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一、按英文字母顺序默写Gg — Zz (10分)


1、come (现在分词 2、small(反义词3、number (缩略 4、read(过去式5、I (宾格 6、box(复数形式7、sheep (复数形式 8、big(比较级

9、Let’s (完整形式 10、What is (缩略三、完成下列词组(英汉互译10分)

1、How many 2、在家 3、look after 4、在左边

5、a clever girl 6、去学校

7、get up 8、那些书

9、 10、一张中国地图 四、单项填空(每小题2分,20分)

( )1.These are Chinese .

A 、stamp B、stamps C、map

( )2. is it ? —It’s Tuesday.

A 、 What day B、What color C、What

( )3. read in the sun .


A 、Please B、Do C、Don’t ( )4. I go to bed ten.

A 、in B、on C、at ( )5. We have a football tomorrow .

A 、are going B、are go to C、are going to ( )6. Where my shoes ?

A 、am B、is C、are ( )7. I’m in Class One ,Grade Six .

A a B、the C、x

( )8. He to bed late last night.

A 、goes B、go C、went

( )9. “How do you do ? ” “ ”

A、I’m fine. B、Hello! C、How do you do? ( )10. Is that mother ? No ,she is mother .

A 、my…your B、your … his C、you …your

五、按要求完成句子(每空一词,缩略为一词 ,10分)

1、How are you ?

I’m , thank you .

2、There are birds in the sky . (对划线部分提问)

birds are there in the sky ?

3、is , what ,it ,time . (连词成句)

4、Mike is .


How is he ?

5、He climbed a mountain last summer holiday.(改为否定句)

He a mountain last summer holiday. 六、阅读短文,判断句子的正误(正确的写T,错的写F)(10分)

My family

My name is Tom . I am an American boy .I am twelve .My father is a worker . My mother is an English teacher .She is a good teacher . The students all like her . My sister Linda and I are in the same school . We are good students.

( )1. My name is Tom .

( )2. I am English .

( )3. Linda is my sister .

( )4. Tom and Linda are in the same class . ( )5. My mother is a Chinese teacher . 听力内容:

一、1、JIR 2、tpd 3、late 4、kite 5、four

6、cap 7、plane 8、many 9、ship 10、coat 二、1、Happy birthday to you! 2、May I borrow your dictionary ? 3、What’s your phone number ? 4、Where did you go last weekend ? 5、What did you do yesterday ?

三、Waiter: Good morning ! Can I help you? 3

Girl: yes . I want a Waiter: Which one ,pink or Girl: A blue one ,please.

Waiter: Here are !

Girl: How is it ?

Waiter: yuan.

Girl: OK ! I’ll take it . Here is

Waiter: .


the money . 4

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