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PEP 小学五年级下册Unit Two My favourite season3

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Unit Two My favourite season

Good morning! I’m happyto stand here topresent my lesson. Today,I’ll talk about Part A of Unit Two, PEP Primary English Students’ Book 2. 一、Firstly,I’ll talk about part 1 analysis of textbook,

1. There are a lot pictures,for the studens will be interested inbook. 2. According to the problem of Chinese students learning English,the book design a lot of material to improve the student’s ability of listening,speaking,reading,and writing. 二、Then I’ll talk about analysis of the student. It’s known to us that students are very active and like playing games very much,so during my class,I’ll design some interesting games to activate them to learn something . 三、Next,I’ll talk about teaching methods, my teaching methods is communicative language teaching. 四、The next part is teaching aims.

1、The aims on the knowledge,to enable the student’s to understand and speak:season,spring,summer,fall,winter,what season is it?what’s the weather like in spring?Make sure that Ss can use there sentences in real situation. 2、The aims on the abilities,to develop Ss’abilities of listening andspeaking,to train the Ss’abilities of working in groups,to foster S’s abilities of communication. 3、The aim on the emotion,to foster S’s consciousness of good co-operation,to lead ss to enjoy the seasons’ beauty. 五、The next part is Important Points and Difficulties in this lesson

1.How to answer the following questions: ① What is your favourite season (or Which season do you like best?)? ② What is the weather like? ③ What season is it now? 2.How to help students be able to read, speak, listen and write the new words: such as season, spring, summer, fall and winter. 3.Review some words on weather. 六、Next ,I’ll talk about the important part Teaching procedures .It consists of 4 steps.Warm-up, Presentation,practice,summary. 1、Warming-up Here I’ll review the words on weather after I with and students greet each other.,and asks the students what is the weather like now.And write down on the blackboard. Purpose:This part helps students to review some words on weather, and makes preparation for the new lesson. 2、Now I’ll talk about my Presentation 1,I ‘ll ask the ss some questions ,Do you know how may days are there in a week?and how many seasons are there in a year? and Learning the new words of season.And write down on the blackboard. So I begin the new unit.I’ll show the pictures of spring,and say the words

sentences and write the words on the black board. Next,Using the same way, I teaches other new words. The last one,I’ll ask ss to guess what season is it? then I show the winter’s picture. After that the ss read after me the new words again, and I invite the ss read the sentences one by one. Purpose:With thehelp of the questions and the pictures ,students learn the seasons more quickly,and knowing the sentences. 3、practice I change the pictures and students say the word’s of the and the season ,I change the pictures and students ask some questions to teacher ,in this part the students can read and remember the new words. I divide the class into 4 groups that use the new words and sentences to play a game. Purpose:the students can know how to use the sentences and master the new words. Listen to the radio and Ss answer some questions .And ss follow me read the sentences two times. Purpose:to develop Ss’abilities of listening and reading,Make sure that Ss can use those sentences in real situation. 4、Summary Read the new words and new sentences again. Purpose:to check the knowledge ,ss have learned in the period. 七、Homework

1Each student cope the new words and sentences 3 times. 3Draw a trees,finsh it on textbook. Purpose: To strengthen their memories of the new words,and abilities of painting. That’s all. Thanks a lot for your attention

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