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四年级英语上册 第六单元测试题 牛津译林版

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姓 名____________


一、听录音,选出和你听到的内容。(10分) ( )1. A. cup ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. ( )6. ( )7. ( )8. ( )9.

A. bathroom A.fly A. noodles A. grape A. would A. come A. a glass of A. rice

B. clock B. bedroom B. fish B. nine B. great B. where B. car B. a cup of B. juice B. tea

C. coffee C. living room C. fridge C. nice C. glass C. what C. cup C. a snack bar C. sandwich C. ten

( )10. A. table


( )1. A. It’s in the B. He’s in the C. She’s in the


( )2. A. Yes, please. ( )3. A. Thank you.

bathroom. B. Yes, it is. B. Here you are.

bathroom. C. Yes, this is. C.




( )4. A. Yes, I do. ( )5. A. Yes, I am.

B. How nice. B. Two.

C. A sandwich . C. Yes ,I do.

三、听录音,判断所听内容与下面句子意思是否相符,相符的写√,不相符的写×。(5分) ( )1. I’d like a hamburger and a glass of coffee. ( )2. What about a glass of tea? xK b1. Com ( )3. Helen’s bedroom is nice and big. ( )4. Sam would like a hamburger.

( )5. I’d like some doodles and a sandwich. 四、听录音,补全对话。(10分)

1. A: What__ _ __ you like? B: I’d like some _ _ __.

2. A: What about some__ _ _ __? B: No, I ‘d like a __ __ of ___ _ . 3. A: Anything else, Wang Bing? B: I’d like some __ _ and __ _ . 4. A: How many _ _ _ do you have in your home? B: I have _ _ __. 5. A: Look at my __ _ __. B: Oh, it’s very big. 书面部分(70分)



1.一杯茶 2. How many hamburgers

3. 两杯牛奶 4. What a big sandwich!

5.许多面条 6. Can I help you?

7.我想要 8.Anything else?

9.一些米饭 10.给 你


( )1.A .milk B. noodles C.tea D.juice

( )2.A .orange B. mango C.apple D.coffee

( )3.A. rice B. tea C.pie D.cake

( )4.A .glass B. door C.window D.table

( )5A.jump B. skate C.swim D.home

三、选择题。(15分) ( )1. Do you have grapes?

.A. some B. a C.any

( )2.---- This is _______ mother ,I think(认为). --- No. She’s ________aunt Mrs Black .

A my; your B your ;your C. your; my

( )3.---What would you like ? --- _________

A I like hot dogs. B A cup of coffee,please. C. Yes , please.

( )4.--- How many _______do you have? ---One.

A milk B boxes C . apple

( )5.--- Look _______ my bedroom. --- __________big!

A. at; What B to; It’s C .at; How

( )6. ---What _________you have? ---- I have twelve_______.

A do; hamburger B can ;rice C do; sandwiches

( )7.I’m hungry. I’d like ________.

A some tea B. a sandwich C. some coffee

( )8..---Where’s Mum? ----_________

A It’s in the bathroom. B. He’s in the bathroom. C She’s in the


( )9.I’d like tea

A. a B.an C.a cup of

( )10. Here some rice for us.

A. is B.are C.am

( )11. A:_________would you like? B: _________like some noodles.


A.What’s ; I B What ; I’d C How ; I’d

( ) 12. A: What _______ you like ? B: Some rice ,please.

A do B. would C. are

( ) 13. I’d like some noodles.________you?

A What are B How are C What about

( )14. A: Can I help you ? B: I’d like a cup _______coffee.

A.of B under C in

( ) 15.A: A glass of milk ,please. B: ____________else? A: No,


A. Anything ; it isn’t B. Something ; thanks C. Anything; thanks


( ) 1. What would you like ? A: I have a hamburger.

( ) 2. Would you like a hamburger? B: I like hot dogs.

( ) 3. Do you like coffee? C. What a big egg!

( ) 4. How many pies do you have? D. They’re in the kitchen.

( ) 5. Where are my pies? E. No, I can’t

( ) 6. What do you like? F. Me too.

( ) 7. I’d like an ice cream. G.. Some fish, please.

( ) 8. Can you swim well? H.Yes, I do.

( ) 9. What do you have? I. Yes, please.

( ) 10. Look at my egg. J. I have thirteen.


1.你想要什么? What you ?

2.来个鸡蛋怎么样? an egg?

3.你问对方会游泳吗?对方回答不能。应该这样说: you ?No, I .

4.你问对方有多少杯果汁,应该这样说: How of juice do you


5.告诉服务员你要一些面条和一杯茶,说: I'd like and a of .


1.like cup of a coffee I’d (. ) 3

2.about a of what glass juice (?) 3.would some noodles like you(?) 4. like a big would I sandwich (.) 5. two I cups have of tea ( . ) 6. many have fish do how you ( ? )

七、阅读理解,判断正误。 正确的用“T”表示,错误的用“F”表示。(5分)

Hello, boys and girls. My name(名字)is Nancy. I’m twelve years old. I’m from


I like cats and monkeys. They are cute and funny(好玩的). I can sing and dance(跳

舞) well, but I can’t play table tennis. I have a good friend Mary. She’s eleven.

She likes pandas very much. And she likes pears. She can’t dance, but she can swim

very well. We often(经常) play together(一起).

( )1. Nancy is eleven years old.

( )2. Nancy likes cats and pandas.

( )3. Mary likes pears.

( )4. Nancy and Mary are good friends.

( )5. Mary can sing and dance well



1.coffee 2.bedroom 3.fridge 4.noodles 5.glass

6.what 7.cup 8.a snack bar 9.juice 10.tea


1.Where is your mother? 2.What about a glass of milk? 3. What

would you like?

4. Anything else? 5.How many hamburgers do you have?


1. I’d like a hamburger and a glass of milk. 2.What about a cup of tea? 3.

Helen’s bedroom is nice and big.

4. Sam would like a big hamburger. 5. I’d like some doodles and a


四、听录音,补全对话。(10分) 1. A: What__would__ you like? B: I’d like some _coffee__.


2. A: What about some__juice__? B: No, I ‘d like a __cup__ of ___tea .

3. A: Anything else, Wang Bing? B: I’d like some __rice_ and __noodles_ . 4. A: How many _mangoes_ do you have in your home? B: I have _fifteen___. 5. A: Look at my __fish__. B: Oh, it’s big.


一、1.C 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.C 6.C 7.C 8. C 9.B 10.B

二、1.C 2.A 3.C 4.C 5.B

三、1.× 2.× 3.√ 4.× 5.√

四、1.would, coffee; 2.juice, cup, tea; 3.rice, noodles; 4.mangoes, fifteen; 5.fish;



1.a cup of tea; 2.多少个汉堡; 3.two glasses of milk 4.多么大的一

块三明治; 5.many noodles

6.我能帮你吗? 7.我想要; 8.还要其他东西吗? 9.some rice

10.Here you are.


1.B 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.D


1.C 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.A 11.B 12.B

13.C 14.A 15.B


1.G 2.I 3.H 4.J 5.D 6.B 7.F 8.E 9.A 10.C


1.would, like; 2.What, about; 3.Can, swim, can’t; 4.many glasses;

5.some noodles, cup, tea;


1.I’d like a cup of coffee. 2.What about a glass of juice?

3.Would you like some noodles?

4.I would like a big sandwich. 5.I have two cups of tea. 6.How

many fish do you have?

七、阅读理解,判断正误。 正确的用“T”表示,错误的用“F”表示。

1.F 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.F


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