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1 I’2 i’’clock. ------does your father -----? ----------does he -------? ------ ------- you go to school ? --------is--------? --------does your mother -------?

11.He goes to work on foot. 改为一般疑问句 -------he -------to work on

12.Are you going there by plane ?作肯定回答 yes,------- -------

13.I ------do you -----to the zoo? ------- ------ hobby?

15.Is there a hospital near here?作否定回答 no,------ ------ 19.She works in a car company.变成否定句

22.You can go by the NO.11bus.改为否定句

23.There is a bookstore near here.改为一般疑问句

24.How do you go to school?实际作答

25.I’26.It’s far from here.一般疑问句 ------- ------- far from here?

27.When are you going to the post office?用2o’clock回答 29.My father is going to shanghai变否定句

----- ----- going to -----?


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