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二、找出单词的正确译文,将其标号填入前面的括号内。(10分) ( ) 1.spring A.春天 B.季节 C.夏天 ( ) 2.morning A.下午 B.中午 C.上午 ( ) 3.May A.五月 B.三月 C.六月

( ) 4.write a letter A.写报告 B.写信 C.写电子邮件 ( ) 5.swim A.游泳 B.荡秋千 C.跑步 ( ) 6.usually A.通常 B.一般 C.经常 ( ) 7.evening A.晚上 B.早上 C.中午

( ) 8.have a picnic A.数昆虫 B.举行野餐 C.做实验 ( ) 9.drink water A.打架 B.讲话 C.喝水 ( ) 10.twelfth A.十二 B.第十二 C.第二十 三、选择填空。(共20分)

( )1. My parents usually get up ________ 6:40. A. on B. in C. at ( )2 . ----What's the date today?


A. It's Tuesday. B. It's cool C. It's April 1st.

( )3 . ----Is Amy answering the phone? ----____________ A. Yes, he does. B. No, she is writing a letter. C. No, he isn't. ( )4. There is a call ____ you.

A. for B. on C. at ( )5. ----__________? ----They are listening to music. A. What do they do? B. What are you doing?

C. What are your grandparents doing? ( ) 6. This is __________________duck. A. my B. an C. you ( ) 7.He’s __________________ an e-mail. A. writing B. write C. written ( ) 8. __________________ they playing sports? A. Are B. Is C. Am

( ) 9. Winter __________. Zoom and Zip don’t skate. They sleep. A. coming B. come C. comes


Mike: Hello. This is Mike. Is that Wu Yifan?

Wu: Yes, this is Wu Yifan. What are you doing, Mike?

Mike: I'm watching TV. What are you doing? And how is everybody doing?

Wu: Just fine. I'm doing the dishes. My father is writing an e-mail in the study. My mother is sweeping the floor. And my brother is playing chess with my sister. Mike: What do you do on the weekend? Wu: I visit grandparents and go shopping. Mike: Do you want to go to the nature park? Wu: Sure. What time? Mike: At 1:30. Wu: OK. See you later. Mike: Bye.

根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。. ( ) 1. Wu Yifan is watching TV. ( ) 2. Mike is doing the dishes

( ) 3. Wu Yifan's father is writing an e-mail in the bedroom.

( ) 4. Wu Yifan visits grandparents and goes shopping on the weekend. ( ) 5. Wu Yifan wants to go to the Children's Park at 1:30 with Mike.


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