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六年级(上)英语单元测试卷Unit 1

总分:100分 时间:45分钟 姓名:__________ 成绩:___________



1 .I go to Beijing by plane.

2 .I go to the zoo by bus.

3 .I go to the book store by subway.

4 .I go to the supermarket by bike.

5 .I go to school on foot.


( )1.You can go by train. ( )2.You can go straight. ( )3. Go at a green light. ( )4.I go to school by bus. A. B. C. D.




(1) How do (you/ your) go to England?

(2)My school is near my home. It is not (near/far).

(3)Let’s go to the bus stop (on/by) foot. A. Do you go to Australia by plane. B. How do you go to Australia. (4) Our classroom is on the (two/second) floor. (5) See you (in/at) 9 o’clock.


( )A. How do you go to the supermarket? a. Sure, if you like. ( )B. Can I go on foot? b. It’s near a fast food shop. ( )C. Where is your home? c. you can get there on foot. It’s not far.( )D. Look at the traffic lights. d. I go there by the No. 15 bus. ( )E. How can I get to the bookstore? e. We must stop.

8、读句子,根据句子意思从A、B、C中选择正确的选项填空(10) ( )(1). How she go to the park? A. is B. does C. do ( )(2). We go to the USA .

A. by ship B. buy ship C. at ship

( )(3). If the traffic light is yellow, we must . A. go B. wait C. stop

( )(4). In China, drivers drive the side of the road. A. on; left B. in; right C. on; right

( )(5). We can go to school foot. A. by B. on C. in ( )(6). at a green light. A. Go B. Stop

( )(7). In England, drivers drive on the side of the road. A. right B. left

( )(8). 你告诉别人打算骑自行车去周游世界时,应该说: A. I’m going to go around the world by car. B. I’m going there by like.

C. I’m going to go around the world by bike.

( )(9). 当你询问别人怎样去Australia时,应该说:

C. Where is Australia?

( )(10). It means . A. by bike B. no bikes


1.to, do, you, school, How, go ________________________________? 2.No. 15, can, You, by, go, bus, the

__________________________________ . 3.to, go, school, I, foot, usually, on __________________________________. 4.Usually, bus, Mike, by, goes ____________________________________. 5.Park, to, How, I, get, can, Zhongshan ?


rules, go, lights, sometimes, by, wait, Red

I am a university students. I like reading. Every week, I to Xin-hua Bookstore. Usually I go there bus, but I go by bike. I know the traffic are the same in every country. Means stop. Yellow means and green mean go. But some traffic are different. In Australia, people go on the left side of the road, but in China we go on the right side. If you go to Australia, remember it.

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