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Name________ Score____


1. 听录音,写出6个电话号码(12)

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


1) Nina is a _________________ woman.

A. beautiful B. handsome C. clever D. pretty

2) She is _____________ and thin.

A. short B. tall C. little D. small

3) Her outfits are ___________ .

A. cheap B. funny C. expensive D. smart

4) Nina’s kitchen is ______________.

A. OK B. lovely C. nice D. fine

5) The fridge is ______________.

A. dry B. full C. open D. empty

6) There isn’t any ______________.

A. water B. sugar C. food D. coffee

7) Nina is very ______________.

A. sad B. happy C. bright D. silly

8) Nina is ______________.

A. thirsty B. tired C. hungry D. well




1.____ is the bird? It’s white. A.What time B.What colour C.What nationality

2.Sam is good at Maths, and Maths is___ for him. A.different B.useless C.easy

3.____is in the classroom? Pual is in the classroom. A.What B.Who C.Where

4.There____some apples on the table. A.am B.is C.are

5.Give me some_____,please. I’m very thirsty. A.rice B.dinner C.orange juice

6.I’m____ and I want to drink. A.thirsty B.tired C.hungry

7.My English lesson is at ten o’clock. I____ find my English book.

A.can B.must C.am

8._____ juice do you want? A.how much B.How many C.Who

9.______ haven’t got any money.

A. He B.Karen C.They

10.Can you______your new magazine to me?

A.Look B.bring C.put

11There is______ milk in the fridge.

A.any B.lot of C.a lot of

12._____ kind of camera has Lucy got?

A.What B.Where C.Whose

13.There is a piece____ bread on the table.

A.of B.for C.about

14.I’m very hot. Please give me some_____.

A.ice cream B.matches C.chocolates

15.This is a self-service restaurant,______.

A.Please help yourself.

B.Show me the menu,please.

C. That’s fine.

16.The patient______ very awful.

A.looks B.look C.listens

17.we don’t go to school on_______.

A.Monday B.Wednesday C.Saturday

18.The_____ here often changes. Sometimes it is sunny, and sometims it is cloudy.

A. weather B.climate C.temperature

19. January is the______ month of the year.

A.first B.second C.third

20.Here are two___.

A.shirt B.boxs C.boxes


1.Do you want some_____(西红柿)?

2.I go to the movies on________.(星期一)

3.Summer is_______(热的) and winter is_______.(冷的)

4.Put some water in the pan and pass me some________.(大米)

5. There is not any______(茶) in the cup.


What language do you speak? 1.He comes from America.

What nationality is Claire? 2.She is 42.

What day is it? 3.I speak German.

How old is Linda? 4.Today is Tuesday.

Where does William come from? 5.She is Canadian.


1.It is sometimes cloudy and rainy.(变成一般疑问句)


3.His new present is a new bike.(变成一般疑问句)


5.They come from lots of different countries.(改成一般疑问句)


How much How many What kind of busy with tell…with

1.______________TV has William got? He has got an expensive one.

2.I think Pual cannot come. He is______________ his studies.

3.Lucy! Can you______ me ______ the competition.

4.____________ books are there on the table? There are ten.

5._____________ milk do you want? Just a little bottle.



Fred and Jean are brother and sister. They are Americans. They are in the same school. Their school is not far from their home. Fred is in Mr Black’s class. He is thirteen. He is one of the best students in his class. Mr Black likes him. He is good at Chinese, but Mr Black is not. Jean is eleven. She is in Mrs Black’s class. Mrs Black is an English teacher. Jean is good at English, but she is not good at Chinese.

( )1. Are Fred and Jean twins?

A. Yes, they are.

B. No, they aren’t.

C. Yes, they are in the same class.

D. No, they are not Americans.

( )2. How old is Jean? She is__________.

A.eleven B.twelve C.thirteen D.ten

( )3. Who is good at Chinese?

A.Mr Black B.Mrs Black C.Jean D.Fred

( )4.Where is Fred and Jean’s school?

A. It’s in China.

B. It’s behind a hill.

C. It’s near their home.

D. It’s in English.

( )5.Which sentence is wrong?

A. Fren and Jean are in the same family.

B. Mr Black and Mrs Black are Fren and Jean’s father and mother.

C. Mr Black likes Fred evry much.

D. Mrs Black is Jean’s Englsih teacher.


I have a good friend in my home. It’s a cat. Its name is Mimi. It’s white and yellow. And it’s very beautiful. I play with it after school. It often plays with a ball or lines. My friends, Mary and Alice come to see it, but it is behind sofas or in a box. Our families sit in a sofa and it can go there with us. In the evening, I must study at my desk, but it is on the desk too. At that time, I put it down. Is it my good friend? Guess, please.

( )1.Mimi is the name of a_________.

A.boy B.girl C.cat D.vird

( )2.Who is my friend in my home?

A. Mary B.Alice C.Mimi D.My brother

( )3.Can my friends see my cat in my home?

A. Yes, they can.

B. No, they cannot

C. Yes, they cannot

D. No, they can.

( )4.I often play with______ after school.

A. a ball B. the cat C.books D.lines

( )5.______ and I put the cat on the floor.

A. The cat is not my good friend.

B. I don’t play with the cat.

C. I want to go to bed.

D. I must study in the evening.

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