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一、Read and match.(读单词,连线)


Read and find(找出不同类的单词)


) 1.

A. actor

B. father

C. teacher

D. cleaner


) 2

A. cloud

B. rain

C. sun

D. seed (

) 3 A. classroom B. bookstore

C. superman

D. shoe store ( ) 4 A. bus B. foot C. plane D. subway ( ) 5 A. east B. west C. straight D. south 三、listen and choose.(选择正确答案,将序号填在括号内) ( ) 1. ________ at a green light.

A. Stop B. Wait C. Go ( ) 2.When are you going?

A. I’m going on foot. B. I’m going at 7:30. C. I’m going to school.

( ) 3.Does she watch TV at night?


A. Yes, she do. B. Yes, she does. C. No, he doesn’t. ( ) 4. Mary’s uncle is _____ doctor, her aunt is ______ artist. A. a , an, B. a, a C an, a ( )5.Where does the rain come from?

A. It comes from the clouds. B. It comes from the vapour. C. It comes from the water in the river.

四、Make sentences according to the words below (连词成句。) 1

2 3

五.读下面各组单词,选出发音不同的一项 ( ) ( )

( )



( )


) Turn right at the bus stop. pen pal. She lives in New Zealand(新西兰).It ’s next to Australia(澳大( ) Take the No. 17 bus. ( ) Walk straight for 15 minutes.

( ) Start from the bus stop in front of our school. (


The cinema is on the left.


1. what, to, do, you, going, are, school, after, (?) (连词成句)

__________________ 2. The school is next the park. (改错) __________________ 3. There is a cinema near here.


__________________ (就划线部分提问)

__________________ 八、Read and number (读句子,标序号)

( ) Add water often. ( ) Put the pot under the sun. ( ) Plant the seeds in the soil. ( ) Wait for a flower to grow. ( ) Wait for a sprout.

九、Read and write(阅读文章,并回答问题)

Look at my pen pal’s album. This is Lily, my

利亚).She is a quiet girl. She likes playing the violin and drawing comic pictures. She wants to be an artist in the future. She goes to school on foot. She has a brother. His name is Jill. He is only five. He likes riding his small bike in the garden and playing with his toy cars. Her father is a baseball player. Her mother is an accountant. She works in a bank. They both go to work by car. They are very happy. 1、Where is New Zealand? ( )

A. It’s next to America. B. It’s next to Australia. C. It’s next to China. 2、What’s Lily’s hobby? ( )

A. She likes playing the violin and drawing comic pictures.

B. She likes riding his small bike in the garden and playing with his toy cars.

C. She likes drawing comic pictures and riding a bike. 3、What does her father do? ( )

A. He’s a baseball player B. He’s a football player C. He’s a policeman

4、How does her father go to work? ( )

A. On foot. B. By bus. C. By car. 5、Does Jill like riding his small bike in the garden? ( ) A.Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t C. Yes, she does.


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