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新PEP小学英语四年级unit four my home第一课时

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Unit 4 My home



田 静

Where is she?Where is she?
Is she in the study ?

No,she isn’t .
Is she in the kitchen ?

Yes, she is. Yes, she is.

Guessing game

What’s in the box


Where’s my cat?
Where are my crayons?

Make a short dialogue:
1. Where are…? Are they….?

2. Where is…?
Is it…?

Talk about my home :

Draw your house and share with your friends.

A: Where is my pen ? B : Is it in your bag? A : Yes, it is.( No, it isn’t.)

Ⅰ.翻译下列句子中文 1. Is it in the kitchen? 2. Where is my cat?


Homework (1)Listen to and repeat “Let’s talk”. (2)Make a new dialogue and act it out with your partner.

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