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Unit6 test

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Unit test

Part I: Vocabulary and Structure

Section A: Complete each sentence using the correct word or expression from the box.

comparable acceptable favourable intention global

illusion objective demonstrate payment claim

combination endurance princess item fashion

addicted cooperate crucial retail estimate


Sandra spent the weekend shopping at the 2.

My parents thought it wasn't 3.

I don't have a(n) when I was in there last. 4.

"What form of 5.

When I go shopping with my wife, I have no 6.

I 7.

You need a lot of 8.

The two shirts were 9.

Greg always makes me feel like a(n) want. 10.

Jackie doesn't


"I'd like to buy this mobile phone, but can you 12.

"These are all gifts so please put each 13.

Sometimes I think Marie is 14.

Patricia buys a different


Tanya learned a long time ago that it's




I think that shopping is becoming a(n) 18.

"Why did you buy that? You know you have no 19.

My boyfriend doesn't understand that the

good time.


If the salespeople are willing

to it's usually best to try all clothes on before buying anything.

Section B: Complete each sentence with a suitable word.


That store sells everything


Happily, it took him about 30 minutes to reply


Thomas went bankrupt last year, but he's learned his lesson and is now


My teacher guessed that,


Every time I buy something, it's painful to hand


Jennifer is trying


Don't give

— I love it!


I wouldn't sell my car 29.

Louise wasn't smart with her credit cards and quickly went


Let's go shopping! I'm desperately in need

Part II: Banked Cloze

Questions 31 to 40 are based on the following passage.

Credit card debt affects a surprising number of people every year. It is very easy to give in to the


people who continue to buy too much on credit has created a


bankruptcy statistics rising in nearly every country of the world.

However, if you don't want to go

(34) it is

(35) you start with

making the right decisions now. Shopping can become

a(n) (36)

have it, then you should seek help.


then sink deeper into debt! Become the (38)

Living in debt and going bankrupt are not (39)

and if you think you most people deny they have a problem and

begins now. Get smart about your spending habits.

Part III: Reading Comprehension

Questions 41 to 45 are based on the following passage.

Tuesday, July 9

Dear Diary,

Today I finally got the chance to go shopping at the new mall downtown. I went with Christina, Dawn, and Rachel. We were all excited because we had heard so much about it. It's supposed to be the biggest mall in the whole region. To be honest, though, I didn't think it could live up to all the hype we've heard in the news. I was even prepared to be a little disappointed.

However, we were incredibly impressed! It was huge and there were so many stores! We spent all day there, checking out the stores. Despite the many temptations to spend money, I actually had remarkable self-control! The last thing I need is to go into debt. I bought a few items for my parents, a really fashionable pair of shoes for myself, and we all grabbed a snack at one of the many restaurants. It was fascinating to see so many people all in one place and the combined enthusiasm was contagious. I just don't understand one thing, though. I saw several men falling asleep on couches between some of the stores. How on earth could someone be bored in such an exciting place with so much to see and do? The sheer number of stores kept us moving all day.

By the time I got home, it was dark outside and I was exhausted. A long day of shopping is hard work! I collapsed in front of the television and actually fell asleep there! I have to say, without exception, that the new mall is my favorite place in the entire world!

That's all for today,


41. Which of the following best describes the author's tone?

A. Unimpressed.

B. Enthusiastic.

C. Indifferent.

D. Bored.

42. This type of writing would best be described as ______.

A. persuasive B. entertaining C. informative D. personal

43. What is the most accurate synonym for "hype" (Para. 1, Line 4)?

A. Fashion. B. Illusion. C. Publicity. D. Information.

44. According to the author, which of the following is NOT something that should

be done at the mall?

A. Buying gifts. B. Relaxing.

C. Spending time with friends. D. Eating lunch.

45. Which excerpt from this passage provides a clue about the author's intended


A. Dear Diary.

B. Today I finally got the chance to go shopping at the new mall downtown.

C. I just don't understand one thing, though.

D. A long day of shopping is hard work!

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