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四年级英语上册 第三单元试卷 (新版)冀教版

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四年级第三册 第三单元


Listen and circle.听音,圈出你所听到的单词(10分)

1、A、bedroom B、playground C、classroom D、library

2、A、left B、right C、street D、light

3、A、far B、near C、in D、beside

4、A、red B、yellow C、green D、blue

5、A、school B、library C、zoo D、classroom

二、Listen and choose.听音,选择正确答案(10分)

( )1、Where is the ________?

A、classroom B、library C、playground

( ) 2、Red is ______.

A、stop B、to C、wait

( ) 3、Let _____help you.

A、I B、me C、you

( ) 4、How many buses are there in the street?

A、Twenty B、They are buses. C、Yes,they are.

( ) 5、She is taking a ______.

A、 bus B、car C、taxi

三、Listen and draw.听音,画图(10分)




四、 Look and write. 看图,写单词 (10分)


1、—————2、———— 3、———— 4、—————5、—————

五、Choose the best answer. 选择最佳答案 (20分) ( )1、Please turn right_________the lights.

A、in B、at C、to

( )2、The classroom is near_______the playground.

A、form B、/ C、at

( )3、Go_______and turn right.

A、straight B、under C、with

( )4、Where is the library? ------_________.

A、 It’s a car. B、It’s not far. C、Across form the office. ( )5、Is that far _______here?

A、form B、in C、to

( )6、______do you go to school? —By bike.

A、What B、Where C、How

( )7、I want to play football.I’m going to the______.

A、 hospital B、classroom C、playground

( )8、Where are you going? _______the library.

A、To B、to C、In

( )9、Let me ______you.

A、 helps B、help C、helping

( )10、Cars stop at the ______lights.

A、 red B、green C、blue

六、连词成句 ( 10分 )

1、you help can me ( ? )


2、is the where library ( ? )


3、are many there streets ( . )


4、a see I to doctor want ( . )


5、school going she the to is ( . )



Dog:Where are you going?

Cat:1_____________ But I am lost.

Dog:I can help you.

Cat:Is that far from here?




Dog:You can go there by bus.


Dog:Go straight and turn right at the traffic lights.



( ) 1、A、I am going to visit my sister. B、I am walking. C、I am taking a taxi.

( ) 2、A、Where is it? B、Yes.It’s far. C、Thanks.

( ) 3、A、How can I go there? B、Where is my sister’s home?

C、Go straight and turn left.

( ) 4、A、What time is it? B、Where is the bus stop?

C、Here it is.

( ) 5、A、Fine,thanks. B、You are welcome. C、I am fine.

八、快乐阅读,判断正(T)误( F ) (15分)

Boy:Excuse me. Where is the library?

Girl:Well, just go straight down this street and turn right at the lights. Boy:I don’t understand. Please speak slowly.

Girl:Sure! Go straight down this street You’ll see traffic lights.

Turn right at the lights. Then you will see the library.

Boy:Is that far from here?

Girl:No,I can show you. Follow me ,please.


Girl:You’re welcome.

( ) 1、The girl helps the boy.

( ) 2、The girl wants to go to the library.

( ) 3、The library is near the lights.

( ) 4、The library is far.

( ) 5、The boy wants to go to school.


四年级第三册 第三单元 听力材料

一、Listen and circle.听音,圈出你所听到的单词(10分)

1、classroom 2、light 3、far 4、yellow 5、school

二、Listen and choose.听音,选择正确答案(10分)

1、Where is the library ? 2、Red is stop. 3、3、Let me help you..

4、How many buses are there in the street? Twenty.

5、She is taking a car.

三、Listen and draw.听音,画图(10分)

1、Draw a house far form a dog. 2、Draw a bus. 3、Draw a girl. She is running.

4、Draw a boy. He is on the playground. 5、Draw a library.


四、 Look and write. 看图,写单词或短语(10分)

1、school 2、library 3、bike 4、playground 5、taxi

五、Choose the best answer. 选择最佳答案 (20分)

1、B 2、B 3、A 4、C 5、A 6、C 7、C 8、A 9、B 10、A

六、连词成句 ( 10分 )

1、Can you help me?

2、Where is the library?

3、There are many streets.

4、I want to see a doctor.

5、She is going to the school.



八、快乐阅读,判断正(T)误( F ) (15分)

1、T 2、F 3、T 4、F 5、F


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