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班级 姓名 等级 一、 听音选单词。

( )1. A. walk B. work C. straight ( )2. A. bike B. buy C. bed ( )3. A. there B. where C. their ( )4. A. morning B. afternoon C. evening ( )5. A. tonight B. tomorrow C. today ( )6. A. address B. building C. hurry ( )7. A. square B. sound C. special ( )8. A. show B. sometimes C. someday ( )9. A. dancing B. dance C. down ( )10. A. postcard B. please C. pleased 二、 听问句,选答语。

( )1. A. No, he doesn’t. B. Yes, he is

C. Yes, he can play the piano.

( )2. A. He likes playing football. B. He’s tall and strong C. He’s an actor.

( )3. A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it’s near C. Yes, there is.

( )4. A. They’re near the bank. B. Take the No. 2 bus, please. C. It’s next to the library.

( )5. A. I am going to go tomorrow. B. I am going by bike. C. I am going to go with my father. 一、将下列单词分类,只填序号。

1. the Great Wall 2. Canada 3. Mexico 4. China 5. English 6. Thanksgiving 7. fork 8. England

9. Chinese 10. American 11. the West Lake 12. knife 13. Christmas 14. chopsticks 15. Lantern Festival 1.节日___________________________________________ 2. 国家__________________________________________ 3. 餐具__________________________________________ 4. 名胜__________________________________________ 5. 国家的,国家的人______________________________ 二、选择填空。

( )1. Can you ____ English?

A. speaks B. speaking C. speak

( )2. These postcards______ great. This one ____ got a picture of

the Great Wall.

A. is; has B. are; has C. are; have ( )3. She’s got an email in French, ____ she can’t read it. A. and B. but C. so

( )4. I’m _____ an email to my pen friend in America. A. writing B. looking C. making ( )5. ---Do you often clean your room?

---Yes, of course, I _____ clean my room.

A. often B. never C. sometimes. ( )6. ----____ ---It’s got eight million people. A. How big is it? B. How long is it? ( )7. ---It’s the green light now. ---_______. A. Go. B. Stop! Don’t go!

( )8. ---Hi, Laura. _______, Daming. He’s from China. ---Hello, Daming. Pleased to meet you.

A. He is my cousin B. This is my cousin. ( )9. ---___________ --- To the station.

A. Where are you going? B. Where are you going to do?

( )10. ---What’s your favourite festival?

---Guess! You can see dragon dances. ----It’s _______. A. the Dragon Boat Festival B. the Lantern Festival


1. She likes___________(play) the piano very much.

2. There ___________(be) many pet shops in that big city. 3. My sister is a teacher. She __________(teach) English.

4. In Amy’s class, every student _________(have) a pen friend. 5. On Saturday, I’m going to __________(buy) a new CD.


( ) 1. How big is London? A. Yes, I do. ( )2. Where are you from? B. To the park. ( )3. Is there a letter for me? C. You’re welcome. ( )4. Do you want to go to Chinatown? D. No, I haven’t. ( )5. Have you got any sandwiches? E. I’m from Canada. ( )6. Can she speak French? F. It’s got eight million people. ( )7. Thank you so much. G. Yes, there is. ( )8. Pandas eat meat, believe it or not? H. No, she can’t. ( )9. Where’re we going? I. It’s in England. ( )10. Where is the London Eye? J. I don’t believe it. 五、连词成句。

1. the, thinks, snake, is, flute, the , snake, another ( . )

________________________________________________________ 2. now, do, books, like, you, reading ( ? )

________________________________________________________ 3. China, got, have, any, from, you, stamps ( ? )

________________________________________________________ 4. festivals, more, you, me, can, tell, American, about ( ? )

_____________________________________________________ 5. wants, visit, New York, to, he, the UN building, in ( . ) _____________________________________________________ 六、阅读短文,选择正确的答案。

Mrs. Jones is an American doctor. She is in China now. She works in a children’s hospital in Shanghai. She likes the children and she likes to work for children. She works hard in the day time and learns Chinese in the evening school. She also learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends. Now she can speak some Chinese. She can read and write some Chinese, too. She says it’s not easy to learn Chinese well. Mr. Jones, her husband is a teacher. He teaches English in the No. 5 Middle School. He works from Monday to Friday. He teaches 3 classes every day. ( )1. Mrs. Jones is_________.

A. an English teacher B. an American teacher C. an American doctor

( )2. Mr. Jones works_________.

A. in a hospital B. in a middle school C. in London

( )3. Mrs. Jones learns _________ in an evening school. A. math B. Chinese C. English ( )4. Mr. Jones works ________ every week.

A. five days B. six days C. three days ( )5. Mrs. Jones can speak ________ well.

A. English B. Chinese C. French

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