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( )7.I’m going to the bookstore _____ subway. A.by B.on

( )8.-Where does the rain come from? -__________________ __…:名…姓… … 线 _…__…__…__…__…__… :…号…座… … _…__…__…__封__…__… :…级…班… … _…__…__…__…__…_ _ …:校…学密…………………………


( )1. A. north B. south C.tomorrow ( )2. A. writer B. actor C. show ( )3. A. magazine B. dictionary C.hospital ( )4. A.help B. cloud C. rain ( )5. A.subway B.plane C.doctor ( )6. A. what B. when C.then ( )7. A.vapour B.cinema C.hospital ( )8. A.comic book B. bus C. newspaper ( )9. A.left B.right C. stop ( )10.A.watch B.by C.live


( )1,-How do you go to Canada? -____________ A.I go by plane. B.It’s near the library. ( )2. What are you going to do ____ the weekend?

A. on B.at

( )3.-_____ are you going to do? -I’m going to take a trip. A. What. B.Where. ( )4.______ at a green light. A.Stop B.Go

( )5. _______________ -I’m going at 10 o’clock. A.When are you going? B.Where are you going? ( )6. What does your mother do ? ________

A. He’s a doctor. B. She’s an actress.

A. I come from China. B.It comes from the cloud. ( )9.What’s your hobby? -___________

A.I like collecting stamps. B. He likes sports. ( ) 10. Does she teach English ?

A. Yes, she does. B. Yes, he does.


read collect clean watch visit take ride play __________stamps __________TV __________a trip __________books __________the room __________a bike 四.根据问句选答语,把序号填在括号内(14 分)

( )1.Where are you going this afternoon?

A. I’m going to buy a comic book. ( )2.What are you going to buy? B. She goes to work by bus. ( )3.What’s your hobby? C.I’m going to the cinema this afternoon. ( )4.How does she go to work? D. I like swimming. ( )5. What does your father do ? E. He’s an engineer. ( )6 Does he teach math? F Yes, I do. ( ) 7 Do you like swimming? G No, he doesn’t.

五.连词成句并正确写在四线三格里(注意句首字母大写及标点符号哦)(10 分) 1. usually, to, go, school, I, foot, on ,( .)

2. are, what, do, going, you, to, ( ? )

3. teaches , he , English ( . )

4. visit, to, going, I’m, my, grandparents, weekend, this, (. )

5. likes, playing, violin, she , the ( . )

六、选出正确的字母组合将下列单词补充完整。(10分) ( )1 s___d ( 种子 ) A ea B ee C ae ( )2 ___ st ( 东 ) A ay Bea C ee ( )3 ___tist ( 画家 ) A ar B er C or ( )4 w___k ( 工作 ) A or B ir C ei ( )5 rep___ter( 记者 ) A ay B or C ur

七、阅读对话,选择合适的句子填空,将其编号写到横线上。(10分) A:________________________? B: I’m going to the bookstore this evening. A:________________________?

B: I am going to buy some new English books. A: ______________________?

B: Yes, it’s far. The bookstore is next to the hospital. A: ______________________?

B: I can get there by the No.112 bus. Then get off at the hospital. A: I want to buy a magazine. Can I go with you?? B: Sure. Let’s go together. A: Thank you. B. ______________.


My name is Tim. Tomorrow is the weekend. We have no class. My parents aren’t going to work. We are going to be busy tomorrow. My mother is going to the supermarket. My father is going to visit my aunt. I’m going to play computer games. Tomorrow evening we are going to have a big dinner. After dinner ,we are going to the cinema. I think(想) we are going to have a nice weekend. ( )1.Tomorrow is Friday.

( )2.Tim’s mother is going to the supermarket. ( )3.Tim’s father is going to visit his grandparents. ( )4.Tim is going to play computer games.


)5.Tomorrow evening they are going to the cinema.

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