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Grade 4(上)

Unit 1


四会:a farmer a nurse a vet a doctor a pilot a dancer teach teacher

三会:an ambulance telephone a policeman a juggler a student juggle help

call quickly alright


四会:⑴ Are you a (nurse)? Yes, I am. No, I am not.

⑵ Is he/she a (vet)? No, he/she isn’t. Yes, he/she is.

⑶ What does he/she do? He’s/She’s a (doctor).

Unit 2


四会:a sheep a goat a rabbit a frog a monkey a horse a donkey a fox

a lion a panda

三会:a leopard a squirrel a tiger glasses cute great a lot wearing 功能句型:

四会:⑴ Do you know her/him? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

⑵ Do you like him? Yes, I do. I like him a lot.

⑶ Does he/she know us/me? Yes, he/she does. No, he /she doesn’t. Unit 3


四会:thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety shirt dress skirt

coat shorts socks shoes cap any

三会:clothes size cheap expensive large medium sweater trousers

jeans pajamas tie


四会:⑴ Do you have any socks? Yes, we do. / Yes, we have some.

⑵ Do you have any (shoes)? No, we don’t. / No, we don’t have any. 三会:⑴ What size do you want? Small. / Size 20.

⑵ The shoes are too expensive/big/small.

Unit 4


四会:in on under behind bed desk chair nut

三会:in front of next to sofa floor rock ground happy


四会:⑴ Where is the book? It’s in/on/under the desk.

⑵ Where are my socks? They are on/under the bed.

Unit 5


四会:a bank a park a map a zoo near

三会:a movie theater a supermarket a hospital a fire station a train station

a bus stop a post office a police station a swimming pool a library

a town a toilet between



⑴ Excuse me. Where’s the (school)? It’s (near) the park.

⑵ Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure.

⑶ Thanks a lot. You are welcome.

Grade 4(下)

Unit 7


四会:Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

week every day play class

三会:diary holiday party shopping tomorrow today English corner

remember then


四会:⑴ What do you do on (Monday)? I go to school.

⑵ What does he/she do on (Sunday)? He/She goes to the park.

Unit 8


四会:one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven

twelve fifteen thirty forty-five time o’clock

三会: late early hurry broken watch fix show very


四会:What time is it?

It’s (ten) o’clock.

It’s (three) fifteen.

It’s (four) thirty.

It’s (five) forty-five.

It’s time to (play football).

It’s time for (shool).

Unit 9


四会:morning afternoon evening night eat breakfast lunch dinner

get up go to bed

三会:always never often usually sometimes sleep


四会:⑴ When do you (usually) have dinner?

I (usually) have dinner at 7:00 in the evening.

⑵ When does he (she) go to school?

He (She) goes to school at 8:00 in the morning.

Unit 10


四会:bus football by bus by car park

三会:far away start close free enough dinosaur movie amusement

museum money


四会:⑴ Let’s play football.

⑵ Let’s read a book.

⑶ Let’s watch TV.

三会:⑴ Shall we take the bus?

⑵ Do we have enough time? Yes, we do. / No, we don’t.

⑶ Do we have enough money? Yes, we do. / No, we don’t.

Unit 11


四会:sunny cloudy rainy snowy fine windy cloud rain snow wind

hot warm cool cold

三会:weather report ride watch a video


四会:⑴ What are you going to do? I’m going to eat dinner.

⑵ What are they going to do? They’re going to see a movie.

⑶ What is he going to do? He’s going to play football.

⑷ What is she going to do? She’s going to read a book.

Grade 5(上)

Unit 1


四会:space moon star spaceship sun air was were had yesterday 三会:dream astronaut afraid Martian earth Mars planet last night 功能句型:

四会:⑴ I had an English class.

⑵ Where were you yesterday? I was at home. We were at school. ⑶ (They) were in a spaceship. He/She was at home.

Unit 2


四会:cough-coughed clean-cleaned look-looked visit-visited watch-watched

do-did eat-ate go-went come-came give-gave pat-patted make-made didn’t

三会:slowly quickly make a mess next time suddenly sick everywhere



四会:⑴ What did you do yesterday? I went to school. / I visited a friend yesterday. ⑵ He wasn’t at home.

⑶ They weren’t at school.

三会:⑴ I didn’t clean the house.

⑵ Did you visit your friend yesterday? Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.

Unit 3


四会:first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth

sport fast run-run

三会:ready win the race win a prize win-won sports day excited decided

high jump because hundred thousand meter


四会:⑴ Who was/came first?

Mocky was/came first.

⑵ Did you eat a banana yesterday?

Yes, I did. /No, I didnit.

Unit 4


四会:date month year season spring summer autumn winter Jan.1st Feb.2nd Mar.3rd Apr.4th May 5th June 6th July 7th Aug.8th Sep.9th Oct.10th Nov.11th Dec.12th

三会:calendar forget-forgot keep the gift check-checked January February March April August September October November December 功能句型:

四会:⑴ When is (your) birthday?

