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小学英语六年级上册unit4let's learn

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Unit4 I have a pen pal
Part A Let’s learn What is your hobby?

Free Talk
What’s your hobby?
? ?

I like reading.

Let’s chant
What’s your hobby? What’s your hobby? Diving, diving, I like diving. What’s your hobby? What’s your hobby? Riding a bike, riding a bike, I like riding a bike.

What’s his hobby? What’s his hobby?
Making a kite, making a kite, he likes making a kite.

Listen :1.Where do they live? 2.What are their names?

Find out : What are their hobbies?

Hobbies: Alice: (4) Ann: (5)

Think over:

Who is Alice?

Mom is a …


Liu Yun

Homework: write an email to your friend and tell him/her your hobbies.

Thank you

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