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上册课件 Unit 1 Lesson 1

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Unit 1
You should obey the rules.

Lesson 1

Talk about your class rules.

Find out new words.

knows-----知道 everyone---每个人 obey the rules-----遵守规定

Find out new words.

early---早的 never----从 不 group leader----组长 a list of ----清单

Gao Wei is a good student . He knows everyone in school should obey the rules. He comes to school early. He listens to his teacher carefully. He never makes noise in class. He’s a group leader. His group is making a list of rules for the class.

Class rules.

Hand in your homework on time.

改错 1.He come to school early. comes 2.He listen to the teacher carefully. listens

改错 3.He never make noise in makes class.

仿照课文 介绍班里的一位同学

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