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四年级英语学科质量监测 2011.11 一、 补全单词 1.__gg (鸡蛋) 2.__range(桔子) ( )10. _____ do tha again. A. Don’t B. Aren’t C. Doesn’t 3.t__ __st(吐司) 4.m__lk(牛奶) 5.t__ __cher(老师)6.d__ctor(医生) 三、 选出下列句子的应答语。 7.m__th(数学) 8.m__sic(音乐) ( )1. See you tomorrow. 五、将下面的句子排列成完整的对话。 A. Well, I don’t know. 9.vi__lin(小提琴) 10.p__ __no(钢琴)


( )1.What is _____ breakfast?

A.for B. to C.in

( )2.---Ken, pass me the jam, please. ---______.

A.Sorry B.That’s right.

C.OK, here you are.

( )3.---Who’s that?


A. That’s Mrs. Smith.

B. It’s a desk.

C. I’m Ken.

( )4.---Are you students here?


A. we are B.I am C. we’re

( )5.---Is this your bag?

---Yes, it’s _____.

A.me B.mine C.my

( )6._____ bag is blue.

A. He B. His C. Him

( )7.---I like English.

---I ____,too.

A. does B.am C.do

( )8.Please be _____ from now on.

A. on the time B. on a time

C. on time

( )9.She likes _____ books.

A. read B.reads C.reading ( )2.Do you like science? B. No, it’s not. His bag is blue. ( ) 3.What’s the second class? C. A bag! Whose bag is this? ( )4.I like music. D. Oh, it’s Li Li’s. ( )5.I sing very well. Listen!

E. Is it Ken’s bag? 排序:C--____--____--____--____ 六、 阅读对话,判断正(T)误(F)。 Mom: Oranges are good for you. Try one. Betty: Um…it’s good, I like oranges. But I don’t like apples. Mom: Betty, please pass me the jam. Betty: OK, here you are. Mom: Betty, please put the milk on the table. Betty: OK,Mom. 四、 连词成句。 ( )1.Oranges are bad for Betty. 1. for /what /is /breakfast/ ? ( )2.Betty likes oranges. )3.Betty doesn’t like apples. 2. do / how / do / you / ? )4.Betty passes her mon the salad. )5.Mom puts the milk on the table. 情景选择 3. is / this / whose / bag / ? ( )1.李丽看上去很着急,你可以这样 A. Hello,Li Li. B. What’s wrong, Li Li? 4.class / is /the / what / third / ? C. How do you do, Li Li? ( )2.你迟到了,应该这样对老师说: 5. do / what / after / you / school / do / ? A. Sorry, I’m late. B. See you.

C. Me, too.

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