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阳光教育小学三年级下册英语期末测试卷(人教版) Listening Part听力部分 (45分)

一、Listen and choose. (听录音,填序号)(20☆) ( )1.A、Ii B、Ll C、Y y ( )2.A、H h B、Ff C、G g ( )3.A、pear B、apple C、banana ( )4.A、uncle B、mother C、father ( ) 5. A. kangaroo B. tiger C. elephant ( )6. A.vest B. skirt C. uniform ( ) 7. A.plane B. bus C. boat ( )8.A.school B. chair C. desk ( ) 9. A、M m B、W w C、N n ( ) 10.A、bread B、mango C、candy

二、Listen and choose.(听句子,选出最佳答语)(20☆) ( )1. A、Thirteen B、I can see. C、Thanks. ( )2. A、She is Ma Li B、He, too. C、I like milk. ( )3. A、This is Car B、It’s under the tree.

C、Show me your book.

( )4. A、I’m from Canada. B、Nice to meet you.


( )5. A、No, I don’t like. B、Thank you. C、Me, too. ( )6.A. I’m from Canada. B. I’m Amy. ( )7.A.It’s big. B.Great.

( )8.A.He is my brother. B.She is my sister.

( )9.A.You have sixteen erasers. B.I have sixteen erasers. ( )10. A. Thank you. B. Yes, I do.

三、Listen and number.(听音,给下列句子排序。) (5☆) ( ) What’s your name ? ( ) Do you like apples?

( ) Excuse me. Is this your watch? ( ) This is my grandpa. ( ) let’s go to school. Writing Part笔试部分(55分)

一、Write the right form. (写出下列字母的大写或小写形式。)(8☆)

I F d Y r K L J

二、Match the letters with words.(把字母与对应的单词联起来。)(5☆) Yy rooster Zz yellow Rr tiger Tt milk Mm zebra

三、 找出一个与其他三个词不同类型的一项。(5☆) ( )1、A、red B、pen C、black D、blue ( )2、A、stand B、touch C、bread D、eat ( )3、A、pen B、ruler C、book D、cake

( )4、A、dog B、cat C、one D、elephant ( )5、A、apple B、mother C、ice cream D、juice 四、右栏中找出左栏中每个句子的答语 (10☆) ( )1. Good afternoon. A. I am ten. ( )2. What’s your name? B. My name’s John. ( )3.当你会在朋友的生日时对他说什么? A、happy birthday! B:Today is my birthday!

( )4.有一天,你在街上遇见一位很久没有见面的同学? A. How are you? B. Here you are. ( )5.你上课迟到了,你会说: ( )3.what’s this? C. Good afternoon. ( )4. Is it red? D. It’s a bag ( )5.How old are you? E. No, it isn’t. 五、Read and choose.( 选择正确的答案。) (5☆) ( )1.Can I have____ apple? Certainly. A. an B. a

( )2.Do you like manges?____ A. No, I don’t. B. Yes, please.

( )3.Who’s this man? _____ is my grandpa. A. She B. He

( )4.—Who’s that man?—He’s my . A.mother B、father

( )5. Do you like oranges?— . A、Yes,I do. B、No,I do. 六、情景会话(12☆)

( )1. 当你想问别人叫什么名字时,你会说: A. what’s your name? B. how are you ? ( )2. 当你想知道马克笔是什么颜色的? A. what’s your maker? B. what colour is the maker?

A. Thank you! B. sorry

( ) 6.当你把物品给别人时, 应说: ______. A. It’s here. B. Here you are.


( )1、point to your ears. A.合上你的书。 ( )2、I like blue. B.让我们唱歌。 ( )3、close your book. C.喝牛奶。 ( )4、drink the milk. D.我喜欢蓝色。 ( )5、Let’s sing. E、指向你的耳朵。

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