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精锐教育1对1 奋战小升初!




笔 试 80%


1.在教室前面___________ 2.visit relatives and friends___________

3.元旦__________________ 4.read a book about a farm_________________

5.拔胡萝卜______________ 6.the names of the holidays_____________

7.喝茶___________________ 8.give presents to your friends_________

9.上星期_________________ 10.at the back of the bus_______________


1._______(Whose/Who’s )calculator is it? Is it _______(you/yours)?

Yes, it is_______(mine/me).

2.Where_______(did/do)you go yesterday?

I_______(go/went)to the zoo. I saw a _______(fun/funny) animal show there.

3.Ben’s birthday is_______(coming/come).He would like a big cake with lots of _______(strawberry/strawberries).

4.Peter_______(live/lives)in a new house. There’s a hill_______(near/nearby).


( )1. It is Miss Li’s birthday, today._______,Miss Li.

A. Happy new Year B. Happy birthday C. Nice to see you

( ) 2. I want to listen to music. I need_______.

A. a CD Walkman B. a magazine C. a comb

( ) 3. We are at the beach now. Let’s _______ the bus.

A. get up B. Get off C. take off

( ) 4. The _______is ringing. Open the door for your father, Jim.

A. telephone B. doorbell C. school bell

( ) 5. We usually watch the moon and eat moon cake at _______.

A. Dragon Boat Festival B. Spring Festival C. Mid-Autumn Festival

( ) 6. There is nobody in the playground_______.

A.at lunchtime B. after school C. at PE lessons

( ) 7. David’s birthday is _______the 25th of September.

A. on B. in C. at

( ) 8. We should _______in the library.

A. Make noise B. Speak loudly C. keep quiet

( ) 9. I like milking cows and collecting eggs. So I often go to_______.

A. The farm B. the police station C. the shop

( ) 10. This morning, Mum and I _______to the supermarket_______bus.

A. go, by B. went, on C. went, by

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精锐教育1对1 奋战小升初!


1.School is over ,students are doing _________in the playground.

2.There is a pen under your seat,Nancy. Please___________.

3.Spring Festival is a holiday_________ love and joy.

4.Mr Wang looks after(照看)the park carefully. He is a_________.

5.Come and________________ the fish,Tom. What do you think of it? It’s________________.

6.On Sports Day we watched_________. It was very_________.

7.Is David here?

Oh, no, he isn’t. He sat_________ the classroom_________.


I II ( )1.What date is it today? A.We must stay away from it.

( )2.Are there any orange trees in the park? B.No,I went fishing.

nd( )3.How can you catch grasshoppers here? C.It’s the 22 of January .

( )4.That sign mean danger. D.His is.I think.

( )5.Would you like a camera as your E.Yes, there are some

birthday present,David? on the hill.

( )6.Whose wallet is black,yours or his? F.We can find them in the grass.

( )7.When can we watch‘Kungfu Panda’? G.Yes,I’d love to.

( )8.Did you pick apples last Friday? H.Let’s wait and see.


Last week,Li Hang moved to a new town. He hasn’t 1 friends here. Today is Sunday ,Li Hang needn’t go to 2 . He is 3 . “Go out and play. Don’t stay at home.” His mother says to 4 . But Li Hang still sits here. Suddenly ,he hears some children 5 near his house. He looks out of the window,the children are playing football in the playground. He wants to 6 them,but he doesn’t 7 them. He has a good idea. He 8 a big bottle of Coca-cola and some paper cups . He comes to the playground.

“Buddies ,would you like 9 Coca-cola?”Li Hang asks. “Thank a lot!” the children

answer and run to him. “Would you like to join us?” a boy saya to Li Hang. “ 10 !I like playing football very much !” They play football and have a good time . Now ,they are good friends!

1.( )A.some B.a C. any

2.( )A.school B.park C.zoo

3.( )A.bored B.hungry C.thirsty

4.( )A.any B.her C.him

5.( )A.plays B.play C.playing

6.( )A.join B.play C.as

7.( )A.make B.like C.know

8.( )A.take B.takes C.to take

9.( )A.many B.a C.some

10.( )A. Great B. Sorry C. No

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精锐教育1对1 奋战小升初!


A: Hello ,Liu Lin. Are you free now?

B: Yes.


B: Ok . What are you doing , Mike?


B:What do you want to do with these eggs?

A:________________________________________. People usually eat chocolate eggs at Easter. B:________________________________________

A:It’s April .


A:Of course. And it’s very interesting.


A:Yes. These two eggs are for you.

B:Thank you very much.


1. What are Mike and Liu Tao talking about?


2. Did Liu Tao know Easter before?


3. Who are Liu Tao’s Easter eggs from?


4.How many Easter eggs does Liu Lin have?



Last Saturday morning,Jean went to a flower shop.She wanted to buy some flowers for her mother as a birthday present .There were many people in the flower shop.Suddenly,Jean saw a beautiful pen on the floor.“Whose pen is it?” she asked,but nobody answered.“Excuse me,is this pen yours,sir?” she asked the man in front of her.“No,it isn’t.”the man answered.“Is this pen yours?” she asked the girl behind her.“Yes,it is! Thank you very much!” the girl said.“You’re welcome."

( )1.Jean went to a flower shop Last Saturday.

( )2.There were a lot of people in the flower shop.

( )3.Jean saw a beautiful flower on the floor.

( )4.Jean asked a woman next to her.

( )5.The pen is the woman’s.

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精锐教育1对1 奋战小升初!


Once (有一次) an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over carefully and said,“Medicine won’t help you. You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar a day. Go to the country place for a mouth.”

After a month the man came to the doctor again,“How are you ?” said the doctor,“I’m glad to see you again. You look much younger.” “OH!Doctor,I feel quite well now,” said the man ,“I had a good rest。I went to bed early,drank a of milk and walked a lot。Your advice (建议)certainly helped me, but you told me to smoke one cigar a day almost killed(杀死) me first。It’s no joke to start smoking at my age!”

1. The doctor told the man ____.

A .to go to bed early B .to drink milk

C .to walk a lot D .Both A, B and C

2. Which of the following sentences is true____?

A .The doctor told the man to visit a beautiful city of country for a month.

B .The doctor didn’t tell him what to do.

C. After a month, the old man felt better.

D .The old man was younger than before after a month.

3.The doctor’s words were _____ for the old man’s health.

A .bad B .good C .well D .strong

4. The doctor wanted the old man______.

A .to get worse B. to smoke less than before

C .to help him D .to start smoking

5. From what the old man said at last, we know_____.

A .one cigar a day was really helpful to him

B .one cigar a day was better than before

C .the old man was not a smoker at all

D. smoking made him feel better than before

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