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Sure,the TV Programmes are too_______.

姓名 学号 班级 得分 A.surprising B.interesting C.exciting D.boring

一. 单词拼写:(20) ( )8.I don't know ________. 1.改变 3.勇敢的 A.where does he come from B.what is his name. 5.道歉 6.pardon C.how old he is D.when will he leave 13级药剂班英语期末试卷

7.意思 9.悲伤、不幸 11.午夜 12.prize 13.习惯、风俗15.拖、拉 17.思想、思考 19.财宝,财富 二. 短语翻译: (20) 1.顺便问一下 2.in anger 3.在......起作用 4.make friends 5.感恩节 6.get on with 7.别紧张,放轻松些 8.lose one’s temper 9.不知道 三. 单项选择: (15) ( )1.Don’t talk to Simon like that. He is only _______ eleven year—old boy. A.a B.an C.the D.不填 ( )2.Ricky caught a bad cold yesterday,_________he had to stay at home. A.because B.but C.or D.so ( )3.When traffic lights are red,we ________ stop and wait. A.may B.can C.must D.might ( )4.---How much does it cost to build the school library? --- Four _______ Yuan. A.million B.millions C.millions of D.millions of ( )5.Did your parents go to climb the Zijin Mountain last Sunday? 一No They _______ went to see a film. A.both B.all C.either D.every ( )6. ______ kind girl Nancy is! Yes.she is always ready to help others. A.What B.What a C.How D.How a ( )7. Would you like to go and see a film?

( )9.Today Chinese is becoming more and more popular.It _______in many sch ools around the world. A.teaches B.is teaching C has taught D.is taught

( )10.Amy makes fewer mistakes than Frank.She does her homework______. A more carefully B.more carelessly C.more careful D.more careless ( )11. Hello,this is Lily speaking.Could I speak to Mr. Black? Sorry.He______ the Xuanwu Lake Park. A has been to B.went to C.has gone to D. will go to ( )12. What about playing football this afternoon, Sam?

I would rather _______ at home than _________ football.It’s too hot outside. A.stay;playing B.stay;play C. to stay;to play D. to stay;playing ( )13. You’d better hurry.or we’ll be late for the plane. Don’t worry.The plane will ____ in two hours. B A.Lake in B take away C.take off D.take out ( )14. How about going shopping on Hunan Road this evening? ______,But I’ve to prepare for tomorrow’s exam. A.I can’t B.Sounds great C. That’s right D.No,I’m terribly sorry ( )15. Now,where is my school bag? _______! We’ll be late for school. A. Just a minute B.Take it easy C. Don’t worry D.Come on 四.阅读理解: (15) Reading newspaper has become an important part of our life. Many people begin by reading the papers. In this way they learnt what is going on in the world. Sometimes,however, they do not have time to read the news carefully, so they just take a quick look at the front page; at other times they may be in such a hurry that have time only to look at the headlines.

There are newspaper to meet the need of every reader. In big cities there are many kinds of paper. In small towns there are fewer newspapers. In some places the paper is published once a week.

Today, as a group, English language newspaper enjoy the largest number of readers with the development(发展) of the world.

( )1.Many people [ ] as the first thing every morning. A. read newspaper B. watch the TV news

C. listen to the radio D. listen to the news on the radio ( )2.When people are busy, they [ ]

A. Do not read newspapers B.still read newspapers carefully C.only look at the front page of the paper carefully

D.either take a quick look at the front page of the paper or only look at the headline ( )3.Which of the following is right?

A.There're different kinds of newspapers to meet people's need B.There are more papers in small towns than in big cities. C.In some place papers are published every two weeks. D.The most important news is not on the front page. ( )4.[ ]enjoy the largest number of readers.

A.Newspapers in Chinese B.Newspapers in English C.Newspapers in German D.Newspapers in French

( )5. "Some new newspapers will be published in the years to come”Means[ ] A.more newspapers will be published next year.

B.more new kinds of papers will be read in the coming year C.a great number of new newspapers will be seen in the future D.some new newspapers will be sent in the future. 五. 完形填空: (10)

A deer(鹿),a monkey and an elephant are good friends,( ) the deer says to the monkey,"I'm great." But the monkey says , "I'm( )greater."

So they go to see the elephant and let him decide(决定) it. The elephant says. "( )can get apples on ( )side of the river? ( )you can, you are great."

The deer can cross(越过)the river, but he can't climb up the tree. The monkey can climb up the tree,( )he can't swim. What can they do? So the deer lets the monkey( ) on his ( )and cross the river. The monkey climbs up the tree and gets( )apples.

The elephant says to them, " only if you ( )each other, you are truly great." Their facts turn red.

( )1. A.Some day B.One day C.Some days D.An day ( )2. A.much B. many C.most D.lots of ( )3. A.What B. Where C.Who D.How ( )4. A.another B. other C.the another D.the other ( )5. A.If B.That C.So D.But ( )6. A.and B. but C.or D.then ( )7. A.sit B. sitting C.to sit D.sits ( )8. A.head B. legs Cback D.nose ( )9. A.a few B. a little C.a bit D.a lot ( )10.A.help B. are help C.helping D.helps 六. 英汉互译: (20) 1.生活充满了挑战。

2.There are four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter ..


4.Friendship is one of life’s greatest treasures.




1.change 2.海边 3.brave 4.年轻的 5.apologize 6.原谅 7.meaning

8.聪明伶俐的 9.sad 10.灯笼 11.midnight 12.奖品 13.custom

14.感情 15.pull 16.责怪、责备 17.thought 18.诚实 19.treasure



1.by the way 2.生气 3. Play a role in. 4.交朋友 5.Thanks giving Day

6.与……相处 7. don't be nervous 8.发脾气 9.I don’t know 10.安静 三.

1.B 2.D 3.A .4.B 5.A 6.C 7.D 8.C 9.D 10.A 11.B 12.D 13.C

14. 15.A


1.A 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D


1.B 2.A 3.C 4.C 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.D 10.A


1.Life is full of challenge.


3.Many people like spring because it brings hope.

4. 友谊是人生最宝贵的财富之一。

5. Life is created by our own

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