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food 教案

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Revision food


Teaching aims:

1. revise the key sentences:Can I help you? I′d like… Do you want some…?yes,please.\No,thank you. What do you like?I like… and words:a cold drink\vegetables\a boxofsweets\softjelly\hardnuts\bun\rice\water\pepper\salt\soup in unit 1,2 and 6.

2. let Ss remember these words in good way.that is 自然拼音法

3. let Ss use the key sentences in daily life.

Teaching difficulties:

自然拼音法记忆单词 use the key sentences in our lives Teaching key points:

Key words and sentences

Teaching methods:

Oral teaching\ 自然拼音法 \listening \chant \competition \little teacher \game \writing \make sentences

Teaching steps:

Step 1 chant

Hard sweets,soft sweets.

I like you,I like you.

Hard nuts,soft jelly.

I love you,I love you.

Step 2 Quick response(全班同学看到图片说单词,两名同学听到单词抢卡片贴到Bb) a cold drink\vegetables\a boxofsweets\softjelly\hardnuts\bun\rice\water\pepper\salt\soup Step 3 Read the words(强调用自然拼音法记单词)划分音节 Step 4 Little teacher

Step 5Dicatation(五分钟记单词,再听写)

Step 6 Make sentences

ppt呈现重点句型I′d like… Do you want some…? I like… 比比谁的句子多!然后两个学生把自己的句子呈现在投影仪上,带读。

Step 7 Listen and circle

1. rice dumplings buns

2. soup salt vegetables

3. breakfast lunch supper

4. milk water a cold drink

5. hard nuts soft jelly chocalate


1. Can I help you? I‘d like some buns.

2.Do you want some soup?No,thank you.I want some more vegetables.

3.what do you have for breakfast?

4.Do you want some milk?No,thank you.I want some water.

5.which one do you like,the hard nuts or the soft jelly?I like the soft jelly.

step 8 Complete the dialogue补全对话

s—售货员 c---顾客

s: ______________________?

c:I‘d like ________.

s:sorry,we have no buns.


c:Yes,please.I like cakes.


c:I like the small one.The small one is lovely. s:Ok.Here you are. c:Thank you.

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