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( ) 1. Do you mind ______

A. I smoking B. my smoking C. my smoke D. me to smoke

( ) 2. Don’t be ______ , this is not a ______ traffic.

A. surprise, surprising B. surprise, surprise C. surprised, surprising D. surprising, surprised

( ) 3. You each _____ good sense of humour. A. with B. has C. have D. are

( ) 4. The room is safe to ______ . A. live in B. living in C. live D. live with

( ) 5. Hobo has lots to eat and drink. “lots” is ______.

A. subject B. object C. attributive D. predicative

( ) 6. It’s _____ for us _____ polite in class.

A. interesting, to become B. important, to C. good, to D. necessary, to be

( ) 7. When you feel _____ to watch TV by then, you are all right.

A. enough good B. enough well C. well enough D. good enough

( ) 8. If it isn’t yours, it must be _____ .

A. somebody else B. somebody else’s C. else somebody D. else’s somebody

( ) 9. Some people ____ that people born under the same star sign ___ share.similar characteristics.

A. don’t believe; / B. believe; don’t C. don’t hope; / D. believe; doesn’t

( ) 10. Thanks for _____ the new chairperson.

A. recommend me as B. recommending me as

C. recommend me for D. recommending me for

( ) 11. “Do you mind if I sit here?” “_____ .It’s for Mr. Brown.”

A. Not at all B. Never mind C. Better not D. Of course not

( ) 12. “Are these enough for you all?” “_____.”

A. Much more B. Many more C. More many D. Too much

( ) 13.It is very kind ___ you to help me with my lessons. It is hard ___ me to learn them well.

A. of; for B. of; of C. for; of D. for; for

( ) 14. Simon often _____, “I am generous. I like to _____ nice presents to my friends when I go to visit them.”

A. tells; carry B. speaks; bring C. says; talk D. says; get

( ) 15. Don’t eat _____ meat. If you do so, You’ll get _____ fat.

A. much too; too much B. too much; much too

C. much too; much too D. too much; too much

( ) 16. I can’t decide _____ .

A. to buy which one B. which one to buy C. to buy which D. which to buy one

( ) 17.He is businesslike and is often _____ . I hope he will have more _____ at his business.

A. success; successful B. successful; success

C. successfully; successful D. successful; successful

( ) 18. ___ of them felt very tired but quite happy after ___ sports meeting.

A. Everyone; a two days B. Every one; the two days

C. Every one; the two-day D. None; a two-day

( ) 19.Don’t worry. All the children will __ arrive at school on time tomorrow.

A. are able to B. can C. be able to D. can be able to

( ) 20.“Simon wants to know if the Class 3 students___ hiking tomorrow.” “Yes, but if it _____ , they’ll visit the

museum instead.”

A. go; will rain B. go; rains C. will go; rains D. will go; will rain

( ) 21. “Do you want an apple, a banana or a pear?” “_____. They all look bad.”

A. Both B. None C. All D. No one

( )22. Colours can make us _____ or sad.

A. to feel happily B. feel happily C. to feel happy D. feel happy

( )23. Your son is old enough to _____ himself.

A. wear B. dress C. put on D. have on

( )24. Put it down, Tom. You mustn’t read_____ letter.

A. else anyone’s B. anyone’s else C. anyone else’s D. anyone else

( ) 25. He told me he would tell us _____ .

A. surprising something B. surprising anything C. something surprised D. something surpring

( ) 26. This dish smells _____ . A. good B. well C. better D. badly

( ) 27. “Will you go to Lucy’s birthday party this Sunday, Li lei?”“_____ I if you _____.”

A. So do; go B. So will; go C. Neither do; will go D. So shall; will go

( )28. Most boys____ guns to dolls while most girls ___ have dolls than guns.

A. would rather; prefer B. prefer; would rather C. would rather; would rather D. prefer; prefer

( ) 29. This pair of jeans looks nice__Sandy because she looks very nice__ blue.

A. on; in B. in; on C. for; on D. to; in

( ) 30. She feels unhappy, _____?

A. doesn’t she B. does she C. isn’t she D. is she

( ) 31. I’m very sorry to keep you _____ for a long time

A. wait B. waits C. waiting D. to wait

( ) 32. I_____ to attend a meeting yesterday.

