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Class: __________ Name: __________ Mark: __________


米饭 _____________ 牛肉 _____________ 面包 _____________ 牛奶 _____________ 蛋 _______________ 水 ________________ 鸡肉 _____________ 鱼 _______________ 面条 ______________ 蔬菜 _____________ 汤 _______________ 刀 ________________ 筷子 _____________ 勺子 _____________ 盘子 ______________ 叉子 _____________ 冰箱 _____________ 沙发 ______________


( ) 1. A. rice B. fish C. beef D. juice

( ) 2. A. noodles B. knife C. spoon D. fork

( ) 3. A. chair B. phone C. table D. desk

( ) 4. A. bread B. hot dog C. water D. coffee

( ) 5. A. boy B. girl C. mother D. woman

( ) 6. A. his B. I C. her D. my


( ) 1. Have some juice, please.

A. Certainly. Here you are. B. Yes, please. C. Thanks

( ) 2. What do you like?

A. I like science. B. I’d like some fish. C. No, I don’t.

( ) 3. What would you like?

A. I’d like some vegetables. B. I can see some vegetables.

C. I like vegetables.

( ) 4. What’s for lunch?

A. Can I have some beef? B. Wait and see. C. I’d like some beef.

( ) 5. Is he in the kitchen?

A. No, he is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, he is.

( ) 6. Are they under the bed?

A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, it is. C. No, they are.

( ) 7. Where is the fork?

A. They’re on the table. B. It’s on the table. C. Yes, it is.

( ) 8. A: Guess! Where are the pens?

A: No, they aren’t. B. Are they in the bag? C. They’re in the bag.

( ) 9. What’s her name?

A. My name is John. B. Her name is Bai Ling. C. His name is Mike.

( ) 10. Let’s watch TV.

A. Good job. B. Good idea. C. That’s right.


Chen Jie: _______________. Your forks and knives.

Mike: _____________________________.

Joan: Let me try.

Mom: _____________________________.

Joan: Oops, sorry.

Chen Jie: Let me show you.

Mike: I like Chinese food.

Joan: ______________________________.

Mike: We had a good time.

Joan: ______________________________.

Mom: Good night.

Chen Jie: See you tomorrow.

Mike and Joan: ______________________.

A. Dinner’s ready. B. See you tomorrow. C. I can use chopsticks.

D. Me too. E. Help yourself. F Thank you.

五、阅读对话,判断下列句子的正误,对的写“T”, 错的写“F”。

Sarah: Dad, I’m very hungry. What’s for dinner?

Dad: Wait and see. What would you like?

Sarah: I’d like some beef and chicken.

Dad: What about you, John?

John: I’d like some noodles and fish.

Dad: Would you like some dessert(甜品)?

Sarah: Yes, I’d like some fruits. How about you, John?

John: No, thanks.

( ) 1. Sarah would like some beef, chicken and fruits.

( ) 2. John would like some noodles and hot dogs.

( ) 3. Fruit is dessert.

( ) 4. John would like some dessert.

( ) 5. Sarah would like some dessert.

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