It’s September 3rd.

⑵ How old are you? I’m eight years old.

⑶ How old is he/she? He/She is nine years old.

Unit 5


四会:short-shorter-shortest long-longer-longest small-smaller-smallest

tall-taller-tallest old-older-oldest young-younger-youngest big-bigger-biggest fat-fatter-fattest thin-thinner-thinnest heavy-heavier-heaviest take-took see-saw have-had why

one by one

三会: scale centimeter kilogram center measure weigh meter town

height weight funny


四会:⑴ Who is taller, John or Mary?

John is taller than Mary.

⑵ Who is the oldest?

Ken is the oldest.

⑶ Which is the longest? The yellow skirt is the longest.

⑷ How tall are you? I am 150 cm tall.

三会:How heavy is Ken? He weighs 33 kilograms.

Grade 5(下)

Unit 7


四会:mine yours hers his theirs ours come back go home get


三会: suitcase trip sorry


四会:⑴ Whose (book) is this/that?

This/That(book) is mine/yours/his/hers/ours/theirs.

三会: I/He/She/We/They wanted to (get the bag).

Unit 8


四会:piano violin flute drums guitar music will play the piano 三会:program concert start


四会:⑴ (I) will (go to the concert) tomorrow.

⑵ (She) won’t (see a movie) next week.

Unit 9


四会:team football table tennis tennis volleyball basketball badminton

game row sports at last win

三会:goal goalkeeper score corner kick at the same time


四会:⑴ Who’s that/she/he? That’s/She’s/He’s….

⑵ Where is the (pen)? It’s (on the desk).

⑶ Whose (book) is this/that? It’s (mine).

⑷ When’s (your birthday)? It’s (May 3rd).

⑸ Which (row) are (we) in? We’re in (Row D).

Unit 10


四会:story buy find expensive boring exciting interesting more

the most

三会:picture difficult dictionary


四会:⑴ This (book) is more (interesting) than that one.

⑵ This (game) is the most (exciting).

Unit 11


四会:flour cookbook milk butter plate salt sugar knife bake need

give pass show

三会:step add break mix pour a liter of


四会:Give/Show/Pass (me) the (eggs).

三会: ⑴ What do we need?

We need flour, milk, eggs, and butter.

⑵ First, put 2 cups of flour into a bowl.

Then, add 1 cup of milk.

Next, …

After that, …

Finally, …

Grade 6(上)

Unit 1


四会:art English music history math easy am/is/are-was/were live-lived go-went swim-swam tall-taller-the tallest funny-funnier-the funniest

boring-more boring-the most boring

三会:Chinese science geography computer interesting difficult

exciting-more exciting-the most exciting neighbor club neighborhood introduce themselves especially experiment really classmate kid 功能句型:

⑴ What’s your favorite subject?

Geography. It’s the most exciting subject.

⑵ I will go to school tomorrow.

⑶ Yesterday they went swimming.

Unit 2


四会:make the bed walk the dog feed the fish do chores wash the dishes

clean the room do homework make a cake every day every week once a week on Saturdays

三会:always usually hardly ever never often sometimes polish the shoes

make breakfast take out the trash twice a week



⑴ What chores do you have to do?

I have to water the plants every morning.

⑵ What chores does she/he have to do?

She/He has to wash the dishes.

⑶ We don’t have to feed the fish.

⑷ She/He doesn’t have to wash the dog.

Unit 3


四会:skiing swimming going shopping playing football playing tennis

working out at the gym on Sunday next week every day once a week three times a week

三会:ice-skating bowling doing karate sometimes partner invitation find

sound receive


四会:What are you doing tomorrow?

I am playing tennis tomorrow.

How often do you play tennis?

Once a week.

三会:⑴ You are working on Monday.

⑵ The health club is opening at 7 A.M. .

⑶ He/She is going to the movies on Friday.

⑷ We are ice-skating on Sunday at 10 A.m. .

⑸ They are coming for dinner next week.

Unit 4


四会:cap this that these those like hate prefer belt T-shirt

三会:spend gloves cost sunglasses sweatpants choose style pop music

jazz music latest popcorn shopping mall


四会:⑴ (I) like/hate/prefer to shop.

⑵ (You) like/hate/prefer shopping .

⑶ (They) like/hate/prefer this belt.

⑷ He/She likes/hates/prefers these belts .

三会:⑴ Which sunglasses do you prefer?

I prefer these.

⑵ How much do these/those sunglasses cost?

These/Those cost $35.

⑶ How much does this/that T-shirt cost?

It costs $5.

Unit 5


四会:feel cold be tired CD Go to bed early mouse disk hard disk happy

sad hungry

三会:advice manual broken have a problem have a headache feel dizzy

have a toothache feel scared wear a sweater take some medicine tell your parents sit down visit the dentist take deep breath keyboard screen speakers printer bored angry worried


四会:⑴ What should (I) do?

(You) should work hard.

⑵ (I) shouldn’t go to bed late.

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