A. told B. am told C. was told D. tell

( ) 33. Could you tell me what _____ like? A. is it B. does it C. it does D. it is

( ) 34. A woman with her two children _____ in the shopping center now.

A. shops B. shop C. are shopping D. is shopping

( ) 35. Daniel’s bag must be in the room, _____ ?

A. is it B. isn’t it C. mustn’t it D. must he

( ) 36. When ____your father ____back? When he ___ back, please give me a ring.

A. does; come; will come B. will; come; comes C. will; come; will come D. does; come; comes

( ) 37. Nothing is wrong with my watch, ___? A. aren’t it B. isn’t it C. is it D. are they

( ) 38. If_____ calls, tell_____ I’ll come back soon.

A. everyone; him B. someone; them C. anyone; him D. anybody, them

( ) 39. _____ the sitting room looks!

A. How beautiful B. How beautifully C. What beautifully D. What beautiful

( ) 40. I prefer _____ shopping to _____ at home.

A. to go; staying B. going; stay C. going; staying D. go; to stay

( ) 41. “This made me feel angry.” Is a kind of _____ structure.(结构)

A. S + V + O B. S + V + DO C. S + V + IO + DO D. S + V + DO + OC

( ) 42. The teacher asked Mr. Smith to _____ for a moment.

A. hold up B. hold on C. hold off D. hand in

( )43. _____ may not seem very _____.

A. Watch TV; useful B. Watch TV; usefully C. Watching TV; usefully D. Watching TV; useful

( ) 44. Jim sat _____ to his mother with his eyes half _____ .

A. closed; opened B. close; open C. closely; opening D. closely; opened

( ) 45. We must be strict _____ ourselves and strict _____ our work.

A. in; with B. with; in C. in; in D. with; with

( ) 46. Bob doesn’t know _____ to write about. A. how B. that C. what D. where

( ) 47. Don’t open the window, _____ ? A. shall we B. won’t you C. do you D. will you

( ) 48. Do you have any other _____ to make on the subject?

A. advices B. informations C. suggestions D. newses

( ) 49. He was _____ at the _____ news.

A. excited; exciting B. exciting; excited C. excited; excited D. exciting; exciting

( ) 50. The workers were made _____ the whole day.

A. work B. to work C. worked D. working

( ) 51. I can’t decide _____ .

A. what to do it B. how shall I do it C. how to do it D. what shall I do it

( ) 52. The students went out of the classroom _____ .

A. noise B. noisy C. noisily D. quiet

( ) 53. He always makes his class _____ .

A. lively and interested B. lively and interesting C. alive and interested D. alive and interesting

( ) 54. If you don’t go to the cinema tonight, _____ .

A. so will I B. Neither do I C. Nor shall I D. So I will

( ) 55. _____ of the twins has been there before.

A. Both B. Neither C. all D. None

( ) 56. The colours of his trousers are different from _____ of yours.

A. one B. ones C. that D. those

( ) 57. “What do you think of his surfing?” “Oh, no one does _____ .”

A. good B. well C. better D. best

( )58. You look _____ . What do you _____ ?

A. worry, worry about B. worry; worried about

C. worried; worry about D. worried; worried about

( ) 59. Running and swimming _____ good for you. A. be B. is C. are D. maybe

( ) 60. Can you please spend _____ explaining it _____ us?

A. sometimes; to B. some time; to C. some times; for D. sometime; for

( )61. showing great curiosity about everything is _____ of teenagers.

A. characteristic B. character C. stubborn D. curious

( )62. It is ______ comfortable to read in a ______ room.

A. too, quiet B. very, quiet C. quite, quiet D. so, quite

( )63. Look, the lady looks _______ A. elegance B. elegant C. elegantly D. elegent

( )64. You each ______ good sense of humour. A. with B. has C. have D. is

( )65. It’s ______ of Simon to make such a mess.

A. typical B. selfish C. stubborn D. curious

( )66. A: Which colour represents ________? B: Yellow, of course.

A. power B. joy C. growth D. intelligence

( )67. I can’t get on the bus because there is ______ on it.

A. not any rooms B. no rooms C. little room D. few room

( )68. Mike never listens to ______ except his uncle.

