can see many trees and flowers there. Some flowers are red, and some are y____. We can see a hill behind the park, too. At the foot of the hill we can see a r____. There are some boats on it. Children like to go there. It is Monday today. There are many young Pioneers in the park. Some are walking and singing. S____ are dancing or p____ games. Ann and h__ sister Kate are flying a k____. Tom and his brother Sam are t______ a Frisbee. Their father and mother are sitting u_____ the tree. All the family are h_____ a good time.


It is seven o‘ 担心). She says, “Binbin, please . It’an English test this morning.” Binbin answers, “No, our English teacher is now?” Mother says, “No, it‘s seven. Don’t be late for school.” “ right. I“ll get up now, Mum.” Binbin up quickly.

( ) 1. A. in B. at C. on

( ) 2. A. in B. at C. on

( ) 3. A. of B. for C. with

( ) 4. A. is B. are C. am

( ) 5. A. get on B. get off C. get up

( ) 6. A. play B. has C. have

( ) 7. A. fine B. ill C. late

( ) 8. A. at B. to C. on

( ) 9. A. It’s B. All C. That’s ( ) 10. A. get B. getting C. gets


A :What d----is it today? B:It?s the 1st of jJune .

A :Great.It?s C-----D-----.,shall we go to the p----? B :Good i----.But h----?

A :Let?s go t------by b------。 B: I?m afraid(恐怕) we c------.

A :Why ? B: Because there is a p- ---- s-------?No c------?..

A :What does it m-------? B :It m------we s-------- ride the bike t----.

A :Oh ,I s------. W------a------going f------? B: T----- good, let?s h-------- up.

A :OK.


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