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company factory library ride a bike singer 1 Listen and choose.(听录音,选出你所听到的单词。10分)

( ) 1. A .teach B. school C. China ( ) 2. A. what B. whose C. where ( ) 3. A. mouth B. thank C. that ( ) 4. A. water B. doctor C. worker ( ) 5. A. hosptial B. library C. bookstore

2 Listen and choose.(听录音,选出你所听到的句子。10分) ( )1)A. There are many books on the desk. B. There are many ways to go somewhere. C. There are many weeks in a year. ( ) 2) A. How do you go to Canada? B. How does he go to school? C. How do you go to work?

( ) 3) A. In China, drivers drive on the right side of the road. B. In the US, drivers drive on the right side of the road. C. In England, drivers driver on the left side of the road. ( ) 4) A. I’m going to the big company. B. I’m going to the bookstore. C. I’m going to the Great Wall.

( ) 5) A. Sometimes my aunt works in Beijing. B. Sometimes my uncle walks in the park. C. Sometimes my uncle works in Beijing.

3 Listen and number. (听录音,给你所听到的句子的答语排序.。10分) ( ) He is a writer. ( ) She’s Kate.

( ) He’s in England.

( ) I’m going to swim in the river. ( ) She goes to Hong Kong by plane.


一、 英汉互译( 10分)

交通灯 工作 爱好 医院 今天上午


( )1. Does your pen pal live Shanghai? A. on B. at C. in ( ) 2. My mum likes A. swims B. swimming C. swim ( ) 3. What your father ?

A. do, do B. does, does C. does, do ( ) 4. She is an actress TV.

A. on B. How C. at

( ) 5. can the water become vapour ? A. What B. How C. Who ( ) 6. She goes to work foot.

A. by B. with C. on

( ) 7. My home is very near the school. It’s not A. far B. next C. near

( ) 8. I’m going to the supermarket my sister. A. and B. with C. be ( )9The hospital is ________the left of the school. A.in B.at C.on ( ) 10 What time is it ? It is_______.

A.¥8 B.9:00 C.$6


1) on What do Saturday are going you to morning(?) 2) going TV together We to are watch (.)

3) want I buy pair a shoes to of (.)

4) can How I to get Zhongshan Park (?)

5) the at lights look traffic (.)

四.Read and match (阅读从B栏中找出符合A栏的答语). (9分) A栏

( )1. Have you got an American stamps? ( )2. What’s your favorite festival? ( )3. Can you speak English ?

( )4. Tell me more about Thanksgiving Day. ( )5. How long is the Great Wall? ( )6. Where’s New York?


a. Children’s day

b. It’s here ,It’s in the east of England. c. Yes , I can speak English . d. Yes, I have.

e. We have special meals and say “thank you “for our food.. f. It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometers

五Read and fill in the missing word.(选择方框里的词,帮助paul完成自我介绍)。 Hello. (1)_____ name is Paul , I’m (2)_________ England, I(3)_______speak English but I (4) _________speak Chinese, My hobby is collecting stamp.

(5)__________is my favorite festival, I want to be your (6)________, my(7)_______is London , England..

1.___________ 2.__________3._________.4__________

5.___________ 6.__________ 7.__________.


A: How can I the museum?

B: Go for five

Then A: Thank you.

B: You’re .

A: do you go to school?

B: I go to school .

Because my home is

A: What does your aunt ? B : She’s . A: does she work? B: She in a company.


(1)读下面一段话,然后回答后面的问题。 Hi,

I am so happy to have a pen pal. My English name is Mike. I live in Jinan. It is a beautiful city. I like drawing pictures and collecting stamps. My mother works in a school. She is a teacher . She goes to work by bike. She teaches art. She teaches me to draw sometimes. My father is an accountant. He works in a big company. He goes to work by bus. He likes collecting things, too. But he doesn’t collect stamps, he collects coins(玉米). He has many beautiful coins. Do you like collecting things? What do you collect? Write to me when you have time. Your new pen pal. 1) What is Mike’s hobby?

2 ) What does his mother do ?

3) How does she go to work?

4) What does his father do ?

5) Where does he work?

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