A. someone B. no one C. everyone D. anyone

( )69. With tall buildings on ___ of the streets, the town looks more beautiful than before.

A. neither sides B. both side C. either side D. every sides

( )70.Your mood is _______.

A. the way people feel B. the way you feel C. your favourite colour D. you are feeling sad

( )71. If your star is ______, it means that you are stubborn and don’t like change.

A. attractive, graceful in appearance B. friendly, loves to meet people

C. confident, enjoys life D. active, has a lot energy

( )72. Jane’s birthday is on _____, she loves to take care of others.

A. 23rd August B. 1st September C. 2nd July D. 2nd June

( )73.The room is safe to ______. A. live in B. live at C. live D. live with

( )74.The dinner didn’t start ______ all the friends arrived.

A. when B. while C. until D. whether

( )75. Digital cameras are becoming more and more popular, but some still __ too much.

A. pay B. spend C. take D. cost

( )76. Modest men are never ______ of the progress they have made.

A. proud B. afraid C. certain D. thinking

( )77. He has been ill for several weeks, so he has ______ in learning Maths.

A. many difficulties B. some difficulty C. a lot of troubles D. a trouble

( )78. The pictures I took in Dalian ______ me of the time when I stayed there.

A. remembers B. tells C. says D. reminds

( )79. A: Why did you go back to the shop? B: I left my friends ______ here.

A. to wait B. waiting C. wait D. waited

( )80. Your homework is all right, _____, you can do it better, in my opinion.

A. but B. besides C. while D. however

( )81. A: I’m sorry I stepped out for a smoke, I was tired.

B: There is no______ for this while you are on duty.

A. reason B. cause C. time D. excuse

( )82. The price of the coat is so ______that I can’t buy it.

A. expensive B. valuable C. low D. high

( )83. You’d better ______ too much time _____ football.

A. not spend, on B. not spend, play C. not to spend, on D. don’t spend, for

( )84. The whole street is full of rubbish and it smells _______.

A. badly B. strange C. terrible D. wonderful

( )85. Work is hard. ______ trying and you’ll be successful in the end.

A. Give up B. Keep on C. Give in D. Turn on

( )86. _____ what way did you work out the Maths _____?

A. In, problem B. By, problem C. In, question D. By, question

( )87. No one has yet succeeded in explaining the _____ of how life began.

A. puzzle B. problem C. cause D. reason

( )88. What make you ______ it’s going to rain tomorrow?

A. to think B. thought C. thinking D. think

( )89. He _____ to us that we go to Shanghai by plane.

A. told B. suggested C. wished D. wanted

( )90. Mr. Wang offered _____ me some books.

A. give B. to give C. giving D. given

( )91. I shall give up ______ to go. A. offer B. offered C. to offer D. offering

( )92. Last summer, I took a course on _______.

A. how to make dresses B. how dresses be made

C. how to be made dresses D. how dresses to be made

( )93. I have never been to Shanghai. ________.

A. So has he B. Neither is he C. So he has D. Neither has he

( )94. I don’t think you are right, ______? A. do you B. do I C. are you D. aren’t you

( )95. The missing boys were last seen ______ near the river.

A. playing B. to be playing C. play D. played

( ) 96. My brother _____ for half a month.

A. has been away B. went away C. has left D. left

( ) 97. Your school things should _____.

A. be looked after well B. be looked well after C. be taken good care D. be taken care of well

( ) 98. I think your bike _____.

A. needs to fix B. needs fixing C. needs to fixing D. needs fixed

( ) 99. Would you mind _____?

A. me to smoke here B. my smoking at here C. me smoking here D. if I will smoke here

( ) 100. A _____ lazy man can’t earn _____ money.

A. too much; too much B. much too; much too C. much too; too many D. much too; too much


1---5 B C C A B 6---10 D C B A B

11---15 C B A C B 16---20 B B C C C

21---25 B D B C D 26---30 A B B A A

31--35 C C D D B 36---40 B B B A C

41---45 D B D D B 4 6---50 C D C A B

51---55 C C B C B 56---60 D C C C B

61-65 A C B C A 66-70 D C D C B

71-75 D C A C D 76-80 A B D B D

81-85- D D A C B 86-90 A C D B B

91-95 D A D C A 96-100 A A B C D

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