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Fun with English Book 3 Lesson 2 Teaching Plan

Teaching aims:

Knowledge aims:

1. To enable students to learn three new words :boy、girl、school.

2. Understand and use “This is our ….” “ Welcome to ….” in real life. Ability aims:

1. To enable students to welcome guests.

2. To train the students to show somebody to some places .

Emotion aims:

1. To educate the students to love their school.

Important points and difficult points:

1. To enable to use “This is our …… .Welcome to …... This way, please.” in real life .

2. The pronunciation of “welcome” “primary” “school ”and “beautiful” Teaching methods:

Task-based teaching methods . Communicative methods. TPR. CAI Teaching aids:

PPT cards recorder tape

Teaching process:

Step 1.Warming up

1. Greetings .

2. Let`s sing a song “Nice to see you again”

3. Free talk

T : Hello , Li Ming .

S1: Hello , Mr Chen.

T : How old are you?

S1:I’m twelve .

T : What class are you in ?

S1 : I am in Class 2 , Grade 4 .

T: Your English is good.

S1 : Thank you .


Step 2. Presentation and drills .

a. Learn to Say

(1). listen to the radio and answer the question.

T: (Show picture of Guangming Primary School . )Look , Who can tell us where it is ? Now let`s listen to the tape and answer the question .

Ss: Guangming Primary School .


T: Great , This is Guangming Primary school .(PPT) Follow me : school .Primary School . Qianwei Primary School ……

(2) Let`s chant(PPT)

School , school , school , Primary School

School , school , school , This is our school

School ,school , school , Welcome to our school

T: Great . One day , Mr Hill and his friend want to visit to Guangming Primary School . Look at the students . How lovely. Look at the flowers. How do you feel ?

Ss: 真美丽啊!

T: Yes, how beautiful ! read after me . beautiful . how beautiful ! (TPR)

Ss: How beautiful !

T : Good . Now read again with a big smile. How beautiful !

Ss: How beautiful !

T: If the guests come to our school . What do you want to say ?

Ss: 欢迎来到我们的学校。

T: Great. You can say “Welcome” or “welcome to our school”. Follow me: Welcome . Welcome .Welcome to our school. (repeat several times)


T : Look ! Who is he ?

Ss : Mr Hill .

T : Yes , He wants to visit Guangming Primary School . But he doesn’t know the way . How to say ?

Ss: “请这边走”。

T: Very good . You should say: “This way, please.” (TPR) Follow me.

T: Who can show him the way , too ?

(Read one by one)

T:What do you think about the girl in the picture ?

Ss: Very good .

T: How lovely girl ! girl , read after me . girl↗ girl ↗girl ↘.She is a girl. T: (Ask a boy) Are you a girl ?

S1: No , I`m not.

T: He is a boy , read after me . boy↗boy ↗boy ↘.He is a boy .

( boys read ,girls read , read one by one )

(设计意图:通过对学生的提问,自然引出对boy , girl两个新授单词的教学。)

Step 3 . Practice

a. Play a game

Touch and guess : Are you a boy / girl ?

b. dialogue

(1). follow the radio to read.

(2). Practice to read by group.

(3) read and act with your partner .


Step 4 . consolidation and extension

a. Make a new dialogue .

T:Oh, Qianwei Primary School .

S1: This is our school.

T: How beautiful .

S1: Welcome to our school . This way , please.

T: Can you make a dialogue like us ?

(Students practise and act)

(设计意图:通过对话练习,培养学生的创新能力和合作能力。) b. Sum up

T: Who can tell us what we have learnt today ?


c. Homework:

Act the dialogue with your friends .


Blackboard design:

Lesson 2

boy girl

A: Oh , Guangming Primary.

B: This is our school .

A: How beautiful !

B: Welcome to our school .

This way , please.

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