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Unit 7 A卷 名校好题优选卷

How much are these socks?


1.(北京海淀区期末)My cousin buys a _______(毛衣)for me.

2.(湖北十堰七中月考)How much is this _________(一双)of shoes?

3.(江西高安中学模拟)Many boys don’t like______(紫色的)clothes.

4.(山东聊城市模拟)The bags on _______(销售)are fifteen yuan each.

5.(大连育文中学月考)My sister likes to go to that _________(服装)store.

6.(武汉七一中学月考)The boy in ________(白色),not the one in black,is his friend.

7.(河南省实验中学月考)I would like ________(买)this skirt.

8.(清华附中模拟)Don’t care too much about the ________(价格) of the skirt.

9.(武汉外国语学校月考)There are t _________months in a years.

10.(福建厦门一中期中)The green pants are too s________for Jim,but the black pants

are too long for him.


( )11.(2012.合肥45中月考)A.many B.much C.a lot D.one

( )12.(2012.河南许昌一中期中A.How about you? B.Can I go with you? C.Where are you?

D.What can I do for you?

( )13.(2013成都外国语学校期末A.eat B.buy C.make D.do

( )14.(2013.湖北宜昌中学月考A.stops B.begins C.likes D.wants

( )15.(2012.黄冈中学月考)The hat is cheap.I’A.sale B.like C.buy D.sell


( )1.(2012.广东湛江市月考)The price of the pants_________$20.

A.is B.are C.am D.be

( )2.(2013.重庆中考)--Mike,is that new bike_______?

--Yes.My mother bought it for me yesterday.

A.you B.your C.yours D.yourself

( )3.(2012.东北师大附中月考)Mary_______a pair of shorts and a T-shirts.

A.have B.has C.are D.is

( )4.(2013.山东枣庄市期末)I buy a pair of shoes ______that shop______a good


A.in,in B.from ,at C.for ,at D.from,in

( )5.(2013.西北师大二附中期末)--________is the TV?

--It’s 2,000 yuan.

A.How many B.How much C.How about D.How big

( )6.(1013.杭州外国语学校期末)She _______English books every morning,and

she ______TV with her parents in the evening.

A.looks at;watches B.sees;sees C.reads;watches D.speaks;look at

( )7.(2012.重庆八中期末)I want to buy a shirt______my father.

A.to B.on C.for D.in

( )8.(2013.浙江台州中考)I want to see the movie Iron Man(<<钢铁侠3>>).Do you know the_____of the ticket.

A.number B.price C.kind D.name

( )9.(2012.西宁五中月考)Are these your shoes?


A.they’re B.they are C.these are D.there’re

( )10.(2012.江苏盐城一中期末)This ________is too small.Do you have a ______one?

A.sweater,bigger B.shoes,longer C.T-shirt,longer



It’s Sunday afternoon.Mary and her do the shopping.Her mother wants to buy something for supper.Mary wants to buy a new skirt and some school things.They go to a new shop.

“What does your shop sell?”Mary asks.“A lot of things,”in the shop says.“You can buy food,drinks,clothes and school things in our shop.”

Mary and her mother go in.There are many people in the shop.Mary wants a skirt.

“ 3 do you want、”asks the girl in the shop.


“Have a look 4 this one.It’s nice?”

“How much is the skirt?”

“ 5 eighty yuan.”

“That’s too expensive(贵的)。Can you find a cheaper one?”


“Ok, 8 a lot.”

“You’re welcome!”

and fish.They get ( )1.A.going B.go C.wants D.walks

( )2.A.a man B.a boy C.the girls D.a girl

( )3.A.What color B.what C.How D.How much

( )4.A.on B.for C.at D.in

( )5.A.They’re B.It’s C. Is D.It

( )6.A.sound B.sounds C.look D.looks

( )7.A.too B.only C.also D.yet

( )8.A.thank B.thank your C.thanks D.thank you

( )9.A.Her B.His C.She D.He

( )10.A.school B.home C.shop D.room



( )1. Johnson’s Store sells .

A. computer games B. ball game things C.clothes D.school things

( )2. You can’t buy at Huamei Store.

A.jackets B.socks C.skirts D.backpacks

( )3. We can buy a pencil box, a pen, and a big notebook for yuan.

A.12 B.11 C.9 D.8

( )4. At Johnson’s S tore, .

A. two soccer balls are 20 dollars

B.a ping-pong ball is 1 yuan

C. the volleyball and the basketball have the same price

D. the tennis racket and the ping-pong bat have the same price

( .

A. we can buy a volleyball and a basketball for 50 dollars

B. we can buy a sweater for 25 yuan at Huamei Store

C.we can’t buy a small notebook at Hongxing Store

D. we can’t buy food at the three stores

B(2013 河南省实验中学期末)

It is New Year’s Day today. Many things in stores in our city are on sale. So Lisa’s mother and Lisa go shopping in Justin’s Store.

First they buy clothes. The clothes in the store are not expensive. They are very cool. They buy a coat for Lisa’s brother and a jacket for Lisa’s father,and Lisa’s mother buys a sweater for herself. They are 24 dollars. And Lisa buys a pair of shoes for 8 dollars.

Then they go to see the food. Lisa chooses(挑选) two hamburgers. They are 2 dollars. Lisa’s sister likes pears,and they buy some pears for her. They are 3 dollars. They buy some bananas,too. They are 4 dollars. They need some vegetables for dinner. The vegetables are very fresh. They buy some tomatoes and cabbage(洋白菜

), they are 4 dollars.

五、(2012 陕师大附中月考)补全对话(共5小题,计5 分)

根据对话内容,从方框内的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项 A:

B:Yes ,please. I want to buy a shirt.

.What about this one?

B:I don’t like black.Do you have other(别的) colors?

A:Other colors?3.__________________________.

B:Can I have a look at the yellow one?



A:Twelve yuan.

B:OK.5._______________________.Here’s the money.


1.(2012.湖南永州四中期中)对划线部分提问) _______ ______is the new bike?


_______ ______you_______?

3.(2012.f福建厦门一中模拟对划线部分提问) _______ ______in the box?

4.(2012.皖东南三校联考)What color is your coat?(改为同义句)

What’s_______ ________ ______ your coat?

5.(2013.广东汕头市期末)This is a T-shirt.(改为复数形式)


七.(2013 洛阳第二外国语学校期末)短文填空(共10小题,计10分) 阅读短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示,在题号后的横线上填入一个适当的单


Come and buy clothes at Mr Cool’s clothes store! For , we have

at a very good price ---only $20! The black s

are only $ in black,blue, and red for only $13!

socks for only $ bags for sports? We also

have great bags for $5! Do you like ? They are great sale, too, only $12.

for yourself at Mr Cool’s clothes store.

1. 8.


八.(2013 河北唐山龙泉中学期末)连词成句(共5小题,计10分)

1. a, sell, goods, we, price, these, good, at ,very(.)

2.green ,they ,in ,coats ,have(.)

3.do, you ,to, what,want,buy (?)

4.hat, his, have, sister, does, red, a (?)

5.sells , store ,which, vegetables(?)

九.(2012 郑州外国语中学月考)书面表达(共1小题,计10分)



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