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Unit 8 Fashion Grammmar Present continuous tense (现在进行时)

She is read ing



is play ing football now.


is do ing his homework now.


is eat ing


The man is talk ing on a phone now.

Listen! The bird is sing ing.

Look! The boy is play ing soccer.

They are talk ing in a park now.

They are watching TV now.

The man is running


The boy is swimming now.

The teacher is write ing


They are dance ing


The man is walking fast. The man isn’t running.

What are you doing?

I am reading a book. I’m not writing.

What are they doing?
They are playing basketball. They aren’t playing soccer.

What is he doing? He is playing with a yoyo. He isn’t reading .

表示说话时正在发生的动作 1.含义:


2.标志词: now, look, listen…

3.构成: + doing be


Do you know how to get “ ---ing” ? Let’s try !

do ing ______

watch ing ______

ing clean ing ______ read______

eat_______ ing

play________ ing

danc_____ writ________ e ing e ing

run ning ______

swim ming _______

? 同学们通过观察找到什么规 律没有呢?

do doing ask asking write writing 以不发音的e结 尾的,去e, take taking +ing dance dancing get getting 重读闭音节以 一个辅音字母 run running 结尾的,双写 swim swimming 这一字母+ing put putting 以ie结尾的把ie变成y+ing lie, die, tie lying,dying,tying 一般在动词原 形后+ing

练习 1.写出下列动词的ing 形式. 1.help_________ 2.come_________ 3.swim_________ 4.eat__________ 5.give________ 6.find_______ 7.sit ________ 8.write________

Exercises Do the exercises on page 97

is opening 1.The child __________the windows now.(open) 2.The boy _________ a picture now.(draw) is drawing 3.Look! She __________ a book.(read) is reading 4.I ___________an e-mail to my pen pal now.(write) am writing 5.You ________ your homework at home now.(do) are doing 6.We ___________ at school now.(run) are running are watching 7.They ____________ TV now.(watch)

What are you doing?

I am reading a book.

What is he doing?
He is eating some meat.

What is he doing?
He is listening to her.

What are you doing?

I am reading a book. I am doing a book. I am drinking tea.
He is cleaning the house
He is eating some meat.

What is he doing?

He is listening to her.

What is She is looking at the blackboard. she doing?

Is the girl getting ______(get) up?

No, she isn’ ______. t is What ___ she doing ______?
She is ___ ______. sleeping

1.肯定句: 主语+be+doing+其它. 如: I am reading a book. 2.否定句:直接在be后加not. 如:I am writing. I am not writing.

问句,直接把be提前, 肯定回答: Yes,主语+be.

否定回答: No,主语+be+not.
-----Are you drawing ? -----Yes,I am./No, I’m not.

Exercises Do the exercises on page


一.用所给动词的适当形式填空. is running 1.Look! The cat____________(run)up the tree. 2.The are having twins__________(have)breakfast. Is cleaning 3.----___he ________(clean) the blackboard? ----No,he isn’t. is playing 4.Tom__________(play)the piano in the room.Please ask him to come here are singing 5.Listen! They____________(sing)in the classroom.

二、句型转换 1.I am watering the flowers.(否定句) I am not watering the flowers. 2.She’s jumping now.(一般疑问句) Is she jumping now? 3.The boys are playing cards.(划线提 问) What are the boys doing? 4.He is doing his homework.(复数句) They are doing their homework.

Who is the guessing champion?

Let’s play a game:

Are they + v-ing…? Is it/he/she + v-ing…?

What are they doing now?

Are they dancing?
Yes, they are. NO, they aren’t.

What is the cat doing?

Is it eating something?
Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.

What’s she doing? Is she eating rice?
Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.

What are they doing? Are they watching TV?

What is the bear doing?

谢谢大家,再 见咯!!!

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