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☆启迪思维 ☆点拨方法 ☆开发潜能 ☆直线提分


一、 根据上句完成下句,使两句表达的意思基本相同,没空一词。(10%)

1 “The city is beautiful, but the country is more beautiful.” says Tom.

“The country is beautiful the city.” says Tom.

2 We live in a place called the solar system.

We live in a place the solar system.

3 Joe’s car is smaller than Tom’s.

Joe’s car is not as Tom’s.

4 How is the weather today?

the weather today?

5 Jenny runs faster than any other students in her class.

Jenny runner in her class.

二、 选择填空。(30%)

A. 根据句子的意思选择出划线部分单词的反义词。

( )1. When she heard the bad news, she was not happy.

A. big B. good C. sad

( )2. Which is slower, the snail or the snake?

A. faster B. smaller C. bigger

( )3. The girls had a good time in the park yesterday.

A. better B. worse C. bad

( )4. My bedroom was messy this morning.

A. dirty B. tidy C. happy

( )5. Her clothes were dry last night.

A. clean B. wet C. good


( )1. There are 12 months in a year. May is the .

A. fourth B. sixth C. fifth D. seventh

( )2. Every day Amy drinks and eats .

A. two can of juice, four tomatos B. two cans of juices, four tomatoes.

C. two cans of juice, four tomatoes D. two can of juices, four tomatos

( )3. This girl is happy, but that girl is .

A. the happier B. happier C. happer D. happy

( )4. In summer, they like .

A. go to diving B. to go diving C. goes diving D. go dives

( )5. The Changjiang River is the river in China.

A. longest B. smallest C. shortest D. highest

( )6. Let the tree green.

A. me color B. we put C. us to like D. him give

( )7. What’s the time your watch? –It’s 7:30. It’s time go to school.

A. by/in B. with/on C. by/to D. with/for

( )8. Someone says,” Time is money.” But I believe time is important(重要) than money.

A.. much B. very C. even more D. very much

( )9. What’s the date today?---It’s .

A. the first of April B. the April first C. first April

( )10. My sister does well math, and I am good English.


☆启迪思维 ☆点拨方法 ☆开发潜能 ☆直线提分

A. in/at B. at/in C. about/in D. about/at

( )11. –How long does it take the earth to turn once on its axis(轴)?--- .

A. 5 days B. 2 hours C. 24 hours D. 12hours

( )12. ---I think January is the month in the year.

---But I don’t think so. I think February is than January.

A. bad/better B. worse/best C. worst/worse D. worse/better

( )13. Jim has two and a .

A. knife/calf B. knives/calf C. knives/calves D. knife/calves

( )14. ---Can you show me the shop here?---Sure

A. the nearest B. nearest C. the nearer D. nearer

( )15. -- ? ---They are two yuan.

A. Can I help you? B. How much are these cherries. C. How much is it?

D. How many do you want?

三、 按要求转换下列句子。(10%)

1. My friends buy some knives for cooking. (my father, meat)


3.He has to do his homework at home on Sunday. ( last Sunday )

4. Which is the biggest planet in the solar system? (回答问题)

5.There are some expensive bikes in the shop. ( watch )


1. move 搬 2 be 3 work 4 paint 5 fix 6 finish 7 have 8 buy

When Sam and Lisa into their new house last month, everything in a mess. Now they on the house in their free time. They the rooms, and they the roof, though they yet. When they enough money, they some new furniture.


Marry: Jack, are you hungry? Jack: Well, yes, a little.

Marry: Jack: . Maybe a sandwish.

Marry: Jack:

Marry: Sorry. They don’t have chicken soup. Jack: Never mind.

Marry: All right. Wait a minute. Jack: .

A. Thank you very much. B. I’d like a bowl of chicken soup. C. What would you like to eat?

D. Help yourself. E. Here is it F. Anything else? G. I’ve no idea. H. Then give me chicken noodles.

I. The chicken noodles are nice.

六、完形填空。 (10%)

In England, tea is not just a drink, it’s a as well. In some homes it’s the last meal of the day,

although for many people it’s a meal between and . But, for most people , there isn’t time to for afternoon tea. Most tea shops serve afternoon tea three and

five in the afternoon, although the most popular is around four o’ clock. So, an English tea is for people on holidays. After a long day the beautiful city, enjoy yourself at one of the many tea shops.

( ) 1 A. work B. shop C. meal


☆启迪思维 ☆点拨方法 ☆开发潜能 ☆直线提分

( ) 2 A. big B. good C. light

( ) 3 A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( ) 4 A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( ) 5 A. work B. at work C. works

( ) 6 A. drink B. eat C. stop

( ) 7 A between B. at C. in

( ) 8 A. time B. tea C. drink

( ) 9 A. big B. good C. fast

( ) 10 A. visits B. visiting C. visited.


Everyone has a home. People have homes. Animals also have homes. People live in many different kinds of houses. Animals have different kinds of homes, too. Some animals live in holes under the ground. The woodchuck(土拨鼠) lives under the ground. His home has two doors. If an enemy(敌人) comes into one door, the woodchuck goes out through the other. Some animals live in holes in trees. Some squirrels(松鼠) build nests(巢) high in trees. Some birds live in holes in trees. Most of the birds live in nests. Crows build their nests high in trees. But hawks build their nests high in the mountains.

( ) 1. The article(文章) is about ___________.

A. some trees B. the homes of some animals C. animals’ living

( ) 2. _________ live under the ground.

A. All the animals B. The woodchuck and the squirrel C. Some animals

( ) 3. How many doors has the woodchuck in his house?

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

( ) 4. Animals’ home are __________.

A. not the same B. in bushes C. in holes D. the same

( ) 5. People live in ________.

A. different kinds of mountains B. holes C. different kinds of houses D. all kinds of trees


The sun is shining and everything looks bright. Do you feel hot when you stand in the sun? The sun gives heat(热量) from far away. It is about one hundred and fifty million kilometers away. 2. 阳看起来比地球小但其实它要大一些。 Because the sun is far away from us. 3. 水星是离太阳最近的行星。 But the sun is really very large. 4. 地球围绕着太阳转。It takes one year for the earth to go around the sun. And at the same time the earth itself is spinning around(自转) once every twenty-four hours. 5. 太阳给予了我们光明。 It makes plants, animals and people need the sun.

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