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班级: 姓名: 分数: 一、看图写单词,开头字母已给出。(5分)

1.a_______ 2.n________ 3. c_______ 4. p______ 5. b_______ 二、找出不同类的单词(10分)

( )1. A. actor B. father C. teacher D. cleaner ( )2. A. cloud B. rain C. sun D. seed ( )3. A. classroom B. bookstore C. salesperson D. shoe store ( )4. A. bus B. foot C. plane D. subway

( )1. How do you go to school?

A. I go to school on foot. B. The school is next to the hospital. C. I am going to the cinema. ( )2. What is your hobby?

A. I like making kites.

B. She goes to work by bus.

C. Next to the hospital.

( )3. Turn left at the cinema, then __________.It’s on the left.

A. our school B. go straight C. green light ( ) at the red light.

A. Stop B. Go C. Wait ( )5. Excuse me. Where is the cinema?

A. I am a cleaner. B. Next to the bookstore. C. I am going outside.

( )6.Tom’s mother teaches English.What does his mother do?

A. She is a policewoman. B. She is a teacher.

C. She goes to work by car.

( )7. When does she go to school?

A. She works in Beijing. B. She goes to school at 7:30. C. Yes, she does.

( )8. What are you going to do this afternoon?

A. Yes, he does.

B. I am going to play football. C. He likes collecting stamps.

( )9. Does your pen pal live in Shanghai?

A. I like diving. B. He is tall and strong. C. Yes, he does. ( )10. Where are you going this afternoon?

A. Next to the shoe store. B. I’m going to the bookstore. C. He is going to visit grandparents. 六.连词成句:(10分)






9.my,with,I’m,supermarket,mom,going,the,to 5.for,mminutes,walk,three,east


1. —How do you usually go to school?

—I usually go to school ________ ________.

2. —Where does your father work?

—He ________ in a ________.

3. —Where does the rain come from?

—It comes from ________ ________.

4. —What is your hobby?

—I like ________ the ________.

5. —What are you going to do this weekend?

4.I’m going to tomorrow. (对画线部分提问) are you going


5.It is far from our school.(变为否定句) It far from our school. 九、选择正确的答语(10分)

( )1.How can I get to the zoo? ( )2.What do you do? ( )3.Is she an artist?

( )4.What are you going to do this afternoon? ( )5.What does he do? ( )6.Does he like diving? ( )7.What’s your hobby?

( )8.Where does your mother work? ( )9.Where does the cloud come from?

( )10Are they going to play chess next Sunday? A.It comes from the vapour. B.I’m a teacher.

C.I’m going to buy an English book. D.I like collecting stamps.

E.No,she isn’t.She’s a TV reporter. F.Yes,they are. G.Yes,he does. H.You can ride a bike there. I.My mother works in a factory. J.He is a driver. 十、阅读下面短文,然后回答问题。(10分)

I have a good friend. His name is Titi. He is from Canada. His father works in a hospital. He is a doctor. He goes to work by subway.

His mother is a nurse. She works in a hospital, too. She goes to work by bus. Titi and his brother are twins. They look the same, but they are very different. Every morning, Titi goes to school by bike, but Kiki goes to school on foot. Every evening, Titi does his homework. His brother Kiki watches cartoons on TV. Titi usually plays football on Saturday. Kiki usually play computer games. 1. Where does Titi come from?

A. B. C.

2. What does his father do? A. teacher B. nurse C. doctor 3. How does Kiki go to school? A. On foot B. By bike C. By bus

4. Does Titi read newspapers every evening? _______. A. No, he doesn’t B. Yes, he does. C. Yes, he is. 5. What does Titi usually do on Saturday? A. He usually plays football on Saturday. B. He usually makes kites on Saturday. C. He usually watches TV on Saturday.

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