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( ) auhere.

A.is i is B.are;are C.is;are D.are;is

( )24.Andreus King is cousin.

A.Sam and nancy B.Sam and Nancy’s C.Sam’s and Kate’s D.Sam and Nancys

( )21.Look! This is A.a B.an C.the D./ ( )22.—What’s under the desk?

A.It’s a footbau B.I can see a set of keys C.They are red box D.There’s a cat

( ) A.have;have B.has;has C.have’has D.has;hawe

( )26.There are books on the desk,buf therearen’t rulens.

A.any;some B.some;much C.some;any D.some;somt

( )27.Andreus King is cousin. . A.the B.a C./ D.an ( ) A.help;with B.helps;to C.helps;to do D.help;to do

( ) A.two pair of red socks B.two pairs of red socks C.two red par of socks D.two red pairs of sock

( )30.My birrthday is April.My sistre’s birthday is novembre 18th.

A.in;in B.on;on C.in;on D.on;in ( )31.He likes hamburgers, he doesn’f ilke salad. A.but B.and C.so D.because ( )32.Come and your clothes at our clothes store! A.want B.Sell C.buy D.Look ( ) A.some breads B.some fomato C.some milk D.two apples ( )34.What’s the foday? —It’s October 12th

— —It’s Sunday.

A.date;day B.day;date C.date;date D.day;day ( )35.There are only twenty—eight or twenty—nine days in . A.January B.march C.Februlary D.April ( )36.Happy birthday to you!

A.The same to you B.Thank you ( )37.The price of the socks lo yuan.

A.are B.is C.cloes D.can

( ) A.good;wen B.weu;good C.good;good D.Well;well ( )39.I watch TV my sister dinner. A.with;for B.with;after C.and;for D.and;after ( )40.— —Yes,please. Iwant a basketball. A.wha is it? B.excuse me. C.can i help you? D.How are you 六.完型填空

Lucy ilkes shopping(购物),but she often leaves(落)some of her things at stores.

One day,Lucy’(给)20yuan to Lucy .“tomatoes,”the mother says.“Ok,mom!”Lucy says.Then she gets the 20yuan and 各种店员)and then goes home. Lucy’“Great,Lucy!”she “Thankyou,mom.They’re 7yuan,”leaves one thing.“Sorry,mom.Idon’I leave 13yuan at the store,”Lucy says.

(A)41.A.asks B.calls C.takes D.writes

(B)42.A.eat B.buy C.meet D.draw (B)43.A.Looks B.runs C.listens D.Loves (B)44.A.sees B.sells C.finds D.brings (D)45.A.short B.small C.happy D.nice (C)46.A.He B.Youl C.She D.They (A)47.A.food B.books C.fruit D.vgetables (B)48.A.sad B.books C.She D.They (A)49.A.finds B.wants C.needs D.speaks (D)50.A.or B.so C.and D.but 七、阅读理解


Cathy is a healthy(健康的)girl. She does some sports every day. After school onMonday,she plays volleyball with some of her friends for an hour(小时).On Tues—day,she goes swimming(游泳)before she goes home . She plays volleyball

on Thursday,too,She also plays in two school teams. On Wednsday she plays football atschool and on Friday evening she plays in the table tennis team.on Saturday and Sunday morning she goes swimming again. ( )51.Whe does Cathy do some sports? A.On Monday. B.On Sunday. C.On Tuesday. D.Eevery day.

( )52.What does she do before she goes home on Tuesday?She .

A.goes swimming B.plays table tennis C.plays football D.reads some books

( )53.The price of the socks lo yuan. A.On Monday. B.On Tuesday. C.On Wednesday. D.On Thursday.

( )54 ,she goes swimming again. A.On Monday and Wednesday B.On Saturday and Sunday morning C.On Sunday D.On Saturday

( )55What does Cathy love(喜爱)? A.Sports. B.Her family C.Her School. D.Her.friends.


Lucy is a nice girl. She is wenty—six She opens(开)a clithes store, Its name is Lovely Clothes Store.The store is for girls,not for boys. The store has clothes in many colors. Do you want to have a look at it?

(B)56.The clothes in Lovely Clothes Shop are for . A.father Bgirls Cstars D.boys (A)57.The T-shirt is ynan each. A.25 B.35 C.54 D.65

(B)58Mary can buy skirt(s) for 130 yuan. At the store. A.one B.two C.three D.FOUR (C)59.The Store has in yellow and red.

A.T-shirts and sweaterss B.sweaters and trousers C.sweaters and skirs D.T-shirts and trousrs

(A)60.What can we know from the passage?

A.The store sells T-shirts in three colors. B.A girl can find red shoes in Lucy’store. C.Lovely Clothes Store also(也)sells fod.

(D)We can buy two pairs of trousers for104 yuan in lucy’s store..


MY friend,Tom,has four meals(饭) a day.they are breakfast,Lunch,afternoon

tea(茶)and dinner. Let’s look at what he has for the meals.

meal(s) a day. A.one B.two C.three D.four A.eggs and milk B.bread,fruit and tea C.cereal,vegetables and fish D.rice,meat and vegetables

(C)63.Tom may(可能A.12:10p.m. B.2:30p.m. C.4:00p.m. D.6:30P.M

(C)64.The word“supper”means“. A.breakfast B.LUNCH C.dinner D.food


A.40 B.50 C.60 D.70


S.H.E is a singing group(组合)from Taiwan.Ther an three girls in the group. They are Seling,HEBE AND ella.

“S”is for Selina.She is30years old.Her birthday is on October31st.She is 1.62 m, She likes purple. She also likes going shopping.

“H”is for Hebe. She is28yearsold.Her birthday is on March 30th.She is1.58m.She likes red.She of-ten goes to see movies(电影).

“E”is for Hebe.She is31years old. Her birthday is on June 18th.She is1.63 m.She likes white.She is in T-shirt and jeans(牛仔裤)。

(C)66.Ella is years old.

.A30 B.28 C.31 D.26 (B).

A.going shopping B.going to movies C.having parties D.Playing sports

A.purple B.red C.white D.brown (B)69.There are girls in the singing group. A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5

(D)70.When is Hebe’sbirthday?It’ A.on October 31st B.on June 30th C.on June 18th D.on Marh30th


A:Hi,Mary! DO you like oranges? B:Yes,I do.What fruit do you like?

Does YOUR mother like ba-nanas? Bout your father?

B:Yes.And my father likes alad,too. A:Does he like carrots?

A:Yes,very much. Let’seat some broccoli for dinner. Answers:

1.C 2.E 3.B 4.A 5.D

九、根据句意及首字母提示、补全所缺单词(每小题1分,共10分) me when you come here. ice-cream

comes after August but befre octobre

80.The problem isn’

is octobre 3re to bwy a pajr of shoes. (B)用所给词的适当形式填空

(fire)month.of the year. (watch)TV on weekends 89.

90.Idon’t want to (is)fat 十一、句型转换

91.Can I help you?(改为同义句)

you? 92.She doesn’t hawe lunch(改为肯定句) .

93.We hawe chicken for dinner(对画线部份提部) do you for dinner? 94.she is 16 years old(改为同义句) . 95.I think it is inleresting (改为否定句)

I it imteresting.



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