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( )1.What are you doing,Mum? I’m ____noodles.

A.making B. make C. makes

( )2.Can you play the flute,Sam? No,I______

A.can B. can’t C.don’t

( )3. Amy can you ______fast?

A. running B. runs C. run

( )4. Happy birthday.Amy.

A.Thank you B.excuse me C.ok

( )5. I’m the______.

A. winer B.win C.winner

( )6. We can see lots ______ interesting things.

A. in B. on C. of

( )7.She is ______ her friend.

A. talking at B. talking to C. taking to

( )8.The school is next ______ a park.

A. / B. to C. near

( )14. ______ is your school ? It is near the zoo,

A. Where B. What C. Which

( )9.Look ______ the people the park.

A. at, in B. for, at C. to, in

( )10.Lingling的妈妈想知道她想吃什么时.应该怎么说___

A.Do you want some rice ? B. do you want rices ?

( )11.I’m going to _________ in the sea.

A. swimming B. swim C. swims

( )12.There ______ twelve months in a year.

A. is B. am C. are

( )13. What are you going to do _________ Sports Day?

A. at B. for C. with

( )14.I’m going to___the high jump.

A.do B.make C.have

( )15.Happy birthday.Amy.

A.Thank you B.Excuse me C.Ok

( )16.They_____going to Hainan.

A. is B.are C.am

( )17.We’re going _____plane.

A.by B.on C.in

( )18.She is going to______her teacher.

A .look B.see C.visit

( )19.Xiaohong is going to get up_____5o’clock.

A.On B.at C.for

( )20.I’m going to ___ the high jump.

A.do B.make C.have



1. some do you want rice ?

2 .can lots interesting we of see things .

3. is what Amy doing ?

4.going to Hainan we’re go to .

5. going to get up 5o’clock at we’re .

6、on turn light the .

7、jump far she can ?


1、Can I _____ (have)some bread?

2、He’s hungry. He wants some _____ (sweet)

3、She is _____ (ride) a horse.

4、I’m ____ (go) to visit Beijing.

5、Can you ____ (run) fast.


( )1.Can I have some bread? A.Yes, I can.

( )2.Where is your school? B.I’m going to the park

( )4.Can you do taijiquan?

C.Go straight on, turn left. ( )5.Where are you going, Daming? D.Sorry,you can’t.


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