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Unit 3 People I like

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Unit 3 People I like

Let’s do some actions!
Fly like a bird,
Swim like a duck,

Jump like a rabbit,

Walk like a bear.

Let’s have a free talk!

Let’s chant!

Old,old ,
How old are you? Ten,ten,

I’m ten.

I have a friend. She is ten,too. Who’s she?

Who’s she?

She’s Xiao Wanzi.
Her name’s Xiao Wanzi.


her hat

her hand

her hair

her eye

her mouth

A:What’s her name? B:Her name’s….

Who’s he?
He’s Liu Xiang.

His name’s Liu Xiang.

He’s eating a sweet sweet.

His big pig is in the box.

A:What’s his name? B:His name’s….

Look,this is my Hello, boys sister/brother/…. and girls. His name’s …. Her/His name’s Liu Xing.

A(变声):She’s my friend.
She’s eight. B: who’s she/he? C:Her/His name’s…

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