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Us President Obama gave a TV speech to his country's students on the__61___(第一) day of school. He made it from a _62_____(教室) in a high school. He told them to study as __63_ (努力)as they could.

“No matter what you want to do with your life, you will need an education,” he said.

“This isn't just important for your own life and your own future. It will ___64___(决定) the future of this country.”

Obama also said that school is not always __65____(容易).The challenges of life make school a difficult time.

“Maybe you can't get your parents' ___66___(帮助). Maybe someone __67___(要求) something wrong. But there is no excuse for not doing your homework or for not t___68___(尝试) .Your attitude toward yourselves and your education is ___69______(最)important..”

Students shook ___70____(手) with Obama at the end of the class.

【2011 山东烟台】阅读下面短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示补全文中所缺的单词, 答案写在题后的横线上。

“Sorry” is a word that people in Britain often say in their daily life.

on the street, a young man ran by hurriedly,

brushing(轻擦)and said “sorry” to me. Even in a rush, he didn?t fbought some bananas, the shopkeeper was passing me the change, but I wasn?t ready for it and a coin dropped onto the ground. “Sorry, Madam,” he said wwhy he said “sorry” to me. Another time, I

stepped on a man?s f said “sorry”.

Slowly, I got to know that when something unpleasant happens in daily life, the British don?t

c I seldom see people quarrel on the buses or streets in Britain.


1. walking 【解析】根据上下文可以看出这个句子是过去进行时,故此处填walking。

2. back 【解析】根据句意和上下文,可以知道这个人转身说了句“sorry”,故此处填back。

3.forget/ fail 【解析】根据上下文可以知道这个人虽然不停地跑着,也没忘记说sorry,故此处填forget/fail。

4. while 【解析】根据句意可知,这个人一边说sorry,一边将掉在地上的硬币捡起,故用while。

5.surprised 【解析】该句意为“我感到很惊讶,他居然对我说?对不起? ”。(因为这不是他的错),故填surprised。

6. foot/ feet 【解析】该句意为“还有一次,我在电影院的门口不小心踩到了别人的脚。”此处要填foot/feet。

7. both 【解析】接上句“我们两个都说了?对不起?”,所以填both。

8.care 【解析】这里是说英国人不很在乎谁对谁错,故要填care。

9. necessary 【解析】该句意为“如果某人处于困难之中,?对不起?总是需要的”,故填necessary。

10. why 【解析】该句意为“或许这就是我们为什么在英国很少见到大街上或者公共汽车上吵架的原因吧”,此处填why。

第一篇填词.61. first 【解析】应该用序数词。

62. classroom 【解析】因为有冠词“a”,应该用名词单数。

63. hard 【解析】study hard因为“努力学习”。

64. decide【解析】 注意用动词原形。

65. easy【解析】注意be加形容词。

66. help 【解析】help为不可数名词用法。

67. asks/wants 【解析】注意someone作主语,谓语动词用单三形式。

68. trying 【解析】根据前句的“not doing”,所以填not trying。

69. most 【解析】注意最高级用法“the most important”。

70. hands【解析】注意用复数。


A. 根据短文内容和所给中文提示,写出短文空白处各单词的正确形式。每空限填一词。

These days, a Chinese girl?s travel diary has become a hit online.

Zhao Xing, with only a , a travel bag and 30 yuan, left the Chinese mainland for the time to Taiwan. At the , she was helped by a man who even told her his phone number. A bus driver was kind enough to (叫醒)

In Taiwan, Zhao told the man who (给)her a ride that she was from Beijing. The man asked if there was else he could do to help make her journey (更好的).

“After coming back and thinking over everything I?ve experienced, I realized that the people impressed me the most, not the beautiful scenes or tasty food,” Zhao (写)in her online diary.

From Beijing to Taiwan, so close, so away. Zhao?s wish is to encourage others to realize their dreams of making the world a smaller, more friendly place for all.



At school many things happen to us. We may feel excited when we succeed in the memory(记忆)in our lives. How to keep memories? Our teacher, Mr. Smith, has book which is used to memory exciting moments. It?s usually made at the end of year. their stories, others took photos of them. Finally our teacher helped us to put the 76 __________ 77 __________ 78 __________ 79 ___________ 80 __________

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