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姓名:____________ 成绩:____________


1. B D P K G

P g b d k

2. A H E J C

j c a h e


( )1. orange A. 红色 B.橙色,橘色 C.绿色

( )2. under A.在….下面 B.在….内 C.在….外

( )3. hand A.头 B. 手 C. 脚

( )4. teacher A. 医生 B. 警察 C. 老师

( )5. pencil A.钢笔 B. 铅笔 C.课本

( )6. window A. 桌子 B. 椅子 C. 窗户

( )7. She is_____. A. this B. who C.talking

( )8. Her hair is very____. A.little B.red C.happy

( )9.I’m ten years____. A.young B.old C.looking

( )10.My____lives in Canada. A.is B.sing C.family

( )11.Where is my book? _______the desk.

A. for B.on C.out

( )12.你的好朋友过生日,你想祝她生日快乐,你应该说:

A.Good morning. B.Good birthday to you C.Happy birthday.

( )13.当你想问别人“那是什么颜色时?”你应该说:

A. What’s this? B.Where is it? C.What colour is it?

( )14.用英语怎么说我们国家的名称呢?

A. Canada B.China C.Engish

( )15.与“See you later.”意思相近的一句是:

A. Thank you. B.Nice to meet you. C. Good bye.

( )16.当你想让别人关上窗户时,你应该说:

A. Hello B. Open the window C.Close the window

( )17. ( ) — What’s the matter? — ____________

A. She is pretty. B. I have a headache. C. My name is Peter.

( )18. How do you feel?

A.I feel tired. B.How are you? C.It’s very hot.

( )19. 当你想问别人要书时,你应该说:

A. Where’s the books? B. May I have two books,please?

C. I have one book.

( )20. — How are you? — ________.

A. How are you? B. Fine,thanks. C. Thank you.


1. Hi,Peter. A.No,I have a headache.

2.How are you? B.Yes,I’m very hot.

3.May I have one book? C.My hair is black.

4.Are you hot? D.His name is Jim.

5.What colour is your hair? E.I feel sick.

6.What’s this? F.I’m fine,thanks.

7.What’s his name? G.It’s a cat.

8.Are you okay? H.I’m nine years old.

9.How old are you? I. His name is Jim.

10.What’s the matter? J.Yes,please.


red hand six desk apple ear chair book blue yellow head pencil pen one four leg marker three nose two







a. nose b.shoulder c.hand d.elbow e.arm

f.knee g.foot h.stomach i. eye j. head


1. two have I pens May please


2. How you are old


3. is blond hair My


4. am a short woman I


5. very I cold am


6. My yellow colour favourite is


7. is colour it What


8. please I book May one have ____________________________________________________

9. my is doctor sister a


10. this Li Ming’s family is


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