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一. Read and choose. 找出下列单词划线部分发音不同的一个选项。(5分)

( )1. ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. 二. Read and write. 按要求写词。(10分)

1. scarf(变复数 2. draw(过去式3. begin(变现在分词 4. happy(变名词5. Spanish (国家名 6. five(变序数词

7. one(同音词 8. will not(缩写

9. heavy(比较级 10. friend(变形容词

三. Odd one out. 单项选择。(20分)

( )1. What A. are B. will C. do

( province.

A. Shanxi B. Gansu C. Shaanxi

( )3. I’ A. to go B. going C. go

( .

A. good B. well C. nice

( June 6th.

A. at B. in C. on

( some photos last Sunday.

A. take B. took C. taking

( ’ bird.

A. ostriches, of B. ostrichs, to C. ostrich, of

( A. is B. are C. be

( A. brushes B. to brush C. brush

( A. worried B. worries C. worry

四. Read and match. 将问句与相应的答语连线。(10分)

( )1. How do you feel? A. Dalian

( )2. How many continent are there in the world? B. I saw some animals.

( )3. What did you do there? C. I feel happy.

( )4. Where does he want to go? D. Yes, I have.

( )5. Have you been to Europe? E. Seven continents.

五.Read and write. 读并按要求改写句子。(10分)

1. I made a new friend last week. (变一般疑问句)

2. It’对划线部分提问)

3. 对划线部分提问)

4. Will you be a teacher in the future? (做否定回答)

5. Those are some books. (变单数)

六. Read. 阅读。 (30分) A

This is Billy and his brother’s bedroom. It’s not very big, but it is tidy(整洁).There are two beds in the room. There is a desk between(在……中间) the beds. There are some books on the desk. Some are English books. Some are Chinese books. There is a phone on the desk, too. There are two chairs beside the desk. One is for Billy, and the other(另一把) is for his brother. There is a map of America on the wall. There is a map of the world on the wall, too. Billy and his brother like their bedroom very much.

Read and judge. 阅读短文,判断正误,正确的用√,错误的用×。

( )1. The bedroom is small, and it’s clean.

( )2. There are two desks in the bedroom.

( )3. There are some Chinese books on the desk.

( )4. There are two maps on the wall.

( )5. There isn’t a phone in the bedroom.


Have you heard of Mickey Mouse? Maybe you have, but what do you know about his creator, Walt Disney?

Walt Disney was born in Chicago in the United States in 1901. He had three brothers and one sister. When he was a boy, Walt loved to draw pictures. He felt happy when people said his pictures were good. After school, Walt took extra classes in drawing cartoons.

When he was young, Walt had a lot of differert jobs. He sold newspapers, and he worked on a train, too. In 1923, he moved to Hollywood to make cartoons. At first, no one wanted to hear about his films. He was very poor. But later, his films became very popular.

In 1940, he built his own film studio. The studio made more than 100 films. Some were cartoons, and others used real actors and actresses.

Walt Disney liked to help people. In 1961, he started a school in California to help young people learn about art.

He died on December 15th, 1966, but people still remember him and his cartoons.

Answer the questions. 根据短文内容回答问题。

1. Where was Walt Disney born?

2. When was Walt Disney born?

3. What did Walt Disney like to do when he was a boy?

4. How many films did Walt Disney’s studio make?

5. When did Walt Disney die?

七. Composition. 作文。(15分)

题目:My favourite animal


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