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商务英语对话 进出口电脑

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第一部分打招呼中:Angel:Long time no see, How are you?I’ve come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one. 我特地为你们安排使你们在北京的逗留愉快。

Liao :You’re going out of your way for us, I believe. 我相信这是对我们的特殊照顾了

(Please take your seats)

Angel:I would like to take this opportunity to introduce member of our company to you. ,the sales manager 于水水 ,The finance manager 杨 The lawyer 伍and the Assistant 王悦

Liao :Of course, I will introduce the members of our company。the sales manager123,The finance manage 123, The lawyer 123,and the Assistant 123.


Sales 于水水:I‘d like to get the ball rolling(开始)by talking about prices.

Sales123:Shoot.(洗耳恭听)I‘d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sales 于水水:Your products are very good. But I‘m a little worried about the prices you‘re asking.

Sales123:You think we about be asking for more?(laughs) Sales 于水水:That‘s not exactly what I had in mind. I know your research costs are high, but what I‘d like the price is 4580, Sales123:That seems to be a little high, Mr. Smith. I don‘t know how we can make a profit with those numbers.

The finance manage 123:We‘ve been instructed to reject the numbers you proposed; but we can try to come up with some thing else. finance manager 杨:I hope so, Dan. My instructions are to negotiate hard on this deal――but I‘m try very hard to reach some middle ground(互相妥协).

The finance manage 123:I understand. We propose a structured deal(阶段式和约). For the first six months, we offer the price is 4600 and the next six months is 4580. finance manager 杨:We have new information,Miss wang

the Assistant 王悦:The latest data show ,Your company provided the price to UK net price is 4580,Could you explain this?

the Assistant 123:We have been working with this company for 10 years,We have use this structured deal(阶段式和约),

The lawyer 伍:But wo have learned that you have a secret agreement with the company,the price is lower than 4580,What have you to say as to the revelations in this agreement?

The lawyer 123:I can assure you, the agreement has been terminated, it was an accident,

我:I'm sorry I didn't catch your meaning. Will you say it again? 对不起,我没明白你的意思。您再说一遍吧。

The lawyer 123:The agreement is the internal personnel mistakes,And not the implementation of this Agreement。

Sales123:Do you agree with this structured deal(阶段式和约)

Sales 于水水:

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