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1. 连线选择合适句子:

(1) How are you? A.Ok, here you are.

(2) What’s your name? B. Good morning.

(3) How old are you? C. Nice to meet you,


(4) Who’s that? D. I’m fine, thank you.

(5) Good morning. E.He is me father.

(6) Who is he? F. I’m nine.

(7) Who’s this? G. That’s Ann.

(8) Is this your mother? H. I’m Mocky.

(9) Nice to meet you. I.This is my friend,


(10) Show me a pen. J. No, she isn’t.

2. 圈出不是一类的词:

(1)A.your B. my C. his D. I

(2)A. eraser B. pen C. girl D. ruler

(3)A. sisterB. book C. father D. grandmother

(4)A. deer B. goat C. rabbit D. me

(5)A. China B. Ann C. Canada D. Britain

(6)A. car B. smile C. bike D. boat

3. 单项选择:

(1) What’s his name?__________. A. He is Ken. B. His name is Tim.

(2) How old is he?__________. A. He is ten. B. He is my brother.

(3) Who’s this?___________. A. This is a book. B. This is my


(4) ________? I’m fine, thanks. A. How are you? B. How old are


(5) Look ____ this picture. A. on B. at

(6) This is Cathy. She is _____ Canada. A. at B. from

4. 按要求完成下列单词:

(1) I am(写出缩写形式)_______ (4) Who’s (写出完整形式)___________

(2) What is(写出缩写形式)____________ (5) That’s (写出完整形式)___________

(3) is not (写出缩写形式)____________ (6) He’s (写出完整形式)___